April 2019 Favorites

Past month I had a lot of things to do and I started going on German course, so my makeup was almost always more of a natural feel. Just a good base, lots of bronzer and blush paired with fluffier lashes and juicy lip gloss. So naturally, this month's favorites are mostly those tried and true staples with some occasional novelties. 

Dry brush

I have been dry brushing my body almost every night before taking a shower and I love it. Not for any particular reason, but for the fact that it feels so good. It promotes circulation and the blood flow, which in return helps with every process in your skin. It feels so nice and I feel like it's the perfect thing to do before applying body products on. If you have drier itchy skin, this will feel amazing. 

This is my favorite sunscreen that I use on daily basis. I am not as diligent with applying face sunscreen in the winter, but as soon as the spring comes and the sun is harsher, I tend to use it every day. It's my last skin care step and I don't reapply it, unless I am spending my day outside. It's such a lightweight chemical sunscreen that has subtle fresh citrus scent. I never have any irritation with it and it sinks into the skin well, not giving my skin any greasy feeling and I can always use makeup over it without any problem.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream - 23 Natural Beige

I have this BB Cream, but in shade 21 Light Beige which is a light sort of grey toned neutral shade. I have more of a warmer yellow olive undertone, but in the winter tends to get more neutral and I can wear 21 without it looking weird. I wanted to buy a shade darker, just to see, if it will suit me better. Currently I mix 21 and 23 together. I usually mix these BB creams with other foundations, because I try to get the right undertone and finish. The reason why I love this BB cream so much is that it looks so skin like and the fact that it has such a good coverage for a BB cream. This is one of those rare BB creams that feel like foundation, but look much more natural. It gives me that skin like sheen and it never looks cakey or heavy. Shade 23 is warmer and definitely a bit darker. It doesn't have yellow undertone, but it's more of that proper nude with brown and slight red undertone. This was LE Line Friends packaging, hence the cute bear on the packaging and it was on sale on Jolse, so it was very affordable. 

I bring out my pink blushes every spring. In summer time I am always one for more of a peachy or even brick blush, but in spring I like my pinks. This is one of the best blushes from my collection and it has such a unique shade. It's more of a tawny bronish mauve tone. This is one of those blushes, that will give warm skin tone that muddy muted base and just enough mauve pinkness to make it stand out. It goes with so many different makeup looks.

Avon True Luminous Blush - Rose

This is newest blush in Avon family and as soon as I saw it, I knew this would be one of those very wearable pinks that will suit many skin tones. It's that sort of shade between light and medium and a bit muted pink. It's not cool nor warm and has just enough brownish base to it, but still looks fairly vibrant. This gives you that perfect natural flush. On my warm skin tone it obviously looks warmer. Surprisingly, this formula also lasts all day without too much fading. 

I am just loving lip glosses lately. My lips are often chapped and I never have problems with them, if I wear lip gloss. This is one of those not too sticky lip glosses with a lot of color payoff. I almost see it as a liquid lip. It's that perfect warm brownish pink that goes with everything and gives your lips that moisturized lush lip with just enough color. 

If I want my lips to look extra juicy, I top L.O.V. lip gloss with this one by Colourpop to give it even more shine. It's a transparent gloss with a hint of pink and lots of multi-dimensional glitter. This makes your lips look so glossy. It's got the yummiest fudge scent and is thick enough to stay on the lips, but isn't sticky. It feels so comfortable on the lips.

Pantene Pro-V Superfood Full & Strong Conditioner

I couldn't find a good conditioner in drugstore for a while, so I just put off buying new ones, because there were more disappointments than good surprised. I got this one on a whim, because I looked at the texture in the store and it looked quite thick. I always think thicker conditioners are more nourishing and in this case it was true. This is one of those thicker white cream consistency that sticks to hair well, but is still fairly light and feels ultra smooth. It makes my hair soft and helps to detangle them. My hair is soft, looks smoother and has nice shine to it. This is definitely one of the better conditioners from the drugstore I have tried in a while. It has strong sweet fruity woody scent which sort of smells like a proper fragrance. 


  1. Sem ravno včeraj kupila dva balzama od Pantene, ker sem videla na Amazonu, da imata odlične ocene in sta zelo priljubljena in zdaj vidim, da tudi ti hvališ :). Upam, da bosta tudi na meni ok. Sicer nimam te verzije kot ti, imam Repair in Glatt (v Ameriki Sleek). Vzela sem še Herbal Essence Argan iz istega razloga in Fructis 3 Butter Wunder zaradi sestavin.

    L.O.V. blushi so pa izjemni in je res škoda, da nam niso bolj dostopni.

    1. Meni je ta res pozitivno presenetil. Tako zelo, da bom zdaj zagotovo še kakšne Pantene izdelke pogledala za naslednji nakup. Nekaj časa sem se ogibala te znamke. Niti sama ne vem zakaj. Bom počakala na tvoja poročila in priporočila :).

      Saj niti ne vem, če jih še lahko kje v Avstriji dobim. Mislim, da so samo še online. Brez veze. :/

    2. Mi je Natalija povedala, da L.O.V. stojal ni nikjer več in se ta znamka dobi samo na spletu. Škoda :/

    3. Eh?! Oh to pa je res bedno. Hvala za info, zdaj vsaj vem, da ne bom več nikjer iskala :).