Review: Avon Cherish Eau de Parfum

Hey Beauties!

It's been a long time since I had new full bottle of perfume. Lately I've been loving buying cheap knock offs (Slovenians - Refan and such), that I didn't buy any full version perfumes. Avon sent me this one, which if I'm totally honest, I wouldn't chose for myself. But it turned out to be a surprising refreshment in my perfume collection.

Perfume comes with a white paper box. It costs 19.90€ and you get 50 ml of it. That's one thing about Avon perfumes that I love. You can get some really huge amounts for a really low price.

The glass bottle is very interesting. I think it reminds me of flower or flower petals - especially the top part. It has gold details and writing. Definitely nice bottle to decorate the top of your drawer. I do find that this top is more decorative then functional. I can't see myself carrying this bottle around, since the top doesn't covers spray and you might end up with perfume sprayed all over your purse. Not practical rather more decorative.

Perfume is called Cherish and it's a musky floral scent. If you know me, I love strong and sweet scents. I love musk, it's one of my favorite scents. However I am more of a fruity, woody person, not so much floral. That being said, the musk in this fragrance is really strong and predominant. In my opinion the two notes that I smell the most are musk and orange blossom. The last one does give it a bit of floral scent to it, but the musk makes it very strong and creamy.

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Cherry Blossom.
Middle notes: Tiare Flower, Jasmine Sambac.
Base notes: White Musk, Sandalwood.

When I first spray it on, the most dominant scent is cherry blossom. Right after a while it smells pretty floral and later it becomes more creamy musky. It's an interesting combination. I would categorize it among classic floral and musky scents. It's not too strong, not too floral and definitely not too sweet. Combination of all these together in a very sophisticated elegant mixture.

As far as longevity goes, I've had better. It's not extremely long lasting, although it starts off as very strong perfume. So be prepared to spray it a few times during the day, if you want the fragrance to stay fresh and strong.

It's definitely not my usual fragrance and I don't think I would like it, if it wouldn't be for those woody musky base notes, which are my favorite perfume bases. If you like more classic floral scents and want that smoldering sexy power of musk and woody notes, than this is definitely for you. Cherries will give this fragrance a pinch of sweetness, but definitely very subtle sweetness. 


  1. I have recently discovered your blog, and I have read almost every review of the Avon products, that you made. I sell Avon products and I use them for myself too.
    I like the information that you provide, but it seems to be more commercial that informative. You mention that the products were sent to you... and it is ok to receive free products to review them. I just wonder if this is your real opinion, or you advertise them... You seem to sugar-coat some dis-advantages. Like " It's not extremely long lasting"... I had this perfume, and it is not at all long lasting..
    As I said before, some of your reviews are really informative, especially the reviews of the makeup products. I like the swatches that you made, I like that you tried the products and take pictures. I do not buy a product if I cannot test it or cannot find swatches/pictures on internet. Those are very helpful. I wish you would be more specific and not sugar-coating the disadvantages. Like: how many hours did the product last, instead of "it is not extremely long lasting"; or about the makeup products: did you test with and without primer, did you set the concealer with powder, after how many hours did it started to crease, did you use a setting spray? I think you have a lot of potential to develop your review skills. Don't "sell" your opinion for some free products.. It is not worth it.
    Best wishes!

  2. I've got too excited when I wrote this. Few spelling mistakes or unfinished thoughts here and there.. Sorry about that!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate constructive criticism. My opinion is always mine and I like to think that I point out details of the products well, but I get your point.

      By no means are my posts sponsored. I never get paid to write anything, except for getting the actual products and no one forces me to review them on my blog. As for how long lasting it is, I don't like to talk about specific hours, because I've found in the past that it's very subjective and depends from skin to skin.

      Bur thank for commenting. You made some good points ;)

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