February 2019 Favorites

I didn't wear as much makeup as I usually do and when I wore it, I opted for something quick and easy. Some of the newly found products made their way to this months favorites. I also rediscovered some old products. I always try to switch up my makeup products, otherwise I never use them all.

Heimish Artless Glow Base SPF50+/PA+++

I have actually had a tester of this once, so I was pretty sure I will like it. This is one of the best multi-tasking products. It's a luminous primer that gives your skin that gorgeous pinky golden sheen. It's looks so sophisticated, because there is no visible shimmer, just a lovely luminous sheen. And the color will suit most skin tones as it's not too pink nor too golden. It also offers high sun protection of SPF50+ or PA+++. It also feels moisturizing on the skin and it contains niacinamide to even out your skin tone. It's not heavy on the skin, but has a bit of a tacky feel which makes it a great base for makeup. This truly is great all in one product, a bit of skin care, sun protection as well as glowy primer. I sometimes wear it on its own when I don't wear makeup, because it gives me such a natural sheen. I also use it as a glowy primer underneath foundation. 

Essence Micro Precise Eyebrow Pencil - 02 light brown

This is pretty much the same as Catrice Slim'matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil. It's only a bit cheaper, which is the main reason why I will probably start buying Essence version now. Both contain 0.05 grams of product, both have 1.5 mm tip and both of these formulas claim to be waterproof. The only difference being that Catrice has more shades available while Essence currently only has three. I also noticed that Essence might be just a bit less creamy, which is a plus. These pencils are usually too creamy and you use them up so quickly. I chose 02 light brown which is actually even a bit more grey toned than Catrice 030 Dark and it suits my natural brow color even better. My only problem with this Essence pencil - there is no spoolie. Why Essence? I have to always have a spoolie on hand when I do my brows. 

I have been getting back into using powders for my eyebrows. This is one of the products that I got from Born Pretty Store a while ago and the shades are just perfect. Grey enough and just pigmented enough. I usually mix both of browns together. Applying this with an angled cut brow brush is so much faster and easier than drawing in with a pencil. However, I usually combine these powder products with that slim Essence or Catrice pencil to just perfect my bottom line. Or fill in any spaces that are pretty much bold. 

This is a lip product, but I have been using it as a cream blush this month. I am trying to venture out and use products that I may not wear on the daily, so I reuse them in another way. Aquarius is such a pretty nude color and it looks gorgeous on the cheeks. I usually put a bit of it on the back of my hand and dip in with my blush brush. Then I apply it on the cheeks and it lasts fairly well, because it's a long lasting formula plus it looks a lot more natural than powder products. This is my go to for when I'm in a rush and I want a bit of color or for when I want a more natural look.

I am still in my dry lips zone. I so wish for this heating season to already be over. Winter kills my hair, skin as well as lips. So when I wanted something colorful on my lips this month, I pretty much used this one by Catrice. It's a perfect brown nude that goes with everything and the formula with shea butter is just so soothing and comfortable to wear. This is currently my favorite colored nourishing lip product.

When my lips have that nasty dry skin on them, I avoid colored lip products. That's when I go for something shiny and nourishing to cover those dry patches and feel comfortable on the lips. This lip oil from Avon is amazing. Another one of those ultra soothing and comfortable formulas like that Catrice one, but without any color. It feels so nice on the lips and actually contains a lot of nourishing and moisturizing oils that help your lips to feel better as its wearing off. 

Avon already has a few Eve perfumes and this month they also added a new one called Truth which I am currently trying out. But for the most of past month I have been wearing Alluring. It's one of those rare powdery scents in my collection that I adore. It starts more floral, but then sweeter base of amber, musk and sandalwood (pretty much my holy trinity in perfumes) kicks in. It makes for a sweet floral powdery fragrance that is not too powerful and feels quite sophisticated. I would say perfect winter to spring transition perfume for all of us sweet lovers. I almost used half of the bottle which speaks volumes based on my extensive collection. It's definitely one of my favorites. 

Bunny Humidifier

I posted this humidifier on my Insta Story and I got so many questions on where I bought it. It's from Aliexpress. I bought it here. This turned out to be such a good and cute investment. It's not just a boring humidifier, I consider it home decor. There are two types available, one is this light dusty pink with gold bunny ears and the other one is white with gold reindeer horns. I chose bunny, because I love this dusty pink color. It also has small nose which lights up as well as the bottom. You fill up the bottom with water and it goes through small filter. On top is small hole that produces fine mist which is actually quite strong for such a small device. It also changes color on the bottom and through the nose hole. It goes from white to yellow, orange, pink, purple...pretty much the whole rainbow. You can lock on the color that you like and you can also turn off the mist and just have it be a fun light fixture. I have been using it mostly in the evening before going to bed. Anyone that uses central heating in their house, probably has dry air. I do as well and sometimes this results in a dry scratchy throat in the morning. But since I started using this in the evening, I didn't have that problem anymore. For all of you with dry climates and love for cute things, this is such a fun product. It's surprisingly well made and comes with USB cable. 


  1. Heimish primer mi izgleda zelo zanimiv, ampak kolikor imam takih glowy primerjev nobenega ne nosim, ker se počutim preveč nenaravno z vsemi mikro bleščicami na obrazu. Mi je pa všeč, da ima tako visok SPF in niancinamide, čeprav je šele na 9. mestu, kar je že vprašanje koliko ima resnega učinka. Me mika predvsem zaradi SPF-a.

    Pudrasti vonji so tudi mene začeli precej bolj zanimat in tale Eve Alluring zveni ok sodeč po notah. Sploh, če si ga že toliko porabila :)

    Vlažilec zraka je pa zelo lušen, sem si ga kar shranila :) Si videla tiste na AliExpressu v obliki vrtnice? So tudi lepi.

    1. Meni pa so všeč te glowy zadeve za pod podlago. Je pa res, da bolj pozimi. Poleti jih nosim kot dejanski osvetljevalec, ker so za moj mastni predel preveš sijoči. Jaz imam občutek, da ravno na suhi kožo izpadejo čudovito. Sploh pod podlagami. SPF je dejansko velika prednost, ker bi pozimi s tem komot preskočila sončno kremo. Pa tudi na spomlad, ko nisem veliko zunaj. Tak multitasker.

      Meni so skoz fascinantni ti pudrasti vonji. Se mi zdi, da so bolj redki. Ali pa ne preizkušam pravih :D. Alluring mi je res všeč, saj se vidi po tem koliko sem ga porabila :D. Glede na to, da vem, da imaš rada sladke vonje, bi ti verjetno bil ta všeč. Ni tisti tipičen sladek, je pa kar močan s tem pudrastim vonjem. Čeprav skoraj bolj eleganten.

      A ne? Meni je takoj padel v oči :). Sem nekaj časa cincala, bi ali ne bi. Pa sem ga kupila in mi ni žal. Tiste vrtnice, ko jih daš v kozarec? Te sem videla. So prav tako luškane :).

  2. So many great products! I love the ColourPop Aquarius ultra satin lip, the colour is so gorgeous!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush