New In (10)

It's been a while since my last new in post and I've gathered a few of new products and actually some old ones that I just started using now.

Avon True Nutra Effects Miracle Glow Lightweight Cleansing Oil

It has the same fruity kind-of-grape-like scent as their Lightweight Facial Oil. The formula is quite light, thin and it turns into a milky consistency once it touches the water. It cleans my face well and gets rid off makeup. It's also not irritating and I haven't notice it clogging my pores, but I have to use it a bit longer to be sure. I also tried to remove eye makeup with it and surprisingly it didn't sting my eyes.

Avon Senses Tranquil Oriental Zen Jasmine & Green Tea Shower Gel

Of course I got this because I read it has a green tea scent. It's one of my favorite scents. I don't notice as much green tea as I hoped. It's kind of herbal, but more sweet and a bit floral. I don't know exactly what jasmine smells like. It's a calming and refreshing scent, but not too herbal. I like Avon Senses shower gels in general, because they have such nice fragrances to them. I usually use them more in the summer, when my skin is not irritated or as sensitive as in colder months. It leathers well and the scent lingers on the skin for a bit.

L'Oreal Fine Flowers Gel-Cream Wash

This was a bargain, so I got it, because I am on a constant search for new good cleansing gels. It has a pearly white gel texture that sticks well to the skin and it foams once it gets in contact with the water. It actually feels quite soothing, since it is for sensitive skin. It doesn't irritate me, despite the comforting floral scent - apparently it has rose and jasmine in it. It cleaned of the remaining makeup and didn't leave my skin dry feeling or tight, but also doesn't leave any greasy film on the skin. It's quite perfect for summer months.

These two are repurchases, because I really liked them. Niacinamide is great for summer months, because it controls oil production and makes pores look smaller. I also use it on my discolorations in hopes of lightening them, but I haven't notice much difference. Hyaluronic acid is just great moisturizing agent that I apply in the evening to really amp up my moisture level in the skin. It's an essential for colder months, but I use it now too.

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

This is basically like a caffeine and green tea serum for around the eyes. It's supposed to reduce any puffiness and dark circles. I personally don't have a problem with puffiness (probably because I get a good amount of sleep), but I do have some darkness under my eyes. The Ordinary states that some darkness can be due to a hollowness in the eye contour and this product obviously won't work with that. I do have a bit of a natural shade and hollow part under my eyes, but I also feel like my problem is thin pale skin which tends to show every little vein that is under there. After I've been using this for a couple of months, I noticed that I don't have as much darkness anymore. You cans still see some veins in the inner corners of my eyes, but it's much less intense and less dark than it was before. I also hear that it does wonders for puffiness. It has a light almost water like yellow tinted gel that absorbs into skin really quickly. It has slight herbal burnt scent to it. I always use eye cream on top of it, because it's not moisturizing enough on its own. It literally feels like nothing on the skin.

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation 1.N

After I heard that The Ordinary was coming out with their own foundations at an affordable price, I had to try one. I opted for coverage foundation, because I like a good coverage. I chose shade based on some reviews and got 1.N which should be neutral, but is definitely not. It's a light yellow toned shade with a hint of peachiness to it. It's actually as light as my NC15 Studio Finish concealer, but MAC is slightly more pink toned while 1.N is definitely yellow toned. Once it oxidizes on my skin it turns slightly darker, but it still fits me well now. Although I'm not sure how it will look like on my winter complexion. I was very disappointed with the formula. It spreads nicely and feels lightweight, but for some reason looks obvious on the skin. It's not cakey looking, just very obvious. The finish has a nice sheen, but dries down to a semi-matte finish which sadly doesn't last on my skin. Why I hate it so much, is because it gets so oily looking on my skin in a couple of hours or even before that. I assume that this is due to a coconut oil ingredient that is second on the list. It has good medium coverage, but not full and it just looks too obvious. I expected something more refined, better coverage and definitely not as dewy and oily as it looks on my combination skin. I stopped testing it now, because I have a bit of tan and it's actually to light for me, so the full review will be up somewhere in the fall.

Tony Moly Panda's Dream White Magic Cream

I had tester of this and loved the brightening effect that is gave to my skin, so I ordered it. As with The Ordinary Foundation, I'll use this more in the colder months and I'll do a proper review of it then. It's a lightweight and very opaque white cream that creates a white sheer layer over your skin and therefore makes it look brighter, obviously paler, but also more even toned. I have a sallowness around my mouth and it really bothers me, so I apply this over it and my skin tone looks more even. It has a nice sweet floral scent to it. I'll have to use it more to report how it acts on the skin. This will not be appropriate for medium or dark skin tones, because it will look ashy. It's perfect for pale and light skin tones.

