Review: Essence Holo Rainbow Nail Polish - 01 Hello Holo

If you like glittery nail polishes, than this post is for you. I am a sucker for fun top coats. Essence usually has a lot of pretty ones for affordable prices. When I saw in promo photos that they'll add Holo Rainbow polishes, I knew I'll probably end up buying at least one shade. And I did. 

In the range is 5 shades. This is the lightest more silver version. You can also get a slightly lighter lavender shade, pink, green and blue. In general they all have a lot of multi-reflective glitter in them. I believe the glitter is different colored, but it all reflects that sort of rainbow specter of colors.

It comes in a glass rounded bottle with a white plastic top

In it is 8 ml of nail polish and the price is 2.99€. I believe some of their effect top coats were a bit cheaper in the past, but it's still an affordable price. 

It has a thinner straight cut brush which applies product smoothly and evenly.

It's the right consistency, not too runny nor too thick. With one coat you can cover most of the nail, but you'll still see the base color and you'll have left out spots here and there. If you apply two coats, you get completely opaque look. I mean glitter covering your entire nail and no base color showing through. I really like the fact that the glitter is so dense. If you're looking for something more sparse, just apply it with a half cleaned of brush or a sponge. 

Shade 01 Hello Holo is a transparent base with silver shimmer that reflects rainbow colors. Holo should be named the product that reflects rainbow specter of colors. I've seen some videos on that topic, reviewing products that claim to be holo and are really not. I'm not an expert on holo, but these silver glitters reflect different colors of the rainbow. So in my eyes, that's pretty much close to being a holo. If it would be called unicorn glitter, it would be all the same to me. I bought it for the effect not the name. 

It dries down fairy fast and it will leave a gritty textured finish. Especially if you apply two coats like I did on my ring finger. I would advise you to apply a shiny top coat over it to make it smooth and extra shiny. Not that it needs added shine, because people will definitely notice your nails anyway. I also applied it on my index finger and pinky, but almost as an accent ombre going from the cuticles down. 

As much as I love the glittery reflective look of it, you can imagine it's a pain in the a** to take off. The denser you apply it, the harder it is to take it off. Just do a foiled technique with a good nail polish remover and you're good to go. 

It's also very long lasting as you would have expect from a glitter nail polish. 

Obviously I bought it purely because of the glittery effect. I absolutely love it. It's dense enough to cover entire nail with two coats, easy to apply evenly and  looks so pretty. It dries fairly fast and obviously lasts a really long time. Definitely get it, if you're like me and your heart skips a beat whenever you see something glittery. 

Products used:
Purple base color - Avon True Colour BB 7-in-1 Nail Enamel in Lilac Love
Shimmery top coat on the middle finger and thumb - Avon Mark Nail Style Studio Pink Illusions Nail Enamel in Digital Illusion
Top Coat - Seche Vite


  1. Wow love this nail polish! My mom would love it even more, she is obsessed with nail polishes, need to buy this for her xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. That one sure is a beauty. Unique in its way. I'm sure your mom will love it. It's a must have, if she likes glittery nail polishes :).

  2. WOW! Čudoviti lak in tvoja manikira. Love it! Tale lak mi je zelo všeč, se mi zdi, da so bleščičke res super, kar se tiče izgleda na nohtih. Se mi je zgodilo, da je lak od zunaj izgledal wow, potem pa na nohtih enostavno ni bil tako kot sem želela.

    Tudi jaz imam rada bleščice, ampak to odstranjevanje pa je res annoying.


    1. Ta je res lepotec. Mene je presenetil, da ga lahko v dveh nanosih narediš popolnoma prekrivnega. Joj čiščenje...tega se pa ne veselim :D