Review: theBalm Mary-Dew Manizer Liquid Mary-Lou Manizer

Mary-Dew Manizer was on my wishlist for a while. My lovely friend got it for me for my birthday. I've had it on my wishlist, since I've always loved the shade and sheen of Mary-Lou Manizer, which is pressed version and this one is the same, but in a liquid formula. Liquids always tend to look more natural, but I love that this one still packs a punch of shine, if you apply it heavier. 


I am used to theBalm vintage packaging and I find their highlighters quite cute, other products not so much. This is a liquid version of Mary-Lou Manizer - pressed version. It comes in a plastic transparent packaging with silver top

It has doe foot applicator which is very soft and fluffy and it holds just enough product.

In it is 5.5 ml of product and it costs around 15€. in Slovenia you can get it in some Müller stores and online on Lič or 


It's a liquid formula that spreads evenly and has a good amount of slip to it, so it makes it easy to blend and spread on the skin. It actually sets fairly quickly and you don't get any slippy feel or movement from it after that. Pigmentation is good. Opacity depends on how much you apply on. You can sheer it down or make it look almost metallic. 

I wouldn't apply it straight from the applicator, because it can look heavy. I personally prefer to either apply it on with my fingers or small fluffy brush. But in my opinion, fingers work best. 


I believe it comes in two shades Mary and Bonnie-Dew Manizer. Bonnie is a darker version. I've seen more shades in sets, but not sold separately.

I have Mary-Dew Manizer which is literally as it says on the packaging a liquid Mary-Lou Manizer. Mary-Lou Manizer is one of my favorite highlighters that I've had for a while and still love. Naturally, I had a liquid version on my wishlist as well.

Mary-Dew Manizer is warm light golden champagne shade. It's got enough of that champagne base to it that it doesn't look too yellow. Shimmer is fine and it gives off that lovely noticeable sheen that can be build up to an almost metallic look.


Obviously the shades of Mary-Dew Manizer and Mary-Lou Manizer are the same. I feel like you can make Mary-Dew Manizer look even more reflective, if you apply it heavily. Applied in a sheer manner the two are more similar in shine intensity. 


It stays in place and doesn't move. It's long lasting. I can wear it all day without fading or disappearing. I don't feel the need to set it, but you can apply powder highlighter on top for extra shine. 

Applied sheer, it looks like a really good dewy skin care or natural shine, but in a more gold version. Applied heavier, it looks almost metallic, but the liquid formula still makes it look much more natural than powder highlighters. 

I love that there is no compromise on the sheen with this liquid formula. Sometimes liquid highlighters applied sheerer, don't have that pigmented base in them and can look just greasy. But this one has the color, it has that beautiful sheen and can be applied in a very high shine or subtle way. Golden champagne color will suit most skin tones. It's one of those highlighters that I would wear on its own, without makeup. It looks natural, yet packs a punch of shine and stays on very well. 

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