Vichy Idealia Soothing And Illuminating Cream

I've never been a fan of creams like Vichy, L'Oreal and such, because they always had strong scent and fragrance usually irritates sensitive skin. But I got two of these small containers of this cream (15ml) as a gift and I tried it out. It's a pink toned light cream that looks like it has some reflective particles in it. It gives the skin a lovely natural glow, but doesn't feel greasy on the skin. I like it for when my skin is slightly on the oilier side, because I feel it's not super hydrating for the winter. If you have combination or normal skin and like that natural glow to the skin, this might be for you. Despite the fairly strong soothing scent, it didn't irritate my skin. Usually overly fragranced creams tend to burn on my face, but this one didn't. It's also anti-aging and contains black tea, AHA, vitamins, polyphenols and Vichy thermal spa water. 

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

I got this because Mateja raved about it in here sheet mask post and she always mentions this one as one of the best sheet masks she has tried so far. So it was obvious I wanted it. She says that this did more than just moisturize her skin. It made the skin look more even toned, soft and healthy looking. I am for some reason reserving it for special occasion (which may never come), but I should really try it already. You can read more about it and where to get it in Mateja's post. She has tried a lot of sheet masks, so go to her blog for more recommendations. 

I've actually already posted a review of it, so you can read more about it here. It's a nice chemical sunscreen for the face that is lightweight, blends into nothing and has a nice velvet finish. Perfect for every day use under makeup.

La Roche-Posay Respectissime Mascara Multi-Dimensions

It's a small tester size of mascara that I got as a gift. I've been impressed by Mascara Extension before, so I was excited to try this one out. It didn't impress me as much. It says that it should lengthen, define and protect lashes. Apparently the formula should fortify lashes, make them stronger and protect against external aggressions. It contains serum with arginine. Most La Roche-Posay mascaras are formulated for sensitive eyes, so this is something to look into, if you have these problems. My eyes usually don't react to usual mascaras. This mascara has a not too wet nor dry texture. One coat gives me nice length and definition, but the second coat makes my lashes thicker,a dds volume and looses definition. I find this mascara to be more of a volume and length mascara rather than defining. It held my curl all day and my lashes felt a bit crunchy to the touch. I got a bit of transfer after an intensive workout, but that is normal, since it's not waterproof.

This was my first La Roche-Posay mascara that I tried a while ago. You can read full review here. The reason I feel in love with this mascara was the fact that it made my lashes really long and it held the curl all day long. So I repurchased it when it was on sale on Feelunique and I started using it again. It's definitely a must try mascara, if you want something that gives your lashes nice length, coats every lash, gives you a defined look with good amount of volume and will hold the curl for the whole day. I adore that my lashes never look clumped with this formula. This one also has some nourishing ingredients that should strengthen and smooth your lashes. It's also formulated for sensitive eyes and for contact wearers. This one is definitely in my top mascaras of all time next to my HG Maybelline Lash Sensational. I love La Roche-Posay as a brand in general, so I'm not surprised that their mascaras are that good.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara Brown

I mistakenly got a brown version when I was buying it in France, which was about a year ago. It was sealed in my box, so I decided I'm just going to use it. I usually prefer black mascaras, but actually love brown eyeliners. So I might even like a brown mascara too. It's actually a nice dark brown color, but I haven't tried it yet. 

Etude House Dear Darling Tint RD302

I've had a lip tint years ago and it was from a brand Alverde. I remember using it by the pool as it gives you a nice stain, but doesn't feel like anything on the lips. I wanted to try another one, but this time I got it from Korean brand Etude House. I picked a classic red. It has a slightly thicker almost jelly like texture that isn't that typical water light consistency. It actually feels slightly thicker when you're applying it, like a lightweight gloss and I like that, because it feel more comfortable on the lips. I made a mistake applying it all over the lips and it started to looked cracked and uneven after a couple of hours, but the stain was fairly strong and it lasted well. I believe these products are better used at the center of the lips only and then lightly spread it to the outer corners of the lips. Less is better in my opinion and it gives you a much more natural flush to your lip color. It's not nourishing or moisturizing in any way, but it's also not too uncomfortable. You can always apply a lip balm over it.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Non-Perfumed Fluid Sensitive And Sun Intolerant Skin

