March 2020 Favorites

My last month's favorites are a good mix of old and new products that I reached for. To be honest, there wasn't much makeup going on this months and my skin is acting up, so these are those products that I grabbed the most and have impressed me so far. 

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

My skin is acting up again and I have a feeling it's the no makeup quarantine's fault. I swear, whenever I don't wear makeup, I start touching my face excessively which always results in me having blemishes all over my chin. In those times I always put my trust into exfoliating acids and my favorite was always COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol, but since I ran out of that one, I have to put my trust in glycolic acid. I don't see it clearing up my pores as well, but I did use it a lot this month. One positive effect of glycolic acid is that this one actually doesn't dry out my skin as some other acids tend to. So it's not bad, but I would prefer some sort of a BHA in this situation now. 

This goes hand in hand with acids. It's another one of those products that I use on blemishes, because it helps to heal my skin faster due to the snail mucin. It's a very light products that somehow feels nourishing as well and sometimes I don't apply anything over this, depending on how my skin feels. 

SVR Ciciavit+ Creme

If I feel my skin needs something more, I opt for this cicavit cream which is a very basic cream, but it's another one of those that doesn't disrupt my skin and helps to nourish it as well as help it with healing faster. It's a very basic cream that I always go to when I have problems with my skin.

Before nature decided to turn its back on this year's spring, there were some really warm days in March and I took advantage of them by staying out more. That also means applying sunscreen a bit more than in the winter. A'Pieu's is one of my favorite formulas, because it's a chemical sunscreen which does't leave any white cast. It leaves sort of a velvet finish and has a strong, but pleasant, citrus scent. I will need something even more matte and undetectable in the summer, so I am already doing my research, but so far, this is a great one that I always have in my routine. 


No, this is not for washing my hands, I actually use regular semi-transparent soap for my soap brows which I have a tutorial of here. Since I had a bit more time on my hands, I have been trying out some new makeup methods and soap brows grew on me. I have been wearing them a lot, if I count those days that I actually wore some kind of makeup. This is just a basic hard soap that I think I got in Müller and I don't know the brand. I placed it in a small tin that once belonged to candy, so it's easier to transport.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Carli Bybel Eyeshadow Palette

I can't remember which was the last eyeshadow palette that I bought, but I was craving something new and this wasn't planned or on my wishlist at all. But then Cult Beauty had 40% off on a few ABH palettes and this one stood out to me. Obviously, I love warm tones, but I have gotten a bit sick of them, since every palette in the past couple of years looked similar to those that I already own. I love that this one by Carli Bybel has a mix of cool and warm tones. I have been playing with some of them already and so far I like it. There is definitely kick-up in the pan as well as some fallout under the eyes, but the shades are really pigmented and blend out with ease. I like that there are some basic matte nudes which can pair so well with crazier glittery and metallic pops of color. You can create several looks with it and so far I love exploring it.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Volume On Demand Mascara 001 Black

I also can't remember the last time I was impressed with a new mascara. Rimmel's new one convinced me. It has that natural bristles, thick and fluffy wand that has an hourglass shape. Formula is just right, not too wet nor dry. I love that it gives my lashes nice definition plus ads volume. In terms of effect it's like a more subtle version of L'Oreal Paradise Extatic, because it doesn't make lashes look as thick and it still leaves your lashes separated and defined. There is more volume than with Maybelline Lash Sensational. The more you layer it the thicker your lashes can look. It doesn't transfer although I sometimes get little specs fallen down on my under eyes, but it's minimal.

Maybelline City Bronzer Bronzer & Contour Powder - 200 Medium Cool

I have been eyeing this one for so long and couldn't decide to get it. I was planning on using up my old bronzers, but those failed me with their color or formulas, so I finally caved in and ordered this one. I heard great reviews. It's definitely a nice one. Shade 200 has a bit of sheen to it, which looks like a tiny sparse gold shimmer in the pan, but it doesn't look like much on my skin. It just looks natural and not dead matte. It looks darker and cooler, more contour like in the pan. On the skin it's not as contour like as in the pan, but there is some depth to it with a cool grey tone to it, however it's still a warm yellow toned shade which matches great with my skin tone. It's just dark enough and so far the formula blends lovely. Pigmentation is also great. 

This was too dark for me as a highlighter, but since I have been loving Nars Orgasm Blush, I wanted to change up my highlighters to get that high sheen on top of my cheeks to match my orange toned blushes. And this one does that. It has that peach base to it and high shine metallic gold sheen that gives the cheeks severe glow. I have been applying it on top of brick, orange and peach toned blushes. 

This is my most comfortable shiny, but dries down matte, lipstick formula. I only have two shades and Forever is one of those muddy nudes that goes with everything. I have been pairing it with most makeup looks this month, because it's so comfortable to wear and it gives me enough color. It starts by being very shiny, like a liquid lipstick and slowly dries down to a comfortable matte finish. These are seriously underrated for dry lips. I wish to own more shades. 

Avon Planet Spa The Ayurveda Ritual Soothe & Balance Multi-Use Oil With Indian Turmeric Root and Coconut Milk

I have started to use turmeric heavily in my kitchen, but I never associated it with skin care. Coconut is one of my favorite scents, so I wasn't sure how this combination would smell. It smells divine! I am so in love with its scent. It seems oriental, a bit punchy strong, but there is some creamy sweetness to it which is so nice. It's a nourishing oil that can be used for everything and the main ingredient is sesame seed oil. It's a mix of several oils and some basic skin care ingredients, but it feels like a lightweight oil, almost a dry formula which leaves sheen on the skin, but doesn't feel as greasy as natural oils. I have been using it on my legs and it makes them smell divine as well as nourished and soft. 


  1. COSRX izdelki so itak že na moji WL :D Imam sicer že en izdelek, mislim da je BHA blackhead, ampak še nisem uspela preizkusit. A'Pieu sončna krema pa je tudi meni odlična.

    Rimmelova maskara pa meni ni ravno všeč. Saj da zelo lep efekt, ampak se mi zdi, da rabim dosti časa, da pridem do tega efekta :/

    1. Ja, ja bi zdaj ravno tega BHA Blackhead rada preizkusila, ampak zdaj je tako čudno obdobje, da nisem nič naročala. Mi pa ful manjka neka BHA od njih, ker imam pore precej zamašene. Jaz A'Pieu še imam eno na zalogi, na srečo :D. Za poletje sem pa mislila kaj bolj mat.

      Sem zdaj jaz tudi opazila, da bolj ko je stara, se suši in jo moram večkrat nanest, da dobim tak volumen. Na začetku pa ni bilo treba toliko nanašat. Škoda, ker drugače je efekt res lep.