Review: Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara

Kiko is actually one of my favorite makeup brands. I love their huge color range and the products are not too expensive, but the quality is good. Their Limited Editions are always really pretty and sometimes look super luxurious for the price. It's my first time trying out their mascaras and I chose Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara, because it's KathleenLights' favorite drugstore mascara and because it was on sale when I was in the store. 

It comes with a black paper box. The packaging of it is shiny black plastic. It has geometric design which is a bit different from the usual. 

In it is 11 ml of product and the regular price is 8.95€. I got it on sale for 3.95€. You can buy it online here

It has an oddly shaped wand. The natural hair is longer at the outside corners and the shortest in the center. It makes no sense to me. I get going from shortest from the inner corners to the longest on the outer corners, but not this. However, it doesn't really affect application. It actually covers all of your lashes well. I do think that the brush is a bit too big for my liking. I prefer thinner silicon wands, which allow you to get really close to the roots of the lashes. 

Formula is definitely on the wet side and I've had it for a while and it's still not noticeably drier.

One coat gives you nice definition, a bit of volume as well as length. The second coat gives you a lot more volume as well as more length. The lashes look thicker. With the second coat you loose that definition that you got with just one coat. My lashes usually get a bit clumpy looking with these kind of wet formulas. If you have naturally good long lashes and are looking for something to add volume, this will definitely do it for you.

If I apply two coats of this mascara, my lashes drop just a bit, which happens with most mascaras. But it still holds that curl well, all through the day. It doesn't smudge on me (but than most mascaras don't) and it doesn't transfer through the day. The color is a nice regular black.

I really like the volume that this gives me, but I want just a bit more of definition. So I usually use a more defining mascara as a first coat and then go over with this one for more volume and thicker lashes.

On these bottom photos I applied it on its own to show you how thicker your lashes can look.

I usually don't go as heavy with my application and just apply one thicker coat or go over with a very light coat. As you can see here, it actually doesn't look too bad.

Kiko also has this mascara in a waterproof version for the same price.

I have to say, I'm not hating this. It's one of rare mascaras that actually gives you a nice volume to the lashes. They look thicker and longer. I only miss a bit more of definition, which my lashes tend to lack, because they can looks clumpy quickly and I don't have as many to start with. It holds well through the day, doesn't drop my curl and doesn't smudge. If you have naturally good lashes, this will look fabulous on you. Mine are a bit poorer and need more definition to look luscious and fuller.


  1. Ne izgleda slabo. :D Jaz sem jo imela na wishlisti tudi zaradi Kathleenlights, ampak je zaenkrat še nisem kupila, ker imam vedno odprtih ogromno drugih. Se jo pa splača kupiti takrat, ko ima Kiko maskare v akciji, ja :)

    1. Ko je v akciji, je res cheap :). Za volumen je kar všečna. Saj jaz imam tudi še enih 10 v predalu za preizkušanje. Nikoli premalo maskar :D.

  2. I think I will like this one very much! Your description: " If you have naturally good long lashes and are looking for something to add volume, this will definitely do it for you." was really helpful!

    1. Thank you :) <3 I really want to give a valuable information from my review. Not every product is for everyone, so I'm trying to say which products are for certain preferences and you can decide on your own, if that's something you would like.