Review: Avon Eve Truth Eau de Parfum

Spring is finally here and so is Avon's new fragrance called Eve Truth which is spring bottled up. This is one of those fresher, lighter fragrances that you'll love, if you like fruity floral scents.


This is my favorite design out of all Eve fragrances that Avon has. It's got pistachio green and gold design. For some reason this color combination screams spring to me. Perhaps because it reminds me of snowdrops which are heralds of spring. 

Glass bottle is transparent and design has various angles which remind me of diamonds

It's eau de parfum and for 50 ml you'll pay around 20€ (Slovenia). Avon changes their precise in each campaign, so just wait for a good deal.  


Eve Truth is part of Avon Eve fragrances made in collaboration with Eva Mendes. I have Eve Duet, Eve Alluring and Eve Confidence. You can read about those here. There is also Eve Elegance

Avon describes Eve Truth as a fragrance that celebrates women's kindness and their ability to uplift other inspiring women around the world. It was created by a french perfumer Laurent Le Guernec. 

Top notes: black currant, cassis, carambola, pomegranate 
Middle notes: pink freesia, peony, gardenia 
Base notes: cedar, musk, amber

It starts off very fruity, a bit fresh and then it quickly becomes floral. It reminds me of the spring garden as it just bursts with earthiness and blooming flowers. Very slowly it starts to develop into those base notes and it's not as strong and sweet as you would expect. Cedar must be the reason why. I would say it's almost a bit creamy at the end which is when I like it the most.

In general I would describe it as a fresh fruity floral fragrance. It reminds me a lot of other Avon fragrances like Eve Duet and Avon Life by Kenzo. This won't be a breakout fragrance, but it's one of those wearable ones that many will like. 


This is more of that lightweight inoffensive office fragrance perfect for spring. Since the base isn't as strong and it's not one of those sweeter scents, it wears off quicker on me than most Avon perfumes.

If you read my fragrance reviews, you'll know this is not my jam. I am more of a sweeter woodier fragrance kind of gal. Avon often times surprises me with more floral fragrances that I tend to bring out in the spring just to mix it up. I have been wearing this one for a bit over a week and it's definitely not what I would typically go for, but it's perfect for spring. Design, however, is right up my alley. I love to display it. If you're lover of fresher, more lightweight fragrances that combine fruitiness with florals and you want something day appropriate then I think you will like this one. It's very likable and I assume it will sell great. 

*Product was sent to me.


  1. Meni pa je zelo všeč, ko sem prebrala note, se mi ni zdelo, da bi mi bil, ampak zdaj pa ga skoraj vsak dan uporabljam. Po eni strani mi je tako basic, po drugi pa mi je vseeno zanimiv :D

    1. Meni je sicer všče svežina, je pa zame osebno v vsakem takem preveč rožic :D. Včasih pa zapaše kaj takega. Sploh zdaj, ko se pomlad prebuja na vrtu, prav paše :). Tako je..nič posebnega, ampak vseeno dovolj zanimiv. Tak za čez dan.