Review: Ecotools Sheer Finish Blush and Blending & Bronzing Brush

I have talked about Ecotools brushes on my blog already. They are one of those drugstore priced brushes that have nice quality bristles and durable bamboo handles. I have a few of my favorites from them, so I ordered some more shapes to try out. 


Both of these brushes come in a simple plastic and paper recyclable box. Handles are made out of bamboo and they both have soft duo fiber bristles. These brushes are 100% vegan and the brand is cruelty free.

Bronzer brush costs around 10€ and blush brush costs around 8€. I bought them both on iHerb. But you can get it from Ecotools as well.

Ecotools Blending & Bronzing Brush


They say it's best used with powder and cream bronzer. Bristles give you buildable application for an even sun-kissed glow.

It has more rounded shape and the bristles are sparse, so you get a lighter application. I am not particularly fond of this brush. There were already a few bristles that shed in the beginning. Maybe it's just this one and there was something wrong while making it. 

I have tried it with powder bronzer and in my opinion it applies it a bit too sheer, so you have to build it up a lot and it also doesn't make it apply evenly. Maybe it was bronzer's fault. I found it to work better with cream products, because it blended out my foundation better. The coverage was lighter, but I like that with foundation. Plus the brush is just the right size to blend out foundation quickly without too much friction. 

Ecotools Sheer Finish Blush Brush


They say it's best to be used with powder blushes and it gives you lightweight application

It has tapered shape, bristles are again sparse and the size is just perfect for cheeks. Not too big, but just small enough.

I love this for applying powder blush. Usually, I prefer a lighter blush application and this does just that, because the bristles are so sparse, it picks up just enough color and gives you a lighter application. This is also amazing with very pigmented blushes, because it doesn't pick up too much product. You can really build it up slowly, which I prefer. 

It's too big for highlighter and a bit too small for bronzer, but it could also work for powder contour. Especially, if you want sheerer application as those products can quickly look to harsh and pigmented on the skin as well.

I am really liking sheer finish blush brush for applying powder blush. Ever since I got, I have been using it and pretty much forgot about my other blush brushes. It's personal preference, because I prefer a lighter blush application and these bristles allow me just that. I can apply it sheer or build it up. And it's perfect for those really pigmented blushes that usually scare me. Bronzing brush is definitely not my favorite. I prefer something slightly denser and more tapered for applying bronzer. This one is just too rounded and it doesn't apply product evenly. I found it to work better with creamier products. It might also works as an over all face blending brush. In general, most Ecotools brushes are really nice. It all depends on which shape and density you like. 

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