New In (24)

Another new in post of all the products that I bought or received. I have tried all of these out, so here are quick thoughts and some full reviews of some of them. There's lots of new makeup, some skin and body care as well as two fragrances. 

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Ladybird

I love glittery shadow from Colourpop Super Shock Shadows, because this is such a creamy formula and it applies with such ease. Especially glittery shades which tend to stick to the skin very well. Ladybird is like a light beige base with intense silver glitter. The base is almost transparent, there is just a lot of glitter. I use these types of shadows all the time as an overlay over any other eyeshadow to give it that glossy glittery pop of light. 

Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow Team Captain

I expected Team Captain to be more of a medium shade, but it actually looks darker on the skin once you build it up. I would say it's dark olive. Green eyeshadow is one of those 2019 trends that I am so ready to get with, but I can't find a palette with greens that I like. Which would be those muted warmer versions of green. So I got Team Captain, to use as a darker olive for either in the crease or as a liner. It applies good as any of their other shadows, but I just wanted the shade to be lighter. 

Nivea Black & White Invisible Fresh Anti-Perspirant*

I love Nivea spray deodorant or anti-perspirants and I knew I will like this one too. It's supposedly one of those that works with black and white clothes and doesn't leave traces. I am always careful with how I dress up while wearing one of these and I had no problems. There were no visible marks. This is LE packaging and it comes in three scents - Pure, Clear and Fresh. I have it in Fresh and it's that sort of classic soap like fresh Nivea scent. I like convenience of aerosols and the fact that my armpits stay smelling lovely longer than with some other products. 

Avon Anew Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum*

If you have ever had vitamin C skin care products or researched it, you'll know that it's one of those pesky ingredients that is really hard to stabilize and formula is definitely the key. Avon claims that this formula contains stabilized vitamin C and it should stay active and effective until you use it up. Serum should give your skin shine, smoothness, better skin texture and younger look. It's recommended to be used in the morning, one or two drops. My main problem with this product is high alcohol denat content which is on the second place. You definitely smell it and I am always worried using such a product on my sensitive skin. Serum contains ascorbic acid vitamin C, which is its purest form and not a derivative. I have tried it out a few times, but am currently testing some other skin care, so I will have to use it more. Texture is quite interesting. It looks like a viscose essence type of product, but once you start to massage it into the skin, it feels very smooth and thicker, almost like an oil, but only emollient not actually greasy. It leaves a bit of shine and I find it quite heavy, especially for day wear. It also has a strong citrus scent.

Avon Senses Mediterranean Moments Sunkissed Moments Pink Grapefruit & Apricot Moisturizing Shower Gel*

This is giant bottle of 500 ml of shower gel. I believe this is a new scent and it's perfect for summer. For some reason Italy comes to mind, when I smell it. It's that fresh, fruity, sweet combination of citric grapefruit and sweet apricot that smells like heaven. I am saving it for a bit warmer months. Their shower gels always have such fun scents.

Avon Naturals Body Care Mediterranean Moments Pink Grapefruit & Apricot Body Scrub*

This is a thicker cream like product that contains small scrub particles. Honestly, there's more of the cream than the actual scrubby parts, so it makes it a fairly gentle scrub. I prefer something rougher. It has the same fruity sweet citrus scent as the shower gel. 

Bath & Body Work Twilight Woods Fragrance Mist

This comes in a huge bottle and it contains 236 ml of product. I got it because it was on sale on Notino and because I already had smaller size of this. It's one of those unique scents that is definitely more for winter months or evening wear. It's a woody sweet scent, that is unique in my collection. I especially love mix of woodsy notes, musk, vanilla and coconut. The scent itself isn't long wearing, because it's a mist, but you do get a huge bottle, so you can splash it on. 

