Review: L.O.V. Makeup Brushes (EVENelegance, HIGHLYconfidential and LIPlure)

You might have noticed a new brand in our drugstores. Actually, it's not that new anymore. It's called L.O.V. and it's a more luxury brand sister of Essence and Catrice. I haven't tried anything from them so far, but I got a few brushes to test out. The brand offers a variety of makeup products for all parts of the face and in May they also added makeup brushes to their range. They also have some Limited Edition seasonal products, although not as often as Essence and Catrice. 

I got their LIPlure Lip Brush, HIGHLYconfidential Concealer Brush and EVENelegance Foundation Brush. The names are quite fun to read. All of these come in a black boxes with gold details and a transparent plastic corner that let's you see what's inside. 

The brushes have a black handle and gold (with a hint of rose) design that is simplistic. I like it. The bristles on all brushes are black, synthetic and in general quite soft.

All the brushes have a L.O.V. printed at the end of the handle. All I'm missing is names of the brushes on actual handles. Now I'll probably forget what they're named.

L.O.V. EVENelegance Foundation Brush

This is a basic straight cut buffing brush for your foundation. It's actually my favorite type of brush for foundation. I love short bristles, which are usually denser and you can really buff the foundation in or thin it out.

It reminds me a lot of Essence LE Bloom Me Up! blush brush which was my favorite for a while (and has started to fall apart). I bought a fake Zoeva 104 Buffer Rose Golden Vol.2 which also has a similar shape. But the difference with both is that these all have longer hairs and less density.

The bristles in this foundation brush are black, short and quite dense which makes it good for really buffing the foundation into the skin. By tapping it you can get a fuller coverage, but in general it's great for sheering out the coverage by really buffing it into the skin in circular motion.

It can leave stripes on your face, if you don't make sure to blend it out well. I usually buff it in and then use a tapping motion to go over those areas that can look a bit undone. 

This is one of my favorite brushes from all three. It just makes it really easy to apply foundation and I like that it has dense hair, so it's easier to really spread it into the skin. I also sometimes use it to blend out concealer, since it's not too big.

It costs 9.99€.

L.O.V. HIGHLYconfidential Concealer Brush

I will say that I am not too keen on concealer brushes in general. For some reason I feel like I can blend concealer better with sponge or just my fingers under the eyes.

This one has a short round cut bristles that are a bit denser, but can still blend the product fairly well. I love to use it with cream concealers. I usually apply my Catrice Camouflage Cream in Wake Up Effect with it, because it picks up just enough of that creamy product and it sheers it out under my eyes, so I don't have a thick base under my usual concealer.

For blending out liquid concealers this can look a bit unblended. I find that the bristles move the product around, but don't actually make it blend into the skin. The bristles may be a bit too stiff for blending. I like to apply concealer with it and spread it, but I blend it in with my fingers. 

It's small enough that it fits well into smaller parts of the face like inner corners of the eyes, around the nose and such. I like that I can apply light layer of concealer in my very inner corner of the eye, which is usually dark and harder to reach with finger or sponge.

It costs 7.99€.

L.O.V. LIPlure Lip Brush

This brush looks pointed on that first photo. The bristles were a bit stuck together, because they were new. On the bottom photo you can see that it actually has rounded tip of the bristles. It's quite short, but just long enough to glide around the edges of the lip. The bristles are densely packed together which gives you a good coverage.

I actually love the shape of it. Usually, I've had straight cut lip brushes which were harder to apply lipstick on the actual cupid's bow. Some brushes have round tips as well, but they are too thin. This one is just wide enough for you to get a really nice rounded out edge

It doesn't give you full on coverage at first. You have to go over it with a brush a few times. I love the fact that you can really sheer the lipstick out with it, especially on the edges. I don't really use a lip liner with most of my lipsticks. The slightly sheered out effect on the edges of the lips, makes the application look a lot more modern and effortless. 

It costs 6.99€

Here you can see how my face looked like after I applied most of my products with these brushes.

I've cleaned all the brushes a few times and didn't experience any fallout of the bristles, except one that was sticking out of foundation brush. But it might just be a faulty one. In general, if you dry them upside down and make sure to not keep them on hot surfaces, all brushes should keep their bristles. Unless the glue is really crappy.

I also got this lovely promotional gift and it was L.O.V. fragrance which is sadly not for sale. It comes in a transparent glass bottle with black and red details. A good size to travel with.

It has a very soft floral scent to it and it reminds me of some perfume that I must have already smelled, but I can't figured out which one. Unfortunately, I am of no use at figuring out the notes by myself. But it's very subtle, gentle and kind of smells floral. 

To be honest, I didn't expect these brushes to be any good. For some reason I think black brush bristles are tough and scratchy. Don't ask me where I got that idea - maybe because cheaper brands had these kind of brushes a very long time ago. But these L.O.V. brushes are quite nice. I am loving foundation brush and recommend it to those that like to sheer out the coverage of thicker foundations or just want something that applies makeup really quickly. The concealer brush was a bit meh. I like it, there's nothing that much wrong with it, but I just use it more with cream concealers, as it blends those out better. For liquids I still prefer fingers or sponge. I also really liked lip brush. In my opinion it has that perfect shape that makes applying lipstick on the edges so much easier.

In Slovenia you can buy L.O.V. products in Müller. In Germany you can get products online here

*PR products. 


  1. Ful luškani čopiči. Rose gold barvi se ne morem upreti. 😍😍 Ta za ustnice mi izgleda obetavno, bi mogla probat. Ponavadi nisem uporabljala čopičev za nanos šminke, ampak ko enkrat poskusiš in ugotoviš kako preprosto, natančno in lepo gre... :D

    1. Meni je tudi všeč ta preprost dizajn. Brez kompliciranj :). Jaz pa veliko uporabljam čopiče za nanos šmink. Se mi zdi, da robovi vedno izgledajo lepše zabrisani in ne tako ostri, kar mi je všeč :). Pa tudi veliko lažje dobiš popoln obris. Ta oblika čopiča je res ena boljših, kar sem jih preizkusila. Preizkusi, mogoče se boš navadila na čopič, ker gre res veliko lažje :D.

  2. Thank you for your honest review, but I think I'll pass on these brushes!

    1. You're welcome. Thank you for reading it :). They're nice for someone who doesn't own a lot of makeup brushes. But if you already have a nice collection, you don't really need those :).