Recycling old jeans

Hey Beauties!

Every season I go through my closet and want to clean away everything that I am not using. And every season I fail. I have to admit I have hard time letting things go. Even clothes. But I have found some great ideas how to recycle my old jeans. Some of them I really don't like the style, some are ripped and some just don't fit me right. So, I decided to turn them into shorts :)

Studded and ripped shorts


I took an old jeans and measured how long I want them to be. Then I put them down one leg pant on top of the other and cut them with scissors. Now they are evenly cut.

Then I took tweezers and started to shred the ends by just pulling on some of the threads. If you have elastic jeans like I do, you need to pull out horizontal threads, which are white-that's the elastic part of the jeans.

After that I took some studs and put them on them around my pocket. I just pushed them through the jean and curved them in the back. I recommend studding parts of the jeans that have another layer on the bottom, like pockets. Because if you stud anywhere else, it's more likely that you'll hurt yourself while putting the short on. Studs can be pretty sharp on the other hand and may even stick out.

I also put on stud on each pocket in the back, just to bring together the whole look.

After that I wore my jeans to get a feel for it, and to get those wrinkles on the shorts. Then I cut two horizontal lines, where the wrinkles were. That will look more natural and it will wrinkle better. Then I started shredding a bit, to get the threads I wanted to. Here I needed to pull out vertical threads, which are blue as jeans and then I was left with those vertical elastic white threads. I also destroyed ends of those two cuts.

And that is it for studded and ripped short jeans.

Lace shorts

For this I had an old shirt with a lot of lace and the style that I did not like anymore. I cut the jeans the same as before and shredded the ends a bit. Then I layer my lace on the bottom and my mom actually sew it on with the sewing machine. No, I did not learn how to use sewing machine and since the sewing by hand would be too long, I just used my mom :).

That's how I got these shorts with a nice peak of lace on the bottom of the shorts.

I also did some other shorts. It's so nice to cut old unused jeans or trousers and get a nice new pair of shorts. I really like recycling old clothes instead of throwing them away.