DIY: Three-in-one watch bracelet

Hey Beauties!

A while ago I made this watch bracelet, that is actually three bracelets in one. I wasn't sure if I would post it, because it wasn't anything particularly new or hard to do. I still decided to share it with you.

For this I used:
-leather cord
-jump rings
-pear beads
-old watch

Firstly I measure the chain to go around my wrist two times. Then I made a regular knot with the leather cord. On one end of the cord I started putting on pearl beads, until I got the length of half of my wrist.

After that I took the old watch and removed the belt. I used my mothers old watch, which doesn't actually work anymore. I just wanted it as an extra element to my bracelet. Of course if you have one that works, use that one - function and design ;).

I folded the cord in half and put it through both ends of the watch, so that a loop was sticking out of one end. Then I created two knots on one end and went through the end, under the watch again. On the other end I pulled it through between the cord loop. Then again I made a regular knot, because I wanted to have the same knot as on the other end of the watch.

After that I just put pear beads on the other half of the cord, made a knot and put jump ring at the end.
On the other side, where there is chain, I put on a jump ring with lobster clasp.

I know the watch bracelets where popular a while ago. I remembered it when I saw this old watch of mom and decided to make it into a bracelet. I also loved the idea, that I saw on the internet, to make a bracelet that looks like two or three different styles in one. The beauty in this is, that you have different styles, but only one to put on. Makes it easier to dress up in a hurry :).