Ebelin Makeup Sponges

Those must have been LE, because I saw a whole stand of different sponges for different use. One were for cleansing and one for makeup. I heard that these are supposedly really nice, so I stocked up on my makeup sponges. I have only tried the pink one which came in a plastic egg. This is a travel case in which you can transport your beauty sponge to keep it away from your other makeup. I love this, because it means it won't dirty up the rest of your makeup. Plastic egg also has small holes so the sponge can breathe in it. Pink one was quite soft and it expanded a lot when I ran it under the water. I assume others are just as nice. I got the marbled one, because doh - the design. I also got orange one, because it has that nice angled cut, which will be great for applying powder with it. 


A'Pieu Pure Block Daily Sun Cream SPF 45

This is my favorite face sunscreen for every day. I use it as the last step in my skin care routine, before applying makeup. SPF 45 protects my skin enough when I go outside or do my daily activities. I love it, because it's a chemical sunscreen, which means it's a lighter formulation that definitely doesn't feel heavy or sticky, so it's great for under makeup. It's lightweight and has subtle citrus scent.

Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner

Every now and then I try another new liquid liner and none impress me. This is my favorite, because it's actually waterproof and because it has a precise brush tip. It's not matte, because it has a bit of sheen, but it stays put like no other from our drugstores. I also love brush tips, because they give me that precision and fine line. I will repurchase this until I find something that is better than this. It also last sooo long, it never dries out.

I love Avon's matte lipstick formula, because it's still fairly comfortable and it never dries out my lips. There is a nice color selection and they've recently added 6 nude shades to the range which is great. I have a separate review of all of the new shades. I think they covered a nice range of skin tones. 

Avon Mark Big & Phenomenal Volume Mascara - Blackest Black*

I believe this is also fairly new addition to Avon range. It comes in a bright lime green packaging. The wand is one of those silicon with short bristles that are fairly tightly packed together. I love silicon mascara wands, because they usually give better separation. At the end it has small bristles in a round shape. Those are shorter and they are nice for coating lower lashes

In it is 10 ml of product and the full price is 10.90€, but you can usually get it for around 5€

Formula is quite wet, but despite that it builds up quite a lot of volume, definitely adds a lot of length and the separation is nice too. It doesn't need much to be build up. Despite being wet, it doesn't weigh my lashes down and they actually stay curled through the day. 

This would be my favorite Avon mascara, if it didn't have one huge problem. It never dries down. This literally stays wet through the day. Which would be fine, if you don't have hooded eyes and they don't touch your upper lid. On my hooded eyes this mascara starts to transfer and smudge bad. Which is such a shame, because it looks so good on my lashes. Avon, you need to make this formula dry down and it would have such a good potential. 

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick 730 Flushed Fuchsia, 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume Mascara and Creme Puff Pressed Powder 05 Translucent*

This was a PR package and I was so happy to receive personalized lipstick bullet with my name. It's so special. The shade itself is more of a pearly formula, which I am not a fan of. Mascara is a cult favorite and I can see why, it's definitely not bad, but I would expect a bit more volume from it. The powder I have already tried and reviewed. I'll have a more detailed review up soon.

Avon Rare Flowers Night Orchid Eau de Parfum*

I don't usually go for floral fragrances, but this one has a bit of that heavy base to it, which I like. It's very floral in the beginning, but the dry down is deeper and sweeter. Avon says that main notes in it are bitter orange, black orchid, golden gardenia and vanilla suede. It's that perfect balance of florals and sweetness. I would say a bit heavier than usual for spring, but more for those chill nights. 

Avon True Luminous Blush - Rose*

If you're looking for that perfectly neutral pink that doesn't lean too warm nor too cool and has enough wearable muddy base and darkness to it, than this is it. It's one of those pinks that will look good on cool, neutral, warm, fair to medium skin tones. Finish is matte and pigmentation is actually great. You really don't need to build it up a lot and it stays on the cheeks all day. I have been wearing it quite a lot past month. 

Bourjois 1 Seconde Eyeshadow Instant Smoky Look - 07 Stay On Taupe*

I feel like Bourjois is behind with the release of this product. These ombre products were popular two years ago or something like that. This is essentially an eyeshadow palette that you just swipe or press on the lid and you have a look.

