Review: Catrice LE Dawid Tomaszewski Wild Matt Lipstick - C01 Unconventional Violet

Catrice came out with another very artistic and fashionable looking Limited Edition. It's in collaboration with a fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski. I'm not up to date with fashion designers, so I haven't heard about him before, but I saw that the design was very appealing in its art deco feel. I was intrigued by matte lipsticks, although I haven't had much experience with Catrice lipstick formulas before. Today I'm showing you Wild Matt Lipstick from this range called C01 Unconventional Violet

It comes in metal rose gold packaging with a lovely lines design. I actually really like the packaging. It looks luxurious and the rose gold shade is on point. 

It doesn't say how much is in it, but it's a standard lipstick tube and it costs 4.29€.

Even the bullet of the lipstick looks like it's leather. That's some really nice detail work. I was impressed. It also has Catrice sign embossed in it.

Shade C01 Unconventional Violet is a dark cool eggplant purple. I absolutely adore this shade. It's one of the few really dark lipstick shades in my collection. Not the shade you would wear on a daily, but a great vampy statement lip. Because it's so dark and cool toned it will also make your teeth look almost a bit whiter. It's not that typical purple that would contrast the yellowness of your teeth. 

The formula is slippy enough to apply without tucking the lips, but it's definitely not as smooth as for example Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipsticks which feel almost silicon like and glide on like a dream. It feels a bit more waxy.

The pigmentation is average. I could even say that it looks sheer with just one swipe. You definitely need to go over it two or three times to get it opaque. That's my main issue. Then it starts to look thicker and can start feel heavy on the lips. It'n not the heaviest I've tried, but it's definitely not a lightweight formula. It also accentuates dry patches.

I also have a problem with its wear. It sort of becomes more drying the more I wear it. The formula is not sophisticated enough, so it starts to gather in the lines and can look cracked up when you smile, like I tried to show you on the photo below. It lacks some slip and movement

It also doesn't look completely even and it wears off uneven too. I guess that is to be expected with most darker formulas, but I still had high hopes.

Finish is definitely not completely matte like they describe it. It's more of a velvet finish, because you can still see some sheen on the lips. 

It's not hydrating and it almost feels a bit drying over time. If you have dry lips, you need to prepare them. Hydrate them with a good lip balm and exfoliate in order to avoid dry feeling and making it look uneven.

It has a pleasant proper vanilla scent which I adore. 

I love the shade and how it looks like on me, just wish the formula would be better.

In this Limited Edition you'll also find a lovely blushed pink colored beauty clutch. It has that same art deco design on it and the Dawid Tomaszewski logo. 

The price of it is 5.29€.

It's actually a bit small for me to use it as a makeup bag, but I can put in a few lip products and a concealer to have in my bag on the go. It's very well made. It has leather look to it and seems durable. 

The zipper is rose gold and works great. I just find the simplistic design and this color so pretty. Before I've never really liked pink things, but this year I'm all about those blushed dirty pink colors. 

I love the shade of lipstick as well as luxurious design and packaging of it. Unfortunately, the formula disappointed me. I expected something more matte and more movable. It just seems a bit rigid. It feels a bit drying and heavy on the lips. Pigmentation is not all there and it can look uneven. In this Limited Edition you'll also find another red shade of lipstick. I have a feeling that the red would have a better formula. Just because darker shades can often times look more uneven. 

Beauty clutch is just a lovely rose colored makeup bag to throw in the bag. I love the design of it and it will be a great decor piece. 

There are some other luxurious pieces in this collection: eyeshadow palette, eye pencils, nail polishes and cream highlighter. Ivona already reviewed eyeshadow palette. Check it out here. Ana also talks about their eyeshadow palette as well as that red lipstick shade. Click here for her review. 

Limited Edition is already available in Müller. It should also be available in DM, Tuš Drogerija, Lič and

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  1. Wau ti paše ta odtenek :) Mene bi naredil mrtvo :D Izgleda mi podoben Golden Rose Crayon 02, ki je isto tak hladen vijoličast samo je bolj pigmentiran. Embalaža je pa itak čudovita.

    1. Hvala :) <3 Ah ja to bo verjetno moja rumena polt in kontrast tej vijolični. :D 03 si verjetno mislila? Res sta si podobna. Ma ta cela kolekcija je meni ena lepših letos. Mogoče zato ker mi je tako všeč ta umazano roza odtenek :).

  2. Tale odtenek je kot nalašč zate! Odlično ti pristaja - in waaaw, šminka je res nenormalno lepa. Prav tako tudo toaletka.


    1. Hvala :) <3 Ta celotna kolekcija je prav paša za oči. Sem podlegla tem rose gold in umazano roza odtenkom. :D