Review: Catrice LE Soleil d'ete (Metal-Infused Eye Palette and Golden Lip Booster)

Catrice's new summer limited edition is named summer sun or french Soleil d'ete. It's all about flowy metallic fabrics and bronzed skin. The collection features bronzing shades for eyes, face and lips. It's a true metallic reflection of summer sun.

Metal-Infused Eye Palette - C01 Metal Muse

Eyeshadow palette comes in a gorgeous reflective gold plastic packaging with black details. It's sturdy and well made. Because it's so metallic, it gets dirty looking quickly. Think fingertips all over the packaging. 

In it is 6.1 grams of product and it costs 5.69€.

The placement of shadows inside reminds me of YSL eyeshadow palettes. But then again a lot of other brands do this layout now. Avon Luxe palettes also look like this. Inside is also a handy mirror and I like that you can open it up entirely so that you can get really close to the mirror. 

All the shades are quite neutral in a pinkish brown tone. There are varieties of finishes, but in general they are all on the sheerer side, which makes for a very natural looking glowy look.

Shade 1 - sheer light nude with warm pink sheen. It has a wet texture, good pigmentation, but it's sheerer in general. The base is nude and it has small pink shimmer that gives the shade warm pink sheen.
Shade 2 - light warm dirty pink shade. It has wet texture, good pigmentation, but is also a bit sheerer. It has small pink shimmer in it, which makes it a bit sheeny, but is in general quite matte looking.
Shade 3 - medium cool brown. It has taupe undertone to it and small sparse silver and pink shimmer, but it also looks more matte than any other shade in the palette. It's the only one that has a dry texture, which means the pigmentation is not as good. It needs to be build up, but all the shades need that anyway.
Shade 4 - shimmery medium taupe. It has a brown base with intense silver metallic sheen, which makes it look taupe. The shimmer is fine and very dense, which makes this shade almost metallic. It has the most wet texture, to the point where it feels almost creamy. Pigmentation is good.
Shade 5 - warm pink with silver glitter. It has a warm pink base that almost leans on copper. It also has a lot of silver glitter and shimmer in it, which makes it really glittery looking. It feels like a cream, but it goes on as a powder. Pigmentation is good, but it's a sheerer color with more glitter than actual shade.

In general all of these shades need to be build up to look super opaque and intense. They all seem a bit sheerer. Most of these have some fallout. The creamier the shadow, the less fallout. Shade 5 can crease, if you apply too much, because it's so creamy. I haven't experienced any creasing with other shades. They wore nicely, but did fade through the day.

They blended nicely, but the shade 3 can be a bit tricky. Apply it little by little, by avoiding too strong patch on one part.

They're not crazy pigmented and I feel like that was their intention. Some high end brands do these kind of sheerer shades, because they are more wearable and don't need that much blending. The quality is much better than I expected. It's nicely creamy, just on the sheerer side of things.

You can create a very natural look.

On the upper row of that photo I applied shade 1 on the brow bone and in the inner corners. In the crease I applied shade 2. I also applied shade 3 in the outer corner to deepened it up. All over the lid I applied shade 4. 

On the lower side of this photo I also applied shade 5 over the center of the lid. As you can see this really makes it a lot more glittery and glowy, but still very wearable. 

In this look I used shade 2 all over the lid and I applied a bit of shade 1 on the center of the lid. I also applied shade 3 on the outer corner to deepened it.

I really like shade 4, which is unusual for me. I usually prefer warmer shades, but this is such a universal taupe brown. I love pairing it on top of Maybelline Color Tattoo in On And On Bronze. I am also intrigued by the shade 5, because I just love glittery shades. I love applying it over creamy shades or on top of shade 4 to get that extra glowy shimmery look. Shade 1 looks fun, but is so light that doesn't do much on the actual lid. Shade 2 is nice, but I prefer peachier shades in my crease. It's nice as an all over pink wash. I am also not too keen on shade 3, because it's the driest of all and it needs more blending to look even. 

Golden Lip Booster - C01 Golden Sun-Bath

The collection also contains a gorgeous shimmery golden lip gloss. It comes in a transparent plastic packaging with gold details. In it is 5 ml of product and it costs 4.29€.

The applicator is flat and medium width. It actually applies product nicely. You can get it all over the lips precisely, but quickly. It's also fluffy and soft.

It has transparent base with yellow gold shimmer and a silver shimmer here and there. Mostly it's just golden shimmer that you see on the lips.

It applies lovely and is actually quite pigmented, or rather dense in the shimmer department. It's slightly sticky, but not uncomfortable and has good staying power for a lip gloss. Once the glossy part fades off, you're left with mostly just shimmer particles. 

I didn't know this before I got it, but it says on the packaging that it contains menthol and you notice this right after you open it up. The scent is quite powerful. It actually feels cooling on the lips and it makes it tingle, which plumps them up. They actually look plumper, when you use this and I like the effect, but I hate the menthol and irritation that comes with it. It just doesn't agree with my sensitive lips and it says on the packaging as well that is not for sensitive lips, so keep that in mind.

If you wear it on it's own, it gives you a nice warm golden shine. 

You can also apply it over lipstick or on top of other glossy products. I actually really like it on top of other colorful lip products, but just in the center to add that bit of golden shine. The shimmer is small and still wearable. 

The look of this limited edition is so pretty with gold metallic details. I also love their metallic lipsticks, but I probably wouldn't wear them enough to justify the purchase. They also have lovely moussy creamy eyeshadows, a highlighter, liquid bronzer and powder bronzer. 

As far as the palette goes, it looks stunning, is small enough for you to carry around and offers a nice range of neutral shades to create wearable shiny look. I would definitely get it for that perfect shimmery taupe shade 4 and gorgeous creamy glittery topper in shade 5 that I now apply on the center of almost every eye look. I wish shade 5 would be bigger though. It's a bit harder to get it on the finger, because it's so small. Keep in mind these are all sheerer, but can be build up and they actually wear nicely.

Golden lip booster is gorgeous to add gold shimmer on top of any lip look. I just hate menthol in it, because I have sensitive lips that get irritated with these kind of plumping ingredients. If you don't have a problem with that, go for it.

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  1. Love the look you created! Unfortunately here Catrice LE collection aren't always available :(

    1. Thank you Carolina :) <3 Oh that's too bad, hopefully you get this one.