Review: Makeup Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette - Luxe

So Makeup Revolution got its place in one of our drugstores - Tuš Drogerija. On that occasion Lič sent us bloggers a package of few Makeup Revolution products. I like that it's now available in physical stores, because I find it to be affordable brand with good quality. It's especially nice for those that can't shop online. Here is my first part of this review and it's of Makeup Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette in shade Luxe

The palette comes with a black paper box. The packaging of the palette is that shiny black plastic material. It's actually quite a huge palette. I expected it to be smaller. It also has a huge mirror inside which is a big plus. You can do whole face of makeup using just this mirror and I love it for that.

In it is 30 grams of product and it costs 19.99€. You can buy it on Lič or in Tuš Drogerija. You can also buy it on their official online store for 16.80£.

In this palette you'll find 35 different colors of eyeshadows. Luxe shade range is neutral warm. It has lots of gold, brown, copper, purple and even some green colors. These are basically my go to colors. I love warm toned shadows. Most are shimmery, but the last row is all mattes. So you get a nice variety of finishes as well as shades.

Btw Cocoa came broken, that's why it looks different textured. But I fixed it with a bit of alcohol. 

The ingredients list for those interested in it.

Next are swatches of all the shades and descriptions.

Woke - shimmery light yellow toned gold white
Low Key - shimmery light pink white
LIT - shimmery light peach white
High heels - shimmery light nude white
Gold Chainz - shimmery light bronze
Sell out - shimmery light antique gold
WCW - shimmery light copper
Obsessed - shimmery medium plum toned brown

Savage - shimmery medium olive toned taupe (creamy, better pigmented)
Selfie - shimmery medium bronze copper (slightly creamy)
GTFO - shimmery medium bronze brown (really creamy, really pigmented)
Couture - shimmery medium red purple brown (really creamy, really pigmented)
Boss - shimmery medium red toned brown (better pigmented)
Don't stop - shimmery medium copper with slightly bigger gold shimmer (slightly creamy, better pigmented)
Damn Girl - shimmery medium cranberry red (slightly creamy, better pigmented)

Hashtag - shimmery medium purple toned cranberry (really creamy, really pigmented)
Light it up - shimmery medium taupe
Fancy - shimmery light antique gold (better pigmented)
Snatched - shimmery medium cool violet (really creamy, really pigmented)
Bye Felicia - shimmery dark plum with bigger pink shimmer (creamy, better pigmented)
Straight Up - shimmery medium cranberry red (creamy, really pigmented)

High Maintenance - shimmery dark warm plum violet (creamy, really pigmented)
Werk - shimmery light yellow
DM Me - shimmery light olive bronze
Pick 'n' Mix - shimmery medium cranberry with purple sheen (creamy, really pigmented)
Vexed - shimmery medium gold toned brown (really creamy, really pigmented)
Shook - shimmery dark cool taupe brown (better pigmented)
Slay - shimmery medium chocolate brown (slightly creamy, better pigmented)

Basic - matte light peach (wet, better pigmented)
Blended -  matte light pink toned brown (really wet, really pigmented)
No Filter - matte light  warm brown (really wet, really pigmented)
GET IT - matte light yellow toned brown (really wet, really pigmented)
Player - matte medium warm brown (really wet, really pigmented)
Cocoa - matte medium peach brown (wet, really pigmented)
Aesthetic - matte blue toned black (dry, better pigmented)

Some shades look really similar. There is some repetition going on and maybe that's due to the fact that they tried to put in one palette 35 shades. But then again I am also missing some shades. I miss more matte shades. One of the essentials shades for me is a bone colored matte shade that is in similar tone as my skin. I usually use this kind of matte shade to set a primer and make other shades blend better. It's also nice to highlight brow bone with it, if you don't like shimmery highlights. I also miss a darker matte brown shade. Cocoa is a medium shade, but I would like to have at least one darker. As far as shimmery shades goes, the selection is huge and there isn't really anything I miss.

The formula differs from shade to shade. Some are on the dry side, some are wet feeling and some even feel like a cream. Matte shades are actually very wet feeling, but they apply a bit chalky. Which is usual with matte shades. That doesn't mean the pigmentation is not there, because it is. It's just a different finish.

 A lot of the shades also have a fallout. Matte shades all have it and most shimmery shades too. So it's best to apply eye makeup first and then your base. Especially, if you're using darker shades. 

Pigmentation mostly depends on the formula. Those that are creamier and wetter, have better pigmentation. Dry textures have poorer pigmentation. In general, the pigmentation is actually good. You will need to build up the color and you loose intensity with blending, but it's a good quality nonetheless. They laso blend well with no problems. Just don't expect anything compared to Zoeva pigmentation for example or Too Faced palettes. 

They are long lasting, but fade a bit through the day. I always use them with eye primer and none of the shades creased on me, even when it was still sweaty outside.

Here are some of the looks I've worn. I've tried almost every shade by now, maybe I left out 4. But I think I got a good test out of these to give you my final thoughts. 