What happened to this product? I couldn't find it anywhere in Slovenia and I don't get why did they stop selling it?! It's still one of the most talked about European face sun screens. So I did a little research and found it on sale on Lookfantastic. Thank god for that, because I was desperate. It's one of the rare face sun screens that I can count on. I haven't catch any color while using this or at least not anything noticeable (I'm on my third tube and third year of use). I'm like a ghost up the neck and then tanned down my neck. I got it for my seaside vacation and I already have a full review of it here

EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation in 2.0

I first heard of this foundation from Nikkie Tutorials and because she is fairly light, I thought this might me something for me. I also heard that they are one of the rare brands that does olive undertone and has light enough shades. I chose shade 2.0 based on their helpful guide as they say it's an equivalent to MAC NC15. I only looked at my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15 in the bottle and EX1 in 2.0 and EX1 looks even a bit lighter. But I have to try it out and I'll report more about it in my Insta stories, since I just got it today. I also had a 20% off code which made it even more affordable and I have to say I was resolving some issue with one of the helpers from Lookfantastic and she was super kind. I also got the package in exactly 5 days, which was a pleasant surprise. 

You can read what Nina thinks of it. I spoke to her a little about it and she says that it covered here redness well, but it looked a bit cakey here and there. She thinks it's more suitable for combination and oily skin, so I'm hoping it will be good for my combination skin type and that it will finally match my warm olive undertone.

Bale Sunshine Trip Travel Set

I got it as a gift from a lovely friend, who surprised me. She knows I love coconut. I haven't tried any of the products yet, because I want to take it on holiday. In this cute bag is anti-bacterial hand gel, shampoo, shower gel and body lotion. All of the products have a lovely summery coconut scent. I've had a coconut body lotion by Balea once and it smelled exactly the same. It's a super cute set to travel with for a one or two night sleepover. 

Paco Rabanne Olympea

I've tried this scent once before and actually kind of liked it, but remembered it smelling a bit too grown up for my liking. Now that I got a set of body lotion and shower gel, I am falling in love with it again. They both have a very strong fragrance, which is to be expected from a perfume inspired products. So far I've only tried body lotion and I love the scent, it's light, but gives a nice sheen to the skin. The scent is quite strong and on me it smells like a sweet woody fragrance. You can read the notes here. This was also a gift from my friend. 

NYX Epic Ink Lip Dye in Blazed

I won a giveaway from Kvina and got to choose one of the NYX Lip Dyes. I adore their Soft Matte Lip Creams, so expected these to be grate to. The shade I chose is called Blazen and it's a warm cherry color. On me it actually looks quite dark and I can see myself loving this shade especially in fall. The formula is like a proper very liquid tint with great amount of pigment. It's still on the sheerer side. The thing that makes it so lovely to wear is the fact that this is very lightweight. You can't even feel it on the lips. It dries to a matte finish that is quite sheer and looks like you've been sucking on a pop sickle. I love that worn, stainy look that ti gives to the lips. It can look patchy and it will emphasize any dry patches. It's also really long lasting. As Kvina mentioned in here post, this is really hard to remove. I tried it with an oil and it was a struggle, so make sure you get it on right, cuz it ain't comin' down.

She also gave me samples of Mimitika Face Sunscreen SPF 50 and Clinique Superprimer. Sunscreen is from a French brand and it's a white cream that blends in the skin well. It leaves a transparent glowy finish to the skin and feels like it has no scent to it. Primer has a funky white cream like texture and it blends on the skin really smooth. It feels very much like most silicon primers but with a touch of moisturizing feel to it. It made my skin look smoother and pores smaller, so I liked it. Thank you Kvina.

Malinca Clay Mask and Cocoa Orange Butter With Gold Glitter*

I'll have a full review of both products up really soon. It's a basic gray clay mask in a powder form that you mix with water. I really like the simplicity of it and it does a good job of cleaning the skin. I also got this cute heart shaped cocoa butter with orange scent. It smells exactly like dark chocolate with orange and it has small gold glitter in it. This melts into the skin lovely and smells so yummy.

Avon Mark Magix HD Finishing Powder*

I've been testing out another loose powder, so I haven't even tried this on yet. I hear it's quite nice though.

Avon True Nutra Effects Micellar Cleansing Water*

I really don't like this. It's because it stings my eyes and I usually use micellar waters to remove eye makeup, because I use oil cleansers for the face. So this is of no use to me. It removes makeup well, but it's not impressive, has kid of artificial scent and looks like water. I featured it in my disappointing products here

Avon Advance Techniques Dry Shampoo*

I wasn't impress with this either. It kind of reminds me of the Colab dry shampoo and I much prefer something really de-greasing like Batiste. It adds texture to the hair and kind of fluffs them up, but doesn't really soak up as much oil as I would like. It looks pretty much transparent and has a nice fruity salon like hair scent. I have to use it a bit more to really test it properly.

I'm probably one of the rare ones that isn't that impressed with this product. I've had it before and I liked it, but I much prefer other Avon hair oils. It's like a liquid oil that you can quickly overdue. It's more of a proper oil and not as smooth feeling as some silicon based oils. But it also doesn't feel as nourishing, it's just mostly hydrating as long as you have it on your hair. Read full review here. I much prefer their Moroccan Argan Oil which really nourishes the hair and makes them look healthier. 

Avon Sun Magic Tan Moisturizing Self-Tan Lotion For Face And Body*

I only used it once on my face and I mixed it with my evening moisturizer. I've used their Avon Sun Magic Tan Sel-Tan Bronzing Mousse With Firming Complex all over my body and I loved it. So I used this one that is for face to just add slight color, so that I don't have a pale face and tanned body. It worked well. It's a pearly white liquid texture with golden shimmer in it, which I could do without. It's actually not as noticeable on the actual skin, but it's just not necessary. The scent is kind of fruity tropical, although I did smell a bit of that burnt scent in the morning. Some said to be that they were patchy after using this particular product, some didn't. I think it's up to how well you prep the skin and how evenly you apply it. I'm probably going to try this again on my face when I get some real tan on my body. But get the mousse version, if you want something for the body. I really liked the result of that one, just apply it very thinly. 

Avon Skin So Soft Silky Moisture + Argan Nourishing Dry Oil Body Spray*

This is exactly what is says it is, a dry oil for the body in spray form. I love the convenience of a spray. It makes application easy. It also makes my skin really soft and not greasy to the touch. It absorbs into the skin well, but gives it a nice sheen. The scent is what bothers me. It's sort of full of alcohol and a natural scent which must be argan, because I really don't like the scent of argan oil. However the alcohol is not concerning, because I don't feel it burning on the skin, it's probably just in to dilute the oil. 

Avon Sun After Sun Soothing After Sun Body Butter*

It has thicker white cream consistency that almost looks like butter, but is a lot more lightweight. It's so think that you have to really massage it into the skin, but then it disappears. There's a velvet matte layer left on the skin. Make sure to not apply it to thick, because then it can start to roll off the skin. It sort of creates a protective layer on the skin, but I don't find it to be particularly moisturizing. It has kind of a weird soothing scent to it. Maybe it's a shea butter scent, which I've noticed it's among the ingredients as it's cocoa butter. 

Avon Luxe Lip Balm in Natural Tint*

I have it in the shade Honey Tint, which I adore. I also got it in the shade Berry Tint. Because I have those two colorful shades, I'm not sure if I'm going to use this one. But it's basically like a proper beeswax based lip balm that either has some color to it or no color like Natural Tint. I like how comfortable this wears and it gives you a nice natural tint to the lips.

Avon Senses Limited Edition Sunny California Glow Pink Grapefruit & Fragipani Shower Cream*

Yet another yummy smelling shower gel. Well this one is more creamy and has that gorgeous tangerine color to it. It smells like a fruity pop sickle, absolutely perfect for summer. It's a huge packaging with 500 ml of product to last me all through the summer.

I already mentioned the Cleansing Oil and now I got another one today. I'm excited, because I really like it so far.

Avon Luxe Shape Sensation Lipstick in Incredible*

It's a moisturizing lipstick with collagen in the center to help plump up the lips. I haven't tried it yet, only on the back of my hand and it's really nicely creamy. Shade Incredible is a classic cool toned red. These are new to Avon and they have 5 shades in total from a more peach, pink to berry shade.

Avon True Colour Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner in Golden Diamond*

Avon has a huge selection of glittery eyeliners, in fact they have 9 shades and now they added two new. I got one of the new called Golden Diamond. It's a creamy formula with yellow gold base and yellow gold shimmer in it. It will look stunning on the inner corners or even over other eyeshadows. I have to wear it to see how it performs. The other new shade is called Flashy Copper.

This is the latest Catrice's summer Limited Edition that you can already find in stores - Müller to be exact and other online stores. I tested an eyeshadow palette and shimmery golden lip gloss. You can read more about it here

Essence also has a pretty summer Limited Edition called Cubanita. I've been testing the jumbo highlighter (which is theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer dupe), their yellow toned banana loose powder and funky looking small cosmetic bag. Read more about the products here. It's already in stores.

*PR products


  1. Komaj čakam, da preizkusim Avonovo čistilno olje, glede na to, da je iz iste linije kot tisto olje za obraz :D

    Ti Balejini mini hand sanitizerji so tako kjut, se ravno zadržujem, da jih ne kupim. Zadnjič so imeli celo verzijo z ananasom :D

    Meni pa maslo za telo od Avona zelo diši, je eden od mojih ljubših trenutno :)

    1. Diši čist isto kot olje :D. Meni so ene stvari iz te Nutra Effetcs linije must have. Kreme npr. Tudi olje mi je super.

      Jaz imam enega, ampak ta kokos mi je zdaj ljubši :). Sem videla ja, mislim da je to poletna izdaja.

      Jaz na sploh ne maram vonja karitejevega masla in mislim, da se v tem zelo čuti, zato me moti :).

  2. The Tony Moly cream is so cute! That Essence jumbo highlighter seems amazing!

    1. Right?! I have it on my desk, cuz it's just so damn cute :D. Essence highlighter is amazing. I'm still surprised by some of their LE highlighters. They really make some good ones :).

  3. Same super pridobitve :) Za A'Pieu kremo sem že slišala par pohval, me meika :) Olympea pa tako zelo lepo diši <3 Ampak se utapljam v dišavah in ne smem XD

    1. Hvala :) Meni je res všeč A'Pieu tako za vsakodnevno uporabo. Se tudi lepo nosi pod makeupom, kar je vedno plus. Od kar imam ta dva izdelka, se mi je vonj zelo priljubil. Čeprav jaz sem kot ti, parfumov imam res na tone. Ne smem si nobenega več kupit :D.

  4. Kaj šparaš MBD masko, no :D Poskusi, da boš videla, če tudi na tebi deluje tako dobro kot na meni :) Jaz že načrtujem nakup kompleta/škatle teh mask. Pa Panda kremo tudi, ampak me nazaj drži, da iz Koreje zdaj vse tako dolgo traja, da dobiš paket.

    EX1 puder sem pa že leta nazaj kupila sestrični za rojstni dan ker je bil menda nek hype okrog njega (ne gledam tutorialov najbolj priljubljenih pa ne vem) in mislim, da je ni kaj dosti navdušil. Zame je bil seveda čisto pretemen (isti odtenek kot ti se mi zdi) in ga sploh nisem preizkušala.

    Tudi jaz se ne spomnim da bi videla tole La Roche Posay sončno kremo v Leposani, pa sem jih tam testirala kar nekaj. Najbolj mi je bila všeč Biodermina v rumeni tubi Photoderm MAX 50+, ker se je hitro posušila.

    Olympea je pa top. Mi je Intense verzija (temnejša flaška) še malo boljša in mislim, da bi bila tudi tebi, ker je bolj topla in vanilijasta.

    1. Hehe...I'm weird like that. Ne saj zdaj jo res moram enkrat preizkusit. :D Saj ravno to me muči, ker meni tudi stvari ful dolgo hodijo. Potem pa te včasih kar mine da bi naročil. Dokler dobiš, že pozabiš da si naročil.

      Sem ga zdaj ene dvakrat preizkusila in moram povedati, da je odtenek 2.0 dokaj temen. Meni zdaj ravno paše, ker imam že malo poletne barve. Za zimo bo pa definitivno pretemen. Ampak jaz sem kupila glede na njihovo priporočilo odtenkov, tako da čudno. Sama formula mi je všeč, ni pa najbolj naraven izgled, pa tudi prekrivnost me je rahlo razočarala. Bom videla kako se obnese.

      Ene so mi sporočile, da v njihovih lekarnah še prodajajo, v našem koncu pa je nisem našla. Ful čudno. Biodermo sem že gledala, ampak težko na pamet kupim sončno kremo. Sploh, če je dražja. Testerje je pa včasih prav nemogoče dobit.

      Nisem vedela, da imajo tudi intense verzijo. Jo moram povohat v trgovini. Po opisu sodeč je že bolj po mojem okusu :). Čeprav, mi je tudi ta original vedno bolj všeč. Res zanimiv vonj.