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As the fall is slowly coming, so are new makeup releases. I feel like summers are always quiet and there's very little new releases. Everyone is enjoying summer and holidays, but as soon as the fall is approaching, there are more and more new releases. Since my last New In post, I've repurchased some of my favorites as well as few new products to try out.

Essence 2 in 1 Eye Shadow & Liner Waterproof - 01 Go Bro'nze

I heard good things about these eye pencils, so when I saw that this shade was on sale, I decided to get it. In store it looked more bronze, but once I tried it at home, I realized it's again one of those taupe bronzed shades. This August I've been on a hunt for a perfect warm bronze cream eyeshadow in a stick form. This one wasn't it. I can't believe how sheer this went on. The more I blended it, the less was there. It was an instant regret of buying it. It's just nothing like Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows, which are super pigmented and stay in place. I feel like this one is way too greasy for my oily eyelids and the pigmentation just isn't there. It was a waste of money.

DM Sun Dance Lippen Balsam 30 Hoch

I've had this SPF 30 lip balm last year, so I repurchased it this year and took it to the sea side. It's one of rare lip products with SPF 30 that doesn't leave a white cast. It's a transparent shiny almost like a lip gloss product. It has a bit of milky yellow color, but nothing too visible. I feel like it protects my lips well and it also moisturizes them. It has sort of a vanilla sweet scent. 

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother + Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil - 040 Coffee To Go

Yet another product that I found on sale. I've loved these beautifiers since they first came out and still have two shades (apricot and nude brown). It's one of the most comforting formula ever. It feels like a nourishing lip balm, but looks like a thicker lip gloss with a hint of color. I'm so sad that they've decided to discontinue these, so I grabbed one shade before they're all gone. This was the most neutral shade of them all. It's actually a natural looking pinky mauve which blends with your natural color and makes it look just slightly brighter. 

Look By Bipa Mega Stay Shadow & Liner Waterproof - 02 Metallic Bronze

In my search for a warm bronzer stick eyeshadow, I also bought this one from Bipa. The shade is absolutely perfect. It's that warm almost copper bronze shade, but still dark enough. This one is much better than the one by Essence, but it also needs to be build up. None of these are nearly as good as Kiko's, but this one would do, if you put more effort into building it up. It's also not as greasy and doesn't move as much, but it's not what I hoped it to be. I hoped it to be like Kiko. 

I forgot how good this foundation was. In winter time this lightest shade is still too dark for me, so I usually just use it in summer. I've been using it a lot and the previous bottle was kind of empty, so I bought a new one. I have a whole review of it here, so I won't talk much about it here. It has good coverage, nice velvet finish and feels lightweight on the skin. 

Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner

I was reminded that I didn't even write a review of it on my blog. But I've had this product in the past in full size and liked it, so I repurchased a travel size bottle to take with me on a vacation. It's basically a leave in conditioner. I currently use the one from Joico K-pak range, but I liked this one too. Although Joico feels a bit more nourishing. This one makes my hair feel smooth and hydrated, which is all I can ask for. I'll probably finally write a full review of it, as soon as I try it out again.

Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask - Pearl

I've already tried this one out and I'll probably post a separate review. It's very nice brightening mask. The effect is similar to The Beauty Diary Black Pearl, although with TBD mask the brightening effect lasts a bit longer. With this one I got a really bright skin, even tone, skin felt nourished and hydrated. It also gave me an amazing glow with no stickiness. I repurchased some of other versions, just because I want to try some that I didn't already. 

Jennifer Lopez Miami Glow By Jlo Eau de Toilette - Tester

I've heard that this one has coconut in it and supposedly it's quite strong. I love sweet fragrances and I love coconut, so obviously I loved this one. It's such a warm and strong scent, with sweetness, but not overpowering. It almost feels a bit sophisticated too. I don't smell as much coconut as I would have liked too, but I love the fragrance nonetheless. Here you can read about the notes in it. 

Rihanna Reb'l Fleur Eau de Parfum - Tester

This is even stronger than Glow. It's again one of those sweet scents with very strong base and coconut as one of the notes. It would be more of winter perfume for me. I like combination of notes and it seems to really last on my skin. Here are the notes of it.

I've already post a full review of it and you can read it here. It's one of those rare nail treatments that saved my nails. I still like to use it every now and then and under a colored nail polishes to keep my nails in check. Whenever I don't use it, my nails start chipping again and they can't seem to grow. 

Catrice Matt To Cheek Blush Stick - 010 Brownie & Clyde

Me and my cream products. I mostly just use these in the summer or when I want to look descent in the shortest time possible. I really wanted a cream stick in a blush form and that was the only one I could find in our drugstores. I wanted a more peachy shade and I actually didn't plan on buying this shade, but I decided to try it anyway. It's a bit dark. In fact it almost looks like a bronzer, but it has that peach undertone in it. It works on my tan skin tone, but in the winter time, it would just look muddy on me. I really don't know why Catrice hasn't included a peach shade in their selection. They have a nice cool mauve and a brighter vibrant pink as well.

Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil - 29 Berry Fantastic

Those damn drugstore lights. This eye pencil looks like a dark red shade, but the product inside is completely different. It's a dark warm purple shade. I really wanted a red eye liner. It's not ugly, the shade is pretty, but I was just so excited that it's red and it ain't. The formula is creamy, but you need to use a brush to get a precise line and it blends out well. It also lasts all day.

Essence Superlast 24h Eyebrow Pomade Pencil Waterproof - 10 Blonde

I'm always up for trying new brow products. Especially those in a pen form and I was excited to try this. It's a waxy formula in a pen form. I thought it would be more like a pen, but it's actually like a pomade in a pen form. That's why I'm not sure I like it. It deposits a lot of color on the brow, but for some reason it's not as precise. I believe that because it's a bit waxier and not as hard to the touch. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

Essence Holo Rainbow Nail Polish - 01 Hello Holo

Now this is fun. If you love glittery things, than you'll love it. I am always up for a fun glittery nails polish. The regret comes when I have to take it off. You can apply it sheer with just a few glitters here and there or apply it really dense to the point where you can't see your base color anymore. I wore it like that as an accent nail in one of my manicure and it looks really pretty. It has transparent base and blue toned silver glitter that reflects rainbow colors. The glitter is actually quite small, which is nice, but it's a pain in the ass to take off, like all glittery nail polishes. 

Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow - 01 Solar Explosion

I should have seen this one coming. The 02 Stars & Stories shade impressed me so much, that I went and took another look at these. I was right, the gold one had some nice shimmer in it too. But it doesn't look as intense. Probably due to a fact that it's a gold based shade and the silver glitter in it doesn't stand out as much as with that purple taupe shade. I have a full review of the previous version here. In the post you can also see I like to apply these sheer, so that there's more glitter showing than the metallic base. I like these to add on top of other eyeshadows for that extra shine. 

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray

I have Rough Texturiser from this same range and I absolutely love it. It's one of those rare products that I have for adding texture to my hair and making my curls last longer with more volume. So I saw this travel sized bottle on Salma and decided to get it. I've never before had sea salt sprays. It's one of those things I've always wanted to try. While I'm swimming in the sea, my hair gets awesome volume. No wonder, with all that added sea salt. I expected this to be really sticky, like most of these sea salt products feel, but it's not. It actually just adds a bit of grip to my hair, which means it also gives them more volume and thickness. I've only tried it once, so I'll report back when I use it more. But so far, it's not bad. 

Elemis Revitalise Me - Bath & Shower Gel, Hand & Body Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner

I was on a vacation in Croatia and our hotel had Elemis travel sized skin care and body care. Obviously I was intrigued. I'm a beauty blogger after all. Elemis is a skin care range outside of my budget, so when I saw I get a refill every day, I took advantage of it and took home some of these to test out (trust me, I paid for it anyway, it's not like I'm stealing). I was surprised to find out that they actually sell these. I thought it was a range made only for hotels and spas. These come in full size of 300 ml and each costs from 20 to 27£. They all smell very spa like and actually all have some sort of aromatic oils in them. I only tried shampoo and conditioner so far and I like both. They have more runny texture, smell really soothing and feel very smooth on the hair. If I really like it, I'll post a review otherwise I probably won't. 

Afrodita Clean Phase Ultra Moisture Tonic

I was in desperate need of a good basic toner and this was just what I could get in our drugstores that wasn't too expensive. I can't say I'm impressed. It says that it's alcohol free and supposedly for sensitive skin, but I still felt some stringing while using it at first. Now I don't anymore, but I don't think this is suitable for sensitive skin. I don't have much to say about basic toners. It's fine, seems to make my skin less dry feeling after I wash it, but that's about it. Nothing life changing. 

Essence Hololighter Brush

Who saw it coming? A unicorn brush with a holo design from Essence. I didn't know how it would look like, but I saw it in the preview and knew I want it. I love highlighters and I don't have as many great brushes to use them with. Most are quite big, so this is a nice change. It's actually quite small, more like a big blending eye brush. The bristles are really soft and slightly longer. Not too dense, so you can get a fairly light application. This is great for precision applying. It's also great for applying highlighter on smaller areas, like at the very center of the nose, on the upper lip and above brows. The holo handle is fun, I just wish it would be longer. It's shorter than most of my eye brushes, so I have to search for it in my mug, because it's always shorter. Also, I thought that around 4€ for this was a bit too much for Essence. Or it might just be a good selling point with that unicorn trend going on. 

Bilou Cremiger Duschschaum - Chocolate Cupcake

I was drawn to this because of this cute simplistic design. This scent version was also on sale in Austrian DM, so I just got it. I haven't used it yet, because I'm saving it for colder weather, when I like those really sweet scents. This smells like a proper chocolate muffin. It's a shower foam, if I haven't mentioned yet. I've never used a shower foam, so I'm interested. 

I've had a few of Sierra Bees lip balms. A long time ago, iHerb gave you these as free gifts with your purchase. Well you could chose you're free gift and I loved these. Or it might not have been for free, but the price was something under a dollar, so almost free. It's a natural ingredient lip balm made with only 6 ingredients. It's that greasy, but light feeling formula. Pomegranate was my favorite flavor out of those that I tried, so I order a pack of 4 now for the colder months.

E.l.f. Ultimate Blending Brush

I absolutely adore some of E.l.f. brushes. I especially like their blush brush. It's super soft and cheap. So when I was ordering from iHerb, I took another look at their brushes and decided to get two more. This one had good reviews. It has that shorter rounded bristles that are dense, but not too dense. It blends out foundation lovely, but you do need to massage it in quite well or you'll be left with stripes. But once you really get it into the skin, it looks lovely. Of course, I'll test it more to report back in a separate post.

E.l.f. Highlighting Brush

Obviously I had to get this one too. Again, me and my highlighting obsession. I actually use E.l.f. Small Tapered Brush for more precise highlighting. That one is smaller and this one is like a bigger version of that small tapered brush. Small tapered brush is denser and highlighting brush is less dense, very soft and perfect for applying highlighter, brush, powder under the eyes or even for contour. It has tapered shape and is soft enough to give you a light application. I really like it and can't wait to test it out more. If you're looking for fairly affordable makeup brushes, E.l.f. is worth checking out. 

E.l.f. Hydrating Under Eye Primer

Another product that had good reviews. I am out of my eye cream, so I got this as a replacement. Especially in the morning before applying makeup. It promises some nice ingredients as vitamin C and E, shea, green tea, aloe and ginkgo biloba to nourish and condition the skin. I've tried it a few times. It's like a light pink colored lightweight cream that has a bit of that silicon smooth feel to it. It applies smoothly, but I can't say, if this makes my makeup last any longer. I'll have to test it out more. But it wears nice under makeup.

Because the packages from Korea are notoriously late this summer, I decided to order these from iHerb too. I already have a review of them here. It's basically one of the best spot treatments for those nasty pimples that just won't go away. I have these every now and then apply this patch on. It sucks out all of the gunk and makes it dry up quicker. I only had one sheet of these, so I was even cutting the patches in half to save them. But now I don't have to anymore. 