Crease: Basic, GET IT
Inner lid: Sell Out
Outer lid: GTFO
Inner corner: LIT
Clio Kill Brown Pen Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Brown
Avon Supreme Nourishing Lipstick Nurturing Nude

Matte Brown

Crease: Basic
Lid: Player
Inner corner: Woke
Clio Kill Brown Pen Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Brown
Essence LE Coast 'n' chill Velvet Matt Lipstick 01 Smooth & Move

Purple Liner

Crease: Basic, Blended
Outer lid and outer v: Damn Girl
Inner lid: Don't stop
Inner corner: High Heels
Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil 29 Berry Fantastic
Maybelline Lash Sensational Brown
Avon Luxe Shape Sensational Lipstick Incredible


Crease: Basic, Player
Outer v: Cocoa
Lid: DM Me
Inner corner: Woke
Clio Kill Black Pen Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Brown
Makeup Revolution Lipstick Wishful


Crease: No Filter
Upper lid: Vexed
Middle lid: Shook
Liner: Aesthetic
Inner corner: Woke
La Roche-Posay Respectissime Extension Length And Curl
Makeup Revolution Lipstick Wishful


Crease: No Filter
Outer v: Snatched
Lid: Bye Felicia
Inner lid: Straight Up
Inner corner: Low Key
Clio Kill Black Pen Liner
Paese Blacker Than Black
Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip Weho

Nude And Wing

Crease: Basic, Player
Lid: Selfie
Liner: Aesthetic
Inner corner: LIT
Paese Silky Mat 707


Crease: Basic, Cocoa
Outer lid: Couture
Inner lid: Hashtag
Inner corner: Werk
Lower lid: Basic, Cocoa, Couture
Clio Kill Brown Pen Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Brown
Essence LE Coast 'n' chill Velvet Matt Lipstick 01 Smooth & Move


Crease: Basic
Lid: Savage
Inner lid: Gold Chainz
Inner corner: LIT
Clio Kill Brown Pen Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Brown
Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick Au Naturale

I won't pretend that I don't have similar shades in my other eye palettes, because I do. I love the selection of colors, because those type of colors are the ones I love wearing the most. I especially like gold and bronze variations as well as purples. Some of my favorite shades from this palette are Savage, Sell Out, WCW, Bye Felicia, Damn Girl, Werk, DM Me, Player and Cocoa. I'm just a bit spoiled from using better formulas, so I probably won't get much use out of this one on daily basis. But it's in no way bad.

The formula and pigmentation is different with every shade. But in general pigmentation is much better than in the Makeup Revolution palettes that I own from before. I feel like they made an effort and made them creamier, which also means more pigmented. It's still not nearly as good as my Zoeva palettes. But for a drugstore brand this is actually good. They last well (tend to fade a bit through the day), you need to build the color up (so more work, but you'll get there) and they don't crease on the lids, if you use an eyeshadow primer. If you want descent quality eyeshadows, love warm neutral colors and are looking for something that you can buy in the drugstore value then you might just like this one. It's a descent palette for the price.

*Product was sent to me. 


  1. When I clicked in this post I didn't even saw the tittle I just saw the photo and I said: what a beautiful palette from MORPHE, have to see this post! Yes I thought this was a Morphe palette, the 35F - it's so damn simillar! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. Wow you are so right. It looks exactly like the 35F palette by Morphe. I didn't even think to look it up, because Makeup Revoluton often times "copies" other brands. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm sure it will help someone decide. :D

  2. Mene tudi spominja na Morphe 35F paleto. Me pa začuda ta paleta niti malo ne mika, čeprav sem nora na tople odtenke :)

  3. Great review! The palette looks so nice. The makeup looks are gorgeous ♥

    1. Thank you :) <3 I love the shades too. Just my kind :).

  4. I really loved your post!!! I had make so many research before buy this palettes... but i dont find many reviews from this kind of palettes (PRO HD)... the only thing i find is from the Flawless ones... I was looking to buy the Morphe 35F but it was sooo overpriced @Amazon from the regular price on the website as im not in the states right now and later on i find out MUR made a dupe of that one... if u have to make a suggest... would u recomend this one? or the flawless line of MUR... im sooo confuse... and i want to buy something worth it from MUR that has the best pigmentation...

    1. Thank you, I'm glad I could help :). I actually also have a review of the Flawless palette on the blog here:

      In my opinion the quality is similar. You have some shades that perform well and some less. The new Luxe palette also has some really creamy and pigmented shadows.

      I think it comes down to what kind of shades your like more. You get more product in the Luxe palette, but there is almost the same amount of shades. Luxe had 35 shades and Flawless has 32 shades. ;)

  5. Thanksss!!! i m a shimmer lover! For me is not only about the quantity but quality... i read this Pro hd palette is better quality and thats what i was more concerned about... i read ppl were not that happy w the Flawless 2 or 3 but good things about the first one and the 4.... i was sooo but i finally decided to try the new Luxe! so i hope i dont get dissapoint! i mean for the price i wouldnt complain!! i will see how it looks when it arrive and try it on! thanks a lot! it was very helpful!

    1. I guess usually the newest products are always the best, so I think you chose right :). I'm glad I could help. ;)