Review: Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 600 Coral Sass

I believe these Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours are one of the better ones in drugstore, if you like matte liquid lipstick. I am not a fan of such formulas, because my lips are too dry to handle wearing them. 


It comes in a matte plastic transparent packaging with black top. Doe foot applicator is fluffy and has a nice angle to glide along the lips. 

In it is 5.5 ml of product and it costs 6.19€ in DM. 


It's a fairly light texture compared to some other liquid lipsticks I own. Formula has a nice glide and almost emollient base to it which makes it spread better.

Pigmentation is descent, you will have to apply two thin or one thicker layer to make it look opaque. 

It has sweet creamy vanilla like scent


It is available in 27 shades, but I don't think we have all of them. There is quite a good selection of nudes as well as some more vibrant and out there shades like blue and black.

600 Coral Sass is light vibrant coral which can look either more pink or peach depending on your skin tone. On me it leans more pink and it's quite vibrant. This kind of shade is usually my least favorite, because it just clashes with my skin tone.


It dries in matter of few seconds to a complete matte finish which is transfer proof, so it makes for a long lasting lipstick. Matte finish is too drying for me personally. 

It will emphasize dry patches and it looks a bit obvious in my opinion, but it might just be the case with this vibrant color. For a matte liquid lipstick it's very lightweight and doesn't feel heavy on the lips at all.

If I had a more nude color, I would probably like it better. This shade just isn't after my taste and I feel it looks more obvious than nude colors would. That being said, this is a great drugstore liquid lipstick, if you want something very matte and long lasting that doesn't feel heavy on the lips. Shade selection of nudes is impressive for a drugstore brand and you can even get some crazier colors, if that's your vibe.

*Product was sent to me.


  1. Meni se zdi, da ti pa zelo paše :) Tak poletni odtenek. Si pa predstavljam, da formula zate ravno ni.

    1. Ne vem, nekako ne čutim teh koralnih odtenkov. Nikoli jih nisem marala na nohtih pa jih očitno tudi na ustnicah ne :D. Je pa res tak pravi poleten odtenek. Resda imam enega podobnega od Avona, ampak je bolj roza in tistega sem imela samo, ker je bil matchy matchy z vzorcem v obleki, hehe. Sem ugotovila, da te mat šminke niso zame - vsaj večina ne. V bullet verziji so že bolj nosljive.