Review: Essence LE Glitter In The Air - Nail Polish Remover and Shimmer Drops

I am probably a bit too late with this post, because it was a December Limited Edition. But I believe some stores still have it. I found some bits and pieces in our local Müller as well. If not, there's always other stores that sell old Limited Editions. Anyway, I wanted to post it, because I actually like shimmer drops and wanted to share it with you.

Essence LE Glitter In The Air Nail Polish Remover Gel Ultra Strong in 01 New Manicure Is A New Beginning

I was most interested in this, because it says that it can remove any nail polish in seconds and because the first ingredient on the list is acetone. 

It comes in a sleek thin pink plastic bottle with black plastic top. In it is 100 ml of product and it costs 2.79€

I like that it has a really small hole. Some nail polish removers have huge openings and I always feel like I'm just wasting the product away with each spill. 

It has funny consistency. It looks like a slightly pink toned gel. It doesn't necessary soak into the cotton pad or at least not as fast as usual nail polish removers do. It's probably due to glycerin as the third ingredient in it. I believe it's suppose to stay on the nail for a longer period in order to dissolve nail polish.

It also has a typical chemical scent, but once it dries on your nails it turns into a really pleasant sweet fruity scent. I really like that. Most removers have a really bad scent.

I tested it on one of glitter manicures as well as one with a bit more shimmery nail polish. I didn't notice any major difference. If I use this as a regular nail polish it doesn't work any faster and it doesn't even soak the nail polish as good. It just feels like it slides all over the nail. It's better to use with a foil technique where you apply nail polish remover on cotton pads and wrap the nail in aluminum foil. In this case, the remover did do a great job, but most nail polishes work in that way too. It definitely didn't impress me

If you want something really strong that will remove nail polish in seconds, this is not it. If you want a bit different texture of nail polish remover, with lovely scent and acetone in it, go for it.

Essence LE Glitter In The Air One For All Shimmer Drops in 01 A Little Shimmer Never Hurts

I was really excited for this, because I hoped it would be the same as Fluid Glow from Catrice Le Sound of Silence. I adored that one in the summer.

It comes in a super tiny bottle with black dropper. It looked so small that I thought it was a tester. There's only 5 ml of product in it and it costs 2.19€

These are shimmer drops that you can use as a highlighter on your face or mix it with foundations, body lotions and such to add some shimmer.

It has a tiny dropper that let's you pour out small dot of product. It works fine.

The shade is gorgeous. It's like a really light beige shade with some gold shimmer. It looks like it has golden sheen in it, but it looks like a very light beige shade on the skin. I think this is perfect for fair skin tones and it looks good on cool as well as warm skin tones. If you have medium skin tone, this would probably look ashy on you.

Formula is a bit thicker and not runny, almost like a liquid gelYou get a lot of playtime before it dries to a powdery finish with metallic sheen. If you apply it sheer, you get a lot of sparse multi colored shimmer with a very sheer white beige base. If you apply it heavier, you get a very white beige metallic sheen with certain pops of shimmer here and there. I prefer it build it up to a more metallic finish. It's so light that it looks really natural on my NC15 skin tone. As it catches the light it almost gives off a metallic sheen.

It lasts really well on the skin and it's long lasting. It's still on my skin at the end of the day. It also has lovely almost powder sweet scent.

Catrice Le Sound of Silence Fluid Glow in C01 Golden Spirit is similar in texture. It's one of the first shimmery fluids that I got and I adored it in the summer. Now it's too dark and I could probably use it as a shimmery bronzer. It's a bit more pigmented than Essence and the shimmer in it is so small that it just looks like a sheen. Essence LE Glitter In The Air One For All Shimmer Drops in 01 A Little Shimmer Never Hurts is very similar to Sound of Silence in that it has the same metallic sheen, but it sheerer, lighter in color and has a bit more of loose shimmer in it. 

Kiko Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter in 100 Gold is natural looking cream with a bit of sheen. It's more of champagne shade with a bit of pink undertone to it. But it's one of those neutrals that also looks a bit warmer and slightly gold toned. I wanted to swatch Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone as a comparison. This one is powder and it's definitely the warmest. It has light golden sheen and it's more shimmery than Kiko's. Essence Soo Glow! Cream To Powder Highlighter in 10 Look On The Bright Side is also a cream, but it has a very icy white base to it. It has similar sheen to Kiko's, but is a lot lighter and cooler.

On the left side it's my skin with just foundation and on the right side I applied shimmer drops on top.

It looks stunning in normal lighting, but on the sun or under bright lights, sparse shimmer pops out and almost looks a bit glittery which is a damn shame.

Catrice's one also has a tiny bit of shimmer, but it doesn't look nearly as glittery or chunky as this one. Maybe it's because the base is bronzy as well as the shimmer and it doesn't stand out.

I also wanted to show a full face photo with all my makeup. I applied shimmer drops on top of cheeks, above the arch of the brow. down the center of the nose and on Cupid's bow.

I adore how natural, yet almost metallic these drops looks like on the skin. Shade is perfect for my winter complexion and it's very natural. I don't particularly like white based products, so the fact that this one is beige and almost leans towards warm tone, it's perfect. I just wish they didn't put sparse shimmer in it. It ruins it. Small fine shimmer in it would be enough. Now it can look a bit too much under a strong light. The size of it is ridiculous. 5 ml is usually in testers or minis not in a full size product.


  1. Se povesm strinjam glede odstranjevalca :( Si mi pa dala super idejo za uporabo s folijo. Velikost flaške osvetljevalca je pa tudi mene presenetila :) Ampak če že imaš veliko osvetljevalcev, mogoče to niti ni taka slabost

    1. S folijo gre kar dobro. Ampak žal, opis res ne ustreza mojim pričakovanjem. Pa vsaj lepo diši :D. To je res...ampak jaz če kupim, potem želim to tudi uporabljat. Zdaj bo pa to bolj za eno sezono očitno. :)

  2. Highlighter me zelo spominja na tisti L'Orealov Lumi Primer, ki sem ga šparala toliko let, da je verjetno že zanič, edino kar nima nobenih večjih šimer delcev, pa verjetno le ni tako glowy. Glow mi je čudovit na tvoji koži :). 5 ml flaška je pa malo zajebavanje.

    1. Tega jaz tudi imam. Meni je Essencov ljubši, ker mi je odtenek izredno všeč. Lumi je premalo sijoč in prveč bel za moj okus. Je pa koncept podoben :). Hvala, glow je res čudovit. Sploh ne izgleda preveč, ampak se pa tako lepo sveti. Jaz semr es mislila, da je tester. Skrajno čudno za Essence.

  3. it looks super beautiful on you <3