2016 Favorites - Part 1

It's time for yearly favorites. In terms of blogging and makeup, 2016 was a good year. I had more time for my blog and I feel like I enjoyed it even more. I also tried a lot of new products that quickly became my favorites. Today I'm sharing my first part that include all my makeup products that I've been enjoying most in 2016.

One of the best BB creams that I've tried so far. I absolutely adore this for two reasons. The most important one is that it's really light in color and it blends into the skin perfectly. The second one is that this has such a lovely formula. It feels nourishing, looks a bit dewy and just looks like real skin, but a better version of it. 

I've enjoyed this in the summer when I was a bit tanned. It has lovely semi matte finish that tends to get less matte through the day on my skin. I liked the fact that this is so lightweight on the skin and the shade match wasn't bad either. It is however too dark for me now. It also lasted really well on the skin.

This has been my favorite for a long time. I especially grown to love shade 005, because it's finally one of those really light shades that I can brighten up my skin with. It has more of a medium coverage, if build up, but it covers well. Except any dark circles, for that I always also use some other more pigmented concealer. This is just perfect for light covering and I like that it doesn't cake up under the eyes. It almost feels a bit hydrating. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder 001 Transparent

One of my holy grail powders. It makes the skin look matte and it last well on the skin. It also doesn't cake up my makeup and I feel like the shade 001 suits me in all seasons. I especially like it for summer.

This was a more recent find and it became my favorite for colder months and drier skin seasons. It has a bit of sheen to it and it makes the skin look really natural and slightly luminous. This doesn't matte down the skin at all. It almost gives it a bit of sheen and keeps it looking very natural. I like this for those glowy makeup looks or for winter when my makeup can look a bit too matte.

As much as I adore powder highlighter, I love having a creamier version for no makeup makeup days and for when you don't want to wear foundation, but want the skin to look glowy. This is the perfect champagne shade for light skin tones. It's natural looking, well pigmented and it holds well on the skin. 

This takes my award for the best LE product of this year. It's a fluid highlighter or almost bronzer. I love this warm golden bronzy shade for the summer. I've been mixing it in with foundation to get the ultimate glowy sunkissed look. It has such fine shimmer that it just gives you sheen instead of shimmer. Catrice should definitely come out with more shades of this in regular line - kind of an equivalent to Cover FX custom enhancer drops. 

This one has been my holy grail highlighter until now. Now it's more reserved for my tanned skin or for summer. It has lovely sheen, small shimmer and a golden light base to it. It's still a bit darker for very fair skin tones, but it's popular for a reason. One of those shades that looks gorgeous on almost everyone.

Moonstone took the place of a holy grail highlighter from Mary. It's my latest pick and it is already a favorite. This is perfect for fair to light skin tones. It has warm light golden base to it, but not as warm as Mary. It's also a bit less shiny. This looks so natural, but still has a great deal of sheen on the skin. I can't stop using it. It's in my daily rotation. 

If you want crazy sheen from your highlight, look no further. Subsolar is one of the most intense, but a bit more white based highlight shades. This has sort of a transparency to it, but gives of very strong sheen. This is for when you want to really glow.

I love this bronzer, because it can be applied really lightly. It's not too pigmented and it almost looks a bit sheer. You can also build it up and as you build it up, it also gets darker. So this is perfect for either winter or summer, it just depends on how much you use. I also like that is warm toned, but not too orange.

Perfect shade for when I am in the mood for something slightly pink, but it still has a lot of peach in it. It really is like a very light apricot shade. I love how H&M blushers have a slight bit of sheen to them, but not visible shimmer. They're also on the sheerer side. I adore that they have a lot of very light shades.

Yet another favorite from H&M. This is like a brownish version of peach and it looks amazing with every warm makeup look. It's one of those neutral shades that I grab when I don't want my blush to compete with other makeup. It has been used a lot this year.

This is a brownier and peachier version of H&M Apricot. It also has a lot more of shimmer in it, but doesn't look particularly shimmery on the cheeks. It's one of those shades that I immediately loved and love using with warm makeup looks. I also love the fact that it's really light in color.

I've finally found the perfect mauve blush shade. It's light enough and has just enough of brown in it to still look good on my skin tone. This one has been worn with all of my berry lipsticks. It also has lovely natural looking sheen.

This one is in my favorites mostly because of gorgeous golden sheen that it has. It's a bit too pinky for my liking, well actually more coral. I would prefer it to be a bit more peachier, but it does look really lovely on tanned skin. It just gives you that glow without the need to use a separate highlight.

It was no brainer picking up my favorite eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes. I really love most of the shades from these palettes, but I decided to point out just two shades that I've worn the most this year.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - Moonwalk and Game Face

I know these were the latest buy, but I knew they're going to be in my favorites. Mousse like formula, good pigmentation and very buildable colors are winners in my book. Moonwalk is the most unique mix of orange, yellow and green. This is definitely one of those chameleon shades that looks good on its own or applied as a pop over others. Game Face is probably my new favorite eyeshadow shade ever. It's the perfect mix of brown base and a metallic copper sheen. I am head over heels with it.

Zoeva eyeshadow palettes are my absolute winners in palette category. Cocoa Blend has been my first and I adore the shade selection. Pure Ganache has been one of my most used shimmery lid shades. It's a very warm golden copper shade. Substitute for Love is my perfect medium matte crease shade. It's warm brown that can make any look warmer.

This is one of those palettes that gives you a dose of brighter color shades to combine with your neutrals. One of my favorites from this palette is Neo Brass, gorgeous warm light golden green. It truly looks stunning on brown eyes. Copper Plate is my favorite warm red toned shade. It's still very wearable, but it has a strong red cranberry tint to it. 

Zoeva Caramel Melange - Universal Delight and Liquid Center

My latest addition to Zoeva family and already one of my favorites. I can already pick two of my favorite shades from this palette. Universal Delight is warmer really light brown shade. This is my new favorite crease brush. It's lighter version of Substitute for Love. Liquid Center is lighter and more coppery version of Colourpop Game Face. This one is so pigmented and so metallic. I've been wearing it all the time.

Too Faced has to me one of the best matte shades. I think their shimmery shades are not as good as Zoeva ones, not even close. But their mattes are just gorgeous. Really pigmented and buttery. Truffled is my favorite dark brown that I love to deepen the crease with. Mousse has such a dent in it, because I've been enjoying this as a crease shade for more neutral looks. This is a lot cooler than my most crease browns. 

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow 02

I love how skinny the tip is. Shade selection is unfortunately not all that. Shade 02 is too warm for my natural brows. But I love how precise this is. You can really fill in the brows just where you need it. I saw that Catrice will have something similar in their new range, so I'm hoping they'll keep their old shades.

Still my favorite brow pencil as far as the shades goes. This is the perfect grey toned medium brown that suits almost everyone. I just wish it would come in a skinnier pencil form.

My favorite liquid liner of all time. It has good pigmentation, really precise tip and you can draw the thinnest lines possible. It's also waterproof and smudge proof. 

One of the best blue eyeliners shades I've seen in a while. I am a sucker for blue liners, especially in the summer and this one is just so bright, but still not too light. It's more of a chrome finish, but it looks stunning on the eyes as a true pop of color.

I mostly feature this one here because of the light warm beige side. It was one of the most used beige pencils that I loved in the summer. This instantly gives you a bit of shimmer to the inner corners even for those days that you don't want to wear any eye makeup. It's just so convenient and I love the lighter shade. 

Still my favorite mascara ever. