Tan, ice cream and salty water

Hey Beauties!

I am home from my six days holidays on the Slovenian coast. I had a really nice time with my boyfriend and even got some tan - which is a really nice change for once :).

We went to Portorož, which is in my opinion the most live city on the Slovenian coast. I have to say I heard a lot of foreign tourists and a few Slovenian. I like this city, because I have been there the third time. I like that I know where everything is and it just feel a lot more homey, which I love :). We got a really nice deal in the hotel Mirna, which is part of  the Life Class Hotel & Spas. I recommend it. Really nice and professional staff, very big room, very new bathroom. The only downside is that is on the hill and you have to go down to the coast and up to the hotel using the stairs. Oh yeah! We counted them once. We walked 163 steps all the way to our room, which was on the second floor. Who says that you don't work out on holidays? My butt should look great now ;).

Anyways, here are some photos ;)

Refreshments were needed especially in the hot midday sun

Us in the shadow :)
Local cat
The hill

Excruciating stairs, I literary had to take a break in the middle of going up :)

Was surprised to see body lotion among these

The view from the balcony

Look at the fence inside the hotel
I think it's smiling, but it looks beaten up ;)
My favorite  combination of ice cream as of now
Basil with lemon and Pistachio - yum :)!

The storm

I will also post the reviews of products I used the most -  sunscreens and other summer products ;)


  1. Super fotke. Komaj čakam, da se tudi jaz odpravim kaj na slovensko obalo spet :)

  2. Super fotke, predzadnja je pa vrhunska..

  3. vau, zdej si mi pa naredila lušte :) Drug teden grem tudi jaz končno na morje :D

  4. Super slikce, zdaj se mi prav lušta po obali :) Portorož je fajn, samo meni je ljubši Piran, tam sem bolj domača :)

    1. Jaz pa še nisem bila v Piranu, bi mogla iti malo na izlet, ko sem že na obali:)

  5. Tudi midva sva letos bila prvič na slovenski obali. Sliši se čudno, ampak je res...in bila sva navdušena. :)

  6. Oomg stopnice in hrib bi me ubil :o Ful Si Kjut V Krilcu, Dober Outfit :) (Tab Se je Odlocil Da mora Vsako Besedo Napisat z Vlko Zacetnico)

    1. haha, hecen tvoj tab;) ja mene tudi skoraj ubil;)

  7. Pretty photos:) komaj čakam na september, takrat grem tudi jaz v Portorož na morje. Že 2 leti nisem bila tam, skrajni čas da spet grem:)

  8. Super slikce! Portorož je res lep :-)