It comes in a bulky plastic packaging with transparent plastic top. In it is a sponge applicator in the shape of a half moon. It has two plastic sides that you hold together and they make for a holder. Then you swipe it right and left in the eyeshadow and press it on the lid.

In it is 3 grams of product and I believe I saw this being sold for around 12€. I saw it being half price in Müller now. 

Application was not working on my eyes at all. The applicator is a too big for my eyes, so the sides go further out from my eyes than I would like them too. Not to mention that the edges of eyeshadow were not blended. So this definitely doesn't work on my eye shape. 

Then I decided to use it with a wider flat brush and I swiped it across eyeshadow just like I would with a sponge. Then I swiped it over the lid the same. Result was much more blended and appealing to the eye, although this wasn't all that pigmented. There is a good blend between the darkest and medium shade. But there is very little difference between medium and lightest shade. 

This is drier formula and I feel like that is the reason for poor pigmentation. It seems like both lightest shades have some sort of shimmer to them. In general those are cool toned taupe shades going from dark taupe to light taupe. I am not a fan of cool toned eyeshadows, so I probably won't reach for this. 

The concept is good, but execution is bad. Applicator doesn't really fit onto all eye shapes. If you have it, use ti with a flat brush instead and blend the edges with a fluffy blending sponge. But for me personally this is definitely not worth the hefty price tag. 


  1. A za ta Vitamin C serum od Avona tudi piše, da se ga mora dat v hladilnik potem ko ga odpreš? Na mojem Tiamu je tako navodilo in me moti.

    Avonov gel zveni tako zame, imam zelo rada te vonje z grenivko. Linijo od TBS-ja imam že dolgo namen še enkrat kupit.

    Thumbs up, da si kupila Twilight Woods :) Odličen vonj :)

    Avonova maskara izgleda super! Samo to, da se ne posuši je pa big no-no. Meni bi tole samo povesilo trepalnice.

    Kako ti je uspelo tako intenzivno nanesti Bourjois senčke? Jaz sem nanesla tono slojev in je blo komaj kaj, razen te najtemnejše :/ Sicer pa nimam nobenih baz. Meni je to čisto zgrešen sistem, žal :/

    1. Ne, nič ne piše. Še rok trajanja je napisan eno leto od odprtja. Ampak vem, da je vitamin C znan po tem, da se rad hitro pokvari - spremeni barvo. Tako da, bom videla kako dolgo bo ta ostal enak. Trenutno testiram nekaj drugega, tako da sem ga samo preizkusila in pridem nazaj k njemu čez čas. Po mojem so take tricky aktivne sestavine vedno boljše v hladilniku. Na sploh bolj hladno in temno, ampak kaj ko to vedno ni možnost.

      Diši božansko. Res taka perfektna mešanica sadno sladke in kisle. Avon ima večkrat take zanimive vonje, ki niso vedno na prvo žogo.

      Je bil že res čas :D. Saj ga verjetno ne bi, če ne bi bil znižan, pa sem se ustrašila, da ga več ne bodo prodajali :D.

      Tako mi je škoda za to formulo od Avona. Ker volumen, podaljšanost in še ločenost...kaj več bi si lahko želela?! Ampak je pa neznosno mokra. Začuda, mi obteži trepalnice, ampak odtisne se pa na vse. Pa nikoli nisem imela nobene maskare sploh s takim problemom.

      Jaz sem uporabila podlago. Mislim da je bil Urban Decay Primer. Jaz itak vedno uporabim primer. Sem pa tudi kar nekajkrat s tem aplikatorjem redno potegnila po senčilih, da sem prebila tisto začetno plast. Meni se vseeno zdi, da se vidi, da ni ravno neke uber pigmentacije. Sem pa s čopičem kar nekajkrat nanesla, da se je res videlo odtenek. Meni je to tak fail. Že sam sistem, pa tudi odtenko resda niso po mojem okusu in me verjetno še dodatno odbija. :/