Cerave Moisturizing Cream For Normal To Dry Skin

I got this recommended when I wrote about my dyshidrotic eczema problems. I realized there is a lot of you that have the same problems and maybe didn't even research what it is. I have it on my hands and it shows as small fluid bubbles that itch and once they pop, the skin feels irritated and stings. It also gets really dry and forms dry patches that can also feel irritated, especially if you apply perfumed hand creams on top of it. So I got this one based on a recommendation and I have been using it for a few days. It's a cream based on ceramides (which are crucial to strengthening your skin's barrier in order to not let the bacteria and irritation come to it) and hyaluronic acid (hydrating ingredient). It's a thicker, but lightweight white cream that has a nice greasy protective layer to it, but doesn't look shiny and soaks in the skin well. It just forms a protective nourishing layer on the skin. So far I really like it. It also has no scent to it. This is great for all of those dry skin problems in general, not just for eczema. 

You complete me! (Tom Cruise voice) Whenever I am without it, I feel lost. But no for real, this is by far the best top coat I have ever tried. It dries your manicure in seconds, doesn't smudge the design and gives you amazing shine. It also prolongs the wear of your nail polish. It only has one downside. It starts to get thicker once you get to about a half of bottle. Then you need their thinner to make it like new again. Since I don't have this thinner anymore, I just repurchased the top coat itself. Now my nails will be on point again. A review of it is here.

Avon True Colour Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner - Golden Diamond*

I love Avon eye liners. They always have nice shades and formulas. This and a copper shade, are two new sparkly shades in their collection. It's a perfect inner corner highlight. Golden Diamond is a pale yellow gold shade with tiny gold shimmers in it. I wouldn't use it all over the lid, because for that I prefer something darker, but it's great to pop in the inner corners or around the lower lash line to make your eyes sparkle. It also stays put because of the waxy formula.

I have a full review of it here. At first I bought one and then got another one from Avon. I love it. It's so lightweight, smells well and removes makeup as it should.

I've already featured it in my August favorites. It's such a tropical sweet fruity scent and I love it for the summer. The mandarin shade of it is to die for and it has a gel consistency, but almost looks like a pudding in a way. It's not that typical runny gel, it has some jello feel to it. It leathers well and feels more nourishing than regular transparent gels. Avon has one of the best shower gel scents. 

Avon Luxe Shape Sensation Lipstick - Incredible*

This is a fairly new range of Avon Luxe lipsticks. It has collagen core in the middle of it, which looks like a transparent white gel. Around it is colored lipstick. This should make your lips voluminous, hydrated and smooth. I am a bit hesitant to use it, because the collagen in it smells of menthol, which gives you that plumping feeling on the lips. My lips are mostly very dry and menthol products or plumping products in general don't agree with it. But I did wear it and it has a super smooth lightweight formula with lost of shine. I like it, because it's so lightweight, but still pigmented enough. It's super shiny, but doesn't bleed out of the lines either. I'm just not fond of the plumping sensation, since it's more of an irritant for my lips. So I use it sparingly, only when my lips are in good condition. The shade Incredible is a classic vibrant blue toned red. 

Makeup Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette - Luxe*

Lič sent us bloggers some of Makeup Revolution products, since this brand is now also available in local Tuš Drogerija. I got a huge eyeshadow palette in the shade Luxe which features mostly warm toned eyeshadows. A lot of browns, purples, peaches...basically exactly the kind of shades that I like the most. I've been playing with it ever since I got it. So expect a separate review with a lot of makeup looks. Shade range is gorgeous. Matte shades need more building up than the shimmery ones, which is normal for drugstore brands. Some shades feel extra creamy and pigmented, some need to be layers for full opacity. Matte shades especially can have a lot of kick-up or fall-out. In general the quality surprised me. 

Makeup Revolution Unicorn Heart A Rainbow Highlighter Made By Unicorns*

Now I have to say, if you're trying to make a rainbow unicorn highlighter, this is the way to do it. It looks like a baked formula with rainbow colors in a heart shape with holographic packaging. Need I say more. #unicorngoals It's really pigmented and really blinding. I like that you can apply it lighter which gives you a lovely sheen that still let's your skin shine through (although it's still very blinding) or you can really pack it on for that blinding glow that's seen from the universe. My only problem is that no matter, if I swirl all the shades together, it always looks like a cool toned blueish highlighter. It's also very light and I think it's more appropriate for fair to light skin tones.

Makeup Revolution Lipstick - Wishful*

The rose gold MAC inspired packaging is gorgeous. It feels well made. Shade Wishful is my kind of perfect nude. It's warm toned and has a bit of peach, a bit of pink and a bit of brown in it. That perfect mix of all the shades. It's not too light. The formula is matte, but in a comfortable way. It doesn't feel drying nor too heavy on the lips. I really like it.

Avon Konjac Sponge*

I already have a konjac sponge from Balea, which I neglect. So I'm hoping I'll get more use out of this one from Avon. I already tried it a bit. It's a black colored sponge in a tear shape. It also has a little nit for you to hand it on and leave it to dry. Once it gets with touch to the water, it softens and expands. It has a burnt charcoal scent to it. I like these sponges for the pure pleasure. Whenever I use this on my face it feels like a massage. So relaxing and comforting. It exfoliates the skin a bit and makes it really soft. I'll have to use it more to give you my full thoughts. 

Avon Mark Perfect Brow Creme Gel Pot - Deep Brown*

This is a good one. I thought that Deep Brown would be too dark for me and it is a bit now that I have blonde highlights, but it's actually not as dark as you may think. Especially, if you apply it lightly. I used this with a brow angled brush and just drew a few strokes here and there when I needed. It's super pigmented, creamy enough to apply, but not greasy looking and it stays put all day. So far I like it, but I have to try it out more. They also have another shade called Blonde. That's the only downside to it, they only have two shades available. 

Avon Mark Big & Style Volume Mascara - Black*

I haven't tried this one out yet, because I have so many mascaras that are opened and some that need to be tested. So I'll probably need a bit more time to test it out. It promises nice volume. 

Avon Clear Skin Pore & Shine Control Black Mineral Mask*

I don't get this whole black mask trend that is going on and I don't care. These stupid trends that seem to come out of nowhere and reinvent something that exists for centuries, it's not my kind of thing. But this is a basic clay based masked that has dark grey color and it dries to a light grey color. It feels just like most of the clay masks, which means it cleans the pores and you need some skin care after it to not dry out your skin too much. But I like it, because it's not as drying as for example that grey L'Oreal mask. 

Essence LE Coast'n'chill Velvet Matt Liquid Lipstick - 01 Smooth & Move and 02 Smooth & Groove*

Essences' latest Limited Edition is inspired by the coast at the late summer nights. It mostly features those coming into fall shades. I tested out two of their liquid lipsticks. Shade 01 Smooth & Move is a neutral pink nude and 02 Smooth & Groove is a cool grey based mauve shade. These feel a bit heavy on the lips, because they have a thicker almost moussy consistency - similar to NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. But these also feel sticky while they're drying. They give you a really matte finish in just a few seconds and the shades are gorgeous. Just not the most lightweight product out there.

Catrice LE Dawid Tomaszewski Wild Matt Lipstick - C01 Unconventional Violet and Cosmetic Bag*

This is a Limited Edition made in collaboration with a fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski. It has an art deco feel to it and the packaging on everything is just stunning. Cosmetic Bag is a smaller essential bag and it has lovely rose gold color. The design on it is really pretty. Lipstick also has that rose gold metal packaging with the most incredible bullet design which makes it look like suede. This is the darker shade in the collection, they also have a classic red. It's a dark cool toned purple shade. To me this isn't a matte finish. It's very creamy and even has a bit of sheen. But the pigmentation is just not there for it to be a proper matte. You need to layer it on to make it really opaque and because it's so creamy it almost never looks a proper matte. But the shade is unique and I really like how dark it is. 

Avon Bubble Gum Bubble Bath*

I just got this today, but oh my god. Isn't this just cute? Pink colored bubble bath that smells exactly like those old school pink bubble gums. I am in love and I can't wait to dive into this. I love Avon bubble baths in general. They are the only bubble baths that I use. You can get them really cheap and these make a lot of bubbles in my bath, although the bubbles vanish after some time. 

Avon Mark Nail Style Studio Pink Illusion Nail Enamel - Digital Illusion and Glam Rock*

It's a new Avon nail polish range that has 5 nail polishes. They all seem to be a bit different to their regular nail polishes. These have a duo chrome feel to them. The base is one color and than they have a sheen on top. Digital Illusion looks like a sheer pink shade with peacock blue green sheen to it. Glam Rock is a medium salmon pink with a cool purple blue sheen to it. I quickly swatched them on my nails and these have two different effects. Glam Rock dries to something that looks like sand effect or at least a textured finish. Digital Illusion dries matte with small shimmers that give it that sheen. Both are very sheer and would probably look good over a colored base too.

I've been using this a lot in the past. It's now been re-marketed under a Mark brand, but before it was their Ideal Flawless Eyeshadow Primer. This is a light beige color that covers your lids well and gives you a nice blank surface to work with. I like it so much, because it covered my veins and discolorations so well. It also makes eyeshadows go on brighter (works especially good with Avon Quads) and prevents it from creasing. Now I use lighter and sheerer primers, so I am excited to use this again. The only down site to this was that it dried up when you used about a half of it and it wasn't as smooth to apply anymore. 

*PR products


  1. So much new stuff! Omg I'm impressed with that Essence brush, seems to be really good quality! Have to see if I can find it in my local beauty store xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. So many new products to lure me in :D. I really like that brush. I like how precise it is and very soft. So nice to find a good drugstore brush. Hope you find it ;)

  2. U Missha maska zveni zanimiva :) Vse kar je brightening - I'm in.

    Sploh še nisem videla nič od novih stvari pri Essence in Catrice, pa tudi ne vem če me sploh kaj mika. Vse je preveč na metalik/super šajni foro zame, imam raje mat in bolj naravne finiše.

    Tudi jaz razmišljam da bi na iHerb naročila K-Beauty, ker spet čakam en mesec na paket iz Koreje, pa iz meni čisto nove trgovine. Samo iHerb še vedno nima CORSX Galactomyces na zalogi :/

    Danes sem po dolgem času vzela Mary-Lou namesto tega Unicorn Heart in sem kar dodajala sloje, ker ni blo nikjer tistega extra super šajni efekta od Unicorna :D Mislim, da imam hudo obliko highlight overdosa :D Preveč je tale Unicorn, pa ko ga predolgo uporabljaš sploh ne opaziš več, da s tem sijajem slepiš ostale :D

    1. Sploh ni slaba. Samo nisem prepričana, da je za zelo občutljivo kožo. Sem bila presenečena nad brightening efektom, čeprav ni trajal tako dolgo kot pri Black Pearl maski. Zdaj sem si naročila še Rice in Honey verzijo teh mask. Poskušam malo druge variante, da vidim kaj mi odgovarja :).

      Mislim da je zdaj res nek shiny trend. Mene itak ne moti :D.

      Jaz sem malo obupala nad Jolse, ampak tudi že potrebujem neke nove COSRX stvari. Ne vem v čem je problem, da paketi naenkrat tako zaostajajo. Sem jaz tudi na iHerbu gledala ponudbo in je res bolj basic. Škoda, da nimajo več izdelkov.

      Hehe :D. Torej si postala fan super svetlečih osvetljevalcev :). Jaz pa tega unicorn nisem še nosila, ker sem še malo pretemna. Čakam, da se malo posvetlim, drugače bo res too much za moje pojme. Saj se ga kar malo bojim. Po swatchih sodeč je res blinding. :D

  3. Hololighter Brush imam na WL, prav tako Bilou :D
    Essence Coast'n'chill šminke so meni všeč, sploh ta temna :)
    Avonov primer pa sem želela kupiti že par mesecev, ampak ga nikoli niso imeli, tako da sem vesela, da ga končno lahko preizkusim :D

    1. Priporočam oboje, če si sladkosneda in če ti primanjkuje mehkih čopičev :D.
      Ravno danes bom objavila oceno šmink. Meni so všeč odtenki, ampak formula je pa malo lepljiva in jo moram precej enakomerno nanesti, da se lepo posuši. Sploh ta temen odtenek, čeprav odtenek sam mi je pa res čudovit.
      Ja, Avon vmes določene izdelke nima v redni ponudbi. Očitno so mu prenovili embalažo in izgled. Sem jaz tudi vesela, da je nazaj. Dolga leta sem uporabljala samo tega :).