Winged eyeliner for slightly hooded eyes

I've gotten questions here and there about how I do my winged eyeliner, since I obviously have slightly hooded eyes. Obviously, on my makeup photos I lift my brows to make my eye shape look lifted, because otherwise you wouldn't see all the pretty colors I have on. In real life I can go from slightly hooded to almost completely hooded eye shape, depending on how tire or puffy my eyes are. So I thought I would share one of the ways to do winged liner, if you're like me and you still want to wear it. 

First of all let's clear what hooded eyes are. It means that your lid, space from your lashes to the crease of the eye is unseen. As you can see on the first photo, you can still see a bit of that lid on me, but it's mostly covered up. Your lid might be a bit more hooded on the inner corner or on the outer or all over the length of your eye. 

Here is how I created winged eyeliner on my eye shape and if you have similar, it should work for you too. I start my bottom winged line which follows my outer corner lashes. Think of where your last upper eyelash ends and extend the line further in that direction. You should think of invisible line going upwards and coming together with the line of your brows. Doing your brows first, may help you predict just where to draw it.

Then I look down and draw another line next to it and join it with the outer third of my lash line. Crucial part here is where exactly to draw that upper line. Look at where my crease folds - I draw my line just under it and not over the fold. This way your liner will still look smooth and not crooked. My secret has always been to avoid the fold, that's why I always drew my wing rather straighter out than too much upwards. Once you connect the lines and fill it in, it creates sort of a triangle shape.

Then I draw a thin line going across my lash line from inner corner and join it with the outer wing. You can stop here and just have a thin winged liner going all along your lash line and upwards in the outer corner. But I like my winged liner to be thicker on the outside and more almond shaped, so I usually perfect it a bit more. I thicken outer part of my eyes and leave the line in the inner corner thinner. This gives my eyes depth, makes the look bigger and longer. 

My lashes are really long these days all with the help of Molash eyelash serum, so they almost cover my eyeliner up. But I hope I explained it well and that you can see where I draw the line. I tried to photograph it with my eyes more relaxed, so that you can see my fold looking a bit hooded. Eyeliner is still showing through and it's not completely covered up by my lid. 

Really tricky part is doing the other eye. We all have different eye shapes on both eyes and you may have one eye more hooded than the other. It's all about observing yourself and trying to match them both to look alike, but they will never be completely the same and that is ok. Let me know, if this was helpful in any way or let me in on your secret of how you do it, if you have hooded eyes. 

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