Review: Avon Rare Flowers Night Orchid Eau de Parfum

The other day I was at a store and saleslady said to me that I smell so lovely. It was one of those rare compliments from a complete stranger that makes your day. I was wearing Avon's new Rare Flowers Night Orchid fragrance. It's one of those stronger fragrances with lots of floral notes and sweeter base, but with a punch. I have grown to really like it, although it seemed a bit too floral in the beginning. 


Theme is purple with gold details. I actually created a makeup look around this bottle, if you're interested in it. Glass bottle has purple to transparent ombre design. Metallic details are all gold as well as the writing on it. Top part is from transparent plastic and it looks sort of like a petal. Avon had this kind of top already on their fragrance called Cherish

In it is 50 ml of product and regular price is 26€, but you'll almost always find it on offer for less (Avon Slovenia).


Top notes: pink pepper, bitter orange
Middle notes: black orchid, violet
Base notes: golden gardenia, vanilla, cashmere

Initial spritz kicks it off with a very strong kick on a bitter citrus note. I sense pink pepper as the stronger note mixed with bitter orange to give it that citrus freshness. It quickly becomes softly floral. Base notes need longer to develop, but once they do, it gives the fragrance slightly softer sweetness with a touch of floral

I would describe it as stronger oriental floral fragrance. Oriental vibe in this is pink pepper with cashmere vanilla base. Everything else in it leans more floral, apart from the initial burst of bitter orange which evaporates quickly. I like that florals don't overpower this fragrance. There is a lot of that darker stronger base to it, but with that subtle sweetness of vanilla. 


This is stronger than I expected it to be. It's eau de parfum, but the notes in it make it feel much stronger than usual Avon fragrances. I would consider it more of an evening perfume for most of perfume lovers, but if you like stronger fragrances, you'll wear it throughout the day as I do. It lasts on my skin very well. As I mentioned before, saleslady told me that she smelled me when I came into the store and I am not one of those people that pours perfume all over them. This proves that this is quite a strong fragrance that leaves an impact. I was afraid it would be too floral for me, but the base notes ground it so well. It's not super original in terms of notes, but I find pink pepper in it to give it that punch that I wouldn't expect. 

If you like floral notes mixed with sweeter vanilla cashmere base with a tinge of that spicy kick of pink pepper, you will like it. In general, it's one of the stronger Avon fragrances that really lasts well on the skin and is quite powerful. If you prefer lighter and fresher fragrances, this definitely won't be for you. I can't seem to put it down. It must be the weather, because it's still mostly cold here in Slovenia and this sits so well with that moody vibe outside. 


  1. Nawet nie wiem jak ten zapach pachnie.

  2. Thanks, you reviewed that so beautifully. To me, it smells like opulent flowers, velvet rose??? and musk or light spice. Mmmm. Very nice.

    1. Well you described it pretty well too :). Musk is definitely present.