Ecotools 4 piece brush set

Hey Beauties!

I have recently bought this 4 piece brush set on Ebay for a ridiculous price of only 2.28 €. I already had their angled blush brush and their foundations brush. Angled brush brush is amazing, but I was not as satisfied with their foundations brush. I do love this 4 piece set.

For that ridiculous price you get Mineral Powder Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Baby Kabuki and cosmetic bag.

The packaging is plastic and reusable. I actually used the plastic a lot of times for storing other brushes and make up. The lining inside and the label of the brand are made out of textile. The handles of the brushes are made out of bamboo. The ferrule is made out of recycled aluminum and the bristles are 100% cruelty free.

With all the brushes comes also cosmetic bag in which you can store all the brushes. The bag is made out of linen and cotton. It's really nice to get a bag to go with the brushes. It's very useful.

Powder brush is amazing. Extremely soft bristles and very nice light application. I love it because it is so soft and is small enough to travel with, yet big enough to get a nice product application at any time. I use it for powder and it does the job nicely. I like that it is so light that I can dust the powder on, without getting heavy application. It would also be great for applying bronzer, since it is narrow enough to fit in the contours of the face.

Baby kabuki is the sweetest thing I ever saw, as far as brushes goes. It's really small-as you can see in the photos. I think its' perfect for on the go application. The bristles are a lot denser, which is normal for a kabuki brush. This gives you heavier application and is great for really massaging the mineral powder in the skin. It is also great for applying blush, since it is small enough to nicely fit on the cheeks.

Concealer brush is the only brush that I am not head over heals. It is nice, but it reminds me of their foundation brush, which I don't like to use, since it gives me uneven application. I feel that the concealer brush is nicer, but the problem I have with it, is that the bristles are dense and when they get wet, they clump together and then the brush doesn't have even product application. But I like that is small enough to fit in the eye corners and such.

Eye shading brush is also great. It has very soft bristles. It is quite big and it blends the eye shadow beautifully. It's great for blending the edges and for applying nice soft sheen of eye shadow all over the lid.

I have to say I love powder brush, baby kabuki and eye shading brush. The only one that did not impress me, was the concealer brush.

All in all, great brushes, amazing price, extremely soft and I love the companies policy. Ecotools describe themselves as earth-friendly since all the materials are natural and recycled. They also donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental organizations that create a healthier place to live. If this is true, I don't know. This is what they claim. I am always very skeptical to anything like that. But the brushes are great and since I love bamboo I love the whole look of them.

What brushes from Ecotools do you think I should buy next?


  1. Imam isti set in se strinjam z vsem napisanim :) powder brush je super za bronzer, jaz ga uporabljam za to :) concealer brush pa tudi pri meni sameva :P

    1. Se mi zdi da jim ne uspevajo ti čopiči za tekoč make up kot concealer in foundation brush. oba čudna:)

  2. Jaz sem razmišljala o nabavi čopiča za puder ampak sem si premisllila, ker sem sedaj že pri večih prebrala, da je bolj primeren za bronzer, le tega pa skoraj da ne uporabljam :P

    1. ja res je super za bronzer. za puder pa je v redu, če želiš nanesti puder samo na določene dele obraza, ker ni velik, da bi takoj pokril celoten obraz;)

  3. Meni so Ecotools čopiči itak najboljši (vsaj od teh, kar sem jih probala, kar ni veliko). Tale set me mika le zaradi eye shading čopiča, ampak nisem ziher, če se mi ga splača kupit.

    1. če ga dobiš po taki nori ceni na ebayu, potem bi rekla, da se splača, ker sta čopič za puder in kabuki tudi dobra. no, če ti nikoli ni dovolj čopičev, kot meni :)) drugače pa ravno ne:)

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