Review: Malinca Clay Mask and Cocoa And Orange Bar With Gold Shimmer + Giveaway

I've been testing out two fun skin care and body care products that are perfect for hot summer months. It was my first time using natural clay mask in a powder and I find the process of mixing it up quite satisfying. The cocoa bar with orange and gold shimmer is like a dark chocolate with orange flavor for your body. Just don't eat it.

Malinca Clay Mask*

It comes in a white plastic pot with grey lid. Malinca in Slovenian means raspberry that's why you'll find raspberry illustrations on their products. The packaging is fine, you just have to be careful opening it up so that you don't spill the clay all over.

In it is 90 grams of product and the regular price is 5.99€ although you can often find it cheaper. You can buy it here

It's the most natural way of using a clay mask as the only ingredient in ti is 100% grey clay in a powder.  

It has a light grey color with a tint of olive to it. It's finely milled.

On the instructions says to mix with water in the ration of 3:2, but you can obviously mix it how you like. You can make it really thin or slightly thicker. I prefer it to be a bit thicker so that it covers the face evenly. Here you can see how I mixed it with water and I actually used way too much of the clay. A little goes a long way. Small teaspoon is more than enough for your whole face.

Once it's wet it looks a bit darker and it dries to a lighter grey olive shade. I've read that apparently you're not supposed to let these clay masks dry down completely, so it is advised to leave it on the face for 2 to 3 minutes only. 

It's a very basic natural clay mask that has that muddy scent to it and is recommended for all skin types. I've never used these masks in a powder form and I think it's kind of fun to mix it on your own. You can essentially also add your own things to it like oils, yogurt, oats, honey, essential oils... depending on your preferences and needs. The possibilities are endless. I'm definitely going to try this in the future.

It worked nice and definitely made my skin smoother and it looked cleaner, but I wouldn't say it's deeply cleansing which is means it's less harsh than most store bought clay masks. This means it's better for sensitive and drier skin. But clay masks in general are a bit drying, so you'll need to apply skin care after you use it. It's especially good product for summer when skin tends to get more clogged up.

Keep in mind that clay masks won't get rid of stubborn blackheads and they also work much better, if you prepare your pores before, like sitting in a hot bath or putting your face over a steam to open them up. 

Malinca Cocoa And Orange Bar With Gold Shimmer*

It comes in a plastic transparent pot with raspberries design and silver top. The pot is actually quite big. Inside is a small plastic protector that sits on top and prevents the bar from scratching.

In it is 50 grams of product and the regular price is 10.99€, but you can also find it on sale sometimes. You can buy it here

The ingredients list is quite natural. The main ingredient is organic cold pressed cocoa butter with orange and gold shimmer.

It comes in this cute heart shade. The cocoa butter has a slight yellow tint to it and it smells divine. Like a proper dark chocolate with orange flavor. I love me some of these, so whenever I use this, I start craving chocolate. It also has sparse small shimmer in it, which actually almost looks more like a glitter. It's not that noticeable, it just might spark a little here and there

Cocoa butter is very good for skin. I've researched it when I was looking for natural butters and oils to help me with my dry lips and cocoa butter was high on recommendation list. It actually softens the skin and gives it a nice protective, nourishing and moisturizing layer.

Because it's in a fun bar shape, you can also use it for massage. It's the best to be used after a shower, because the skin is slightly warmer then and it melts better. I find that you can also use it through the day, as your skin has a good warmth anyway. 

It's not too sticky or greasy like oils, but it gives the skin a nice sheen and it absorbs quite well. It's just moisturizing enough that it will make your skin look nourished and healthier

They also have a regular cocoa butter bar and one with a mint flavor, if you prefer an After Eight scent. 

Both of these products you can get on Malinca, which is a Slovenian online store that offers a wide range of natural foods as well as skin care, sports clothing, hand made jewelry, candles and many more. They also have blog with fun recipes using natural and healthy ingredients. Usually you'll find a few recipes under each ingredient that they sell. I love buying my Golden Tree Whey Protein in Vanilla from them, as it's one of the rare whey proteins that doesn't have artificial sweeteners. Basically one of the most natural proteins that I've found so far. I make small protein balls from it, use it as a flour for my american pancakes and such. 

They also ship to most EU countries, so definitely check them out. I love their range, because they have a lot of products that are harder to get in Slovenian stores.


Here is the fun part. I will be giving away both of these products to one of your. All you have to do is go to my Instagram and find a photo of those two products. Further details are under that photo.

Giveaway is opened for Slovenian residents only.

*PR products


  1. Ob branju opisa ploscice sem ratala kar lacna :) Jaz obozujem temne cokolade, navadne in sadne. Se mi pa odlicno bere tudi ploscica z mentolom (After eight yes please <3)

    1. Jaz tudi. Sploh črna z pomarančno je super :D. Za After Eight pa jaz nisem najbolj. No če drugega ni, bo tudi to dobro :D. Je pa verjetno zanimiva ploščica za poletje. Mogoče celo hladi :).