February 2020 Favorites

I am so predictable in my makeup ways. Whenever I get something new, I have to test it out and if I like it, that's all I'll use for a while. Here are some of my favorites that I've been using a lot this month. 

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane

This is one of those retinoid versions that it fairly gentle on the skin and I almost don't feel a thing on my skin. It's gentle, yet effective, if you use it regularly. I personally prefer something gentler, because I don't like further irritating my sensitive skin. It makes my skin smoother and I feel like it helps to regenerate my breakouts quicker as well. This one has that oily feel to it, so I use it almost on its own or over a hydrating essence, because it feel enough for my combination skin. I obviously use retinoids in the evening and make sure to apply SPF the next day. Since I am running out of it slowly, I might consider getting slightly higher streinght in the future. 

Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream - 13 Bright Beige

I usually use shade 21, because it's easier to get online and I get it much cheaper from Korean than buying it here. But I got a shade lighter in a physical store, just to see what the shade would be like, and it's surprisingly good. 13 Bright Beige is the closest to my winter complexion, if I try to match it perfectly to my neck, which is always the lightest part of my body. Since in winter, you don't show as much skin, lighter foundations that match my light neck work great. This one also doesn't seem to have that typical obvious grey undertone. Probably because it's so pale. Formula is my absolute favorite, as it looks like skin, has a bit of sheen and still has great medium coverage. 

Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder

This one might have been a part of some limited edition, but I feel it's just their regular all about matt formula. It's a fine enough powder that looks white in the pan, but is in fact transparent once on the skin. It definitely mattifies my skin better than some other drugstore powders and it keep my skin matte for longer. I like that it's compact, because I can carry it around, although the packaging is flimsy. 

Wet n Wild Megaglo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter - Halo, Goodbye

I was so pleasantly surprised by the glow that this highlighter has. It's that liquid formula with doe foot applicator that has good slip to it, but the pigmentation is there, so once you blend it, it doesn't become too sheer. It's that gorgeous pale pink shade with a champagne sheen that isn't too cool. It reflects light so well and you can build it up or sheer it out. It looks almost metallic on the skin. I've been wearing it a lot this month. 

Nars Blush - Orgasm

Nars blush in Orgasm is probably their most popular product and I always thought that it was purely because of the shade name and the hype was overrated. I finally get it. It's such a pretty shade of blush. Base looks kind of that cool to neutral medium pink, almost like that natural flush on your cheeks when the cold hits you. Over it as a golden sheen that makes it look warm on my skin tone. Formula is another thing that is great, it has pigmentation, but it almost applies sort of sheer and there's no chalky powder base to it. It blends like a dream and I am currently obsessed with it. It just looks so gorgeous on the cheeks and gives you sheen that almost makes you want to skip highlighter. 

Catrice Professional Brow Palette - 010 Light to Medium

Considering how new this products is to me, I've already made a mess out of the packaging. It shows I use it every day. Catrice recently came out with two brow palettes, one for lighter tones and one for darker. I actually have both. I love the fact that there are different shades in one palette, but I know this is not a plus for the average consumer. I personally like to have options depending on my hair color. Currently, I love using both shades in the Ash section. They are that perfect grey undertone, not too dark nor too light shades. It matches my natural brows so well. Pigmentation is great as well and it lasts on my brows for the whole day. I usually use pencil with it, just on the edges as well.

Rimmel Wonder'Swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow - 010 Cool AF

I already have this one in another shade called 001 Slay which is a silver shade and I recently got another one in shade 010 Cool AF which is that rich sapphire blue. Blue eyeliner is one of those shades that I love, when I want a statement with minimal effort. It's that metallic sheen of this rich blue color that makes it so special. Felt tip is fairly precise and has a good point and the formula is not too liquid. But you do need to build it up to get it fully opaque. I absolutely adore this shade and have worn in a couple of times this month.

There is already a full review of it up. It's the closest I have found to a good drugstore brush liner. Formula is easy enough to work with, brush tip is precise enough and it lasts well. There are things that could definitely be improved and I find Clio's formula still better, but this is such a good quality for drugstore. It's cheaper than Clio and more accessible to me which is another plus. I will always go for a brush liner over any felt tip or regular liquid formulas. It's just so much easier to use. 

Since my eyelashes have grown so much longer with the help of Molash Eyelash Serum, I can finally enjoy piling on volumizing mascaras and making my lashes look like fake ones. I know, it's not for everybody, but I love it. Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara was my preferred choice for a long time, but when I want that proper volume, L'Oreal is the way to go. My initial review of it was that it was to expansive for how little product is in it and I still agree with it for sure. But now, I can often times get it on sale for 40% off or buy it in a bundle 1+1 which is doable for me. I would never pay a full price for it. But it's worth it, if you want something that makes your eyelashes thicker, voluminous almost fake like looking.

Avon Her Story Eau de Parfum

This is the newest Avon fragrance that is described as oriental floral. It has top notes of bergamot, peach blossom and bourbon pepper, middle notes of immortelle, rose and iris and base notes of patchouli, vetiver and benzoin. With the first spritz I get that floral burst with a pinch of spiciness to it. Later it evolves into a sort of fresh floral, but also deeper oriental fragrance. I like it more than some others I have tried from Avon, but still can't decided, if it's my kind of fragrance. When florals are dominating, I always wait for the stronger base to develop, because I in general don't like floral fragrances. This one is a nice balance of floral and oriental which makes me like it. However, I feel it doesn't really last that long on me. 


  1. Pozimi ti paše Missha 13? Shocked. Ta odtenek je eden najsvetlejših kar sem jih imela, ampak ne v tej formuli, moja je bila Signature.

    Narsov blush sem nosila skoraj celo srednjo šolo, je bil moj prvi :). Je res lep, samo se mi zdi, da meni taki peachy blushi niso nikoli super pristajali in mi je Deep Throat ljubši. Je zelo podoben, ampak malo bolj roza in nima toliko tega glowa.

    Jaz bi tudi moder Wonder' Swipe. Nisem fan zelene barve tako, da moj bo šel naprej. Mi je od vedno všeč kraljevsko modra/navy za eyeliner.

    Catrice liner je pa na wishlisti. Sem ga do tvoje ocene čisto spregledala.

    1. Ja, dejansko se mi čisto ujema z vratom. Ampak vrat je moj najsvetlejši del na telesu. Posledica kortikosteroidov iz mladosti - dejansko nimam več pigmenta tu. Tako da, če hočem da se moj naraven vrat ujema z obrazom mi je 13 perfektna. Je pa res precej svetla :D.

      Meni je fascinanten odtenek, ker je veliko bolj roza od vseh podobnih, ki jih imam, ampak ta zlat glow ga naredi pa precej toplega. Točno po mojem okusu. Aha, potem je Deep Throat bolj roza.

      Tebi bi zagotovo moder zelo pristajal. Jaz imam sicer rada zeleno, ampak ta od Rimmla je preveč zamolkla. Meni so vedno všeč tiste živahne emerald zelene, ki so bogate v barvi. Čeprav to mi je že tako težko dobit pri oblačilih, ne pa pri makeupu :D.

      Mene je res pozitivno presenetil. Najbolj mi je pa všeč, da ni tako drag kot Clio in ga lahko kupim v trgovini - sicer kako dolgo?! Dokler ga Catrice spet ne ukine :/. Čeprav formula ni tako fina kot od Clia, ampak je pa vsaj neka solidna opcija pri nas.