Summer bright nail design

Hey Beauties!

I posted this nail design on Instagram and you liked it. I even got request on how to do it. I just wanted something bright and bold on my nails, so I played around and decided to make this bright summer design. Hope you like it ;)

You will need:
-bright colorful nail polishes- the brighter the better (I would love to do all neons, but don't have them :( )
-a piece of sponge (it's easier if it's cut into a cube-makes the easiest application)
-top coat

I painted my nails white. If your colorful nail polishes are colorful enough you can skip this step. Mine looked better with a slight white base underneath. I used Maybelline Colorama in 51.
Then I used the first color and put it on the edge of the sponge cube and dabbed it on the nails. If you put nail polish on the edges, it immediately goes on like a line across the nail and it makes you life a lot easier :). Then repeat this for every color.

I used: Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Lemon Sugar (light yellow), Essence Rebels in 04 Rebelizer (lime green), Revlon in 440 Siren (orange), Maybelline Colorama Neons in 188 (pink) and Maybelline Colorama Neons in 186 (purple).

After that just clean around the nails and put on top coat.

This is how it looks ;)

What is you favorite bright color of nail polish to wear in the summer?


  1. Dober pictorial :-) in luštna ideja!

  2. Same lepe barve, super izgleda :) Meni so poleti najboljše kakšni živi koralni odtenki, pa zadnje čase tudi neon :)

  3. Wow, čudovita manikura in izgleda zelo preprosta, samo najbrž ni tako lahko :D Izbrala is pa super barve..

    1. Je zelo preprosto:) samo nanašaš eno za drugo in gledaš, da ju daš eno zraven druge;)

  4. Meni je super všeč, ampak ssem ti to že itak na Instagramu povedala. :) :)

  5. Brilliant tutorial x

    Cat xx