July 2017 Favorites

July was a low maintenance month. I've been testing some new products, loving some oldies and just mostly did easier makeup looks, because I couldn't be bothered to do any more in this hot weather. 

Fa Coconut Water Shower Gel

This was such a lovely smelling shower gel that reminds me of summer. It's not really all that coconuty, more tropical and it has that basic transparent gel consistency that foams well. I want to get Coconut Milk version next.

Avon Senses Limited Edition Tranquil Oriental Zen Jasmine & Green Tea Shower Gel

Yet another shower gel that I like the scent of. Kind of herbal, yet sweet and refreshing with a transparent green gel consistency that foams well. Not much to say about shower gels, other than I like those two scents.

L'Oreal Fine Flowers Gel-Cream Wash

It's a pretty basic pearly white gel that cleans my skin well, but doesn't leave it too striped down or tight feeling. It's also not too nourishing to leave your skin with a greasy layer. I feel like this is perfect for summer, if you want something that feels almost a bit soothing, but removes the dirt well and isn't too rich.

Phyto Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray

I have been testing some small sized Phyto products and I really like this volumizing spray. The scent is kind of artificial and not the most typical hair salon like. But it's a liquid product that I spray in my hair while they are still damp and then I blow dry it. I mostly spray it through the roots and a bit on the length of my hair. It definitely adds a nice amount of volume with a good grip to it. It's kind of raw to the touch, but I like the effect of a more thicker hair and this gives it to me. 

Avon True Nutra Effects Active Moisture Hydration Overnight Gel-Cream

I have a day cream version that I use all year around, except in the summer. In the summer I love to use this version, even though it is intended for a night use. It's a transparent gel formula that sinks into the skin well, but feels like a boost of water has been added to your skin. It's not as glowy and heavy as the daily version, so it's perfect for summer, if you need hydration, but not too much nourishment. I even use it in night time after my serums. It's also good for sensitive skin.

I always fall back in love with this foundation as the summer comes. It's too dark for me in other months, but now it's just about right. This has such a nice lightweight feel on the skin, but gives you a nice amount of coverage and a velvet finish to the skin. It never makes my skin look greasy and doesn't feel heavy. It's definitely one of the best foundations in drugstore. I just wish they had more shades. 

This is the old version of it, I believe it's called Mark Magix Setting Spray now. I absolutely love this and use it every time I wear makeup. It's an essential for summer months, because it actually helps the makeup to stay on longer. It has a fine mist with an artificial scent, that I don' mind and it really fixes makeup and prolongs its wear.

This is such a classic favorite product that I always go to when I want something really easy and quick on the eyes. It's a classic taupe bronze shade that gives you a nice sheen and looks like you've put effort in how you look, but you just used a fluffy brush and applied it all over the lid in 2 minutes. I love this for summer especially, because I can't be bothered to always apply 5 different shades. It looks luxurious and suits many skin tones and eye colors.

I especially want to talk about the shade in the middle. It has a coppery base with lots of small silver glitter that I have been putting over most of my eyeshadows to give me that lovely shine. It's so creamy that you don't need to use too much, but it makes any eyeshadow more glamorous looking and a lot shinier. What can I say, I love a bit of glitter on the eyes.

I've had this mascara in the past and I really like it for its definition. Now I started using it again and I still like how well this defines the lashes, makes them look longer and gives them just a slight volume. Mascara also holds the curl well, but it's not the best for those of you that like a lot of volume. It also doesn't smudge or fall down.

This is my most used highlighter this month. It's so affordable and looks so good. It has light yellow golden sheen, is finely milled and has a good amount of shine. It's actually an affordable dupe for theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. Heavily swatched they look a bit different, but on the skin you almost can't tell a difference. 

I've been dealing with dry lips again, which is just so annoying. That's when I tend to resort to moisturizing and not overly pigmented lip products. But to avoid wearing only boring basic lip balms, I have a few of these from Avon Luxe line. Honey Tint is my favorite, since it has an orange brown tint to it and it just goes with most of my makeup looks. This is a nice wax based lip balm with good amount of color to it and it always feels nourishing and comforting on the lips.

When I want some extra shine to my lips in those dry-lip-days, I go for Catrice's Lip Smoothers. Apricot Cream is my favorite shade as it has milky peach color to it. It feels so soothing on the lips and really comfortable. It's more like a really nourishing lip gloss in a tube. I am so sad that Catrice stopped selling these. It's one of my all time favorite lip products. 

Man vs. Child Chef Showdown

I came across this cooking tv show on Fox Life and I'm hooked. It's a cooking show where child cooking prodigies compete against executive-level chefs. They have three rounds of competitions and in every episode there's another theme. I was just astounded by what these little kids can cook. I can't do half of the dishes that they do and their knowledge is just as impressive. My favorite contestant is Estie Kung, a small Asian girl with adorable face and fighting spirit. If you like cooking shows and you want to mix it up with adorable kids, then you'll love this show.


  1. Avon Setting spraj in Phyto Volomizing Spray sta tudi meni zelo všeč. :) LRP maskaro pa že nekaj časa želim preizkusit. Po tisti nezgodi z novo Lancome maskaro (padla mi je dol pri tretji uporabi in se zlomila tako, da je bila neuporabna) pa sem ostala pri Avon Mark maskari, trenutno imam dve, obe sta super pa še moje občutljive oči se nič ne pritožujejo. :)

    1. Tudi meni sta oba všeč. Avonovega imam že tretjega se mi zdi :D. Ojej..in to Lancome maskara. Res škoda. Če imaš občutljive oči, ti bo LRP všeč. Sem brala, da so formule narejene prav za občutljive oči. Mene sicer maskare ne iritirajo, tako da ti težko kaj več povem :).

  2. I love Color Tattoos, they are great!


    1. Me too. So easy to use and they look luxurious :).

  3. Ta sprej od Avona pa moram naročit! A ti je kateri še boljši od tega?

    1. Dejansko nisem imela nobenega setting spraya prej. No enega od Elf, ki je bil dober, ampak bolj za dew look. Avonov pa je bolj za fiksiranje, da ti res ostane na koži. Meni je ful všeč. Poročaj kako ti bo, če ga naročiš ;).

  4. Na Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray mam slabe spomine, ker mi je zlimal lase in jih naredil slamnate kot še nič do zdaj. Sem si mogla tako spet umit lase :/ Ampak mi je zanimivo slišat kako deluje na malo drugačnem tipu las :)
    Fa tuš gel mi je padel v oči, ampak imam trenutno dobro zalogo :)

    1. Ti verjamem. Ker meni naredi precej debelejše lase z več volumna. Seveda tudi gladki več niso, ampak jaz če želim volumen rabim nekaj da mi odebeli moje tanke lase. Tako kot ko pridem iz morja. Polna slane vode, volumna kolikor hočeš :D.
      Jaz sem zdaj kupila še coconut milk verzijo, čeprav noben ne diši ravno po kokosu. Jaz imam vedno zaloge tuš gelov, ampak poleti rada eksperimentiram z bolj tropskimi vonji :).