DIY: Brush cleaner

Hey Beauties!

I was getting sick of cleaning my brushes while abusing my hands. My hands usually got dry like Sid from the Ice Age, when he drank salty water. It was just not kind to my hands anymore. I made a brush cleaner, so that my hands are now free.

For this you will need:
-plastic surface (folder, cover)
-permanent marker
-hot glue gun

I tried this brush cleaner with transparent plastic folders, but the glue burnt them and left holes in it. So I recommend using something that's a bit thick and plastic, so the glue can't leave holes in the plastic. I used plastic folders, which I used for my study notes. You can also use plastic cover from some old notebooks.

The permanent marker was to make it a bit more interesting and personal. I drew on a desired design on which I will later put the glue. This made it a bit more interesting. And you know I love animal print, so I just drew on animal print patterns from the smallest to the largest.

Then I took the hot glue gun and played a little game called connecting the dots ;). It's hard to finish the hot glue at any point, so instead of getting clean lines between each leopard dot, it became a picture of connecting the dots. Oh well! :) I also went over tiger striped and giraffe pattern.

I let it dry and tried it out. Since it is plastic, you can run water over it, and it will stay the same. I pour some soup on the brush cleaner and swirl the brushes. The glue serves as a bump on which you swipe around the make up brush to get all the dirt out of it, instead of using your hand. Smaller leopard prints are for the smaller eye brushes and the bigger patterns are for the big face brushes.

How do you clean your make up brushes?


  1. Super ideja! Isto se dogaja z mojo roko, tako da moram poskusit to :)

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  3. Vau, to pa je res super ideja. Tole z roko pa popolnoma razumem, pri meni je isto.

  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment... I followed you back ;)


  5. Zelo dobra ideja! Veliko boljše kot uporaba rok. Super:)

  6. That's such a cool idea, I've never seen anything like this. Very creative :)
    I follow you now, I really like your blog!


  7. Ja, tudi meni gre pošteno na živce ko imam ogromno čopičev za oprat in drgnem z njimi po roki, potem pa še milo lepo izsuši pa je... Bo treba probat tole DIY, me pa ful mika od Sigme rokavica za pranje čopičev, če si slučajno že videla. :)

    P.S. A te lahko prosim, da še enkrat objaviš komentar pri moji zadnji objavi (tutorial: matte eye). Ne vem kaj se je zgodilo, ampak čudežno je izgnil... :S

    1. Objavila znova:) Ja, sem videla rokavico. Pa tudi eno smešno oceno, kjer so jo primerjali z precenjeno rokavico za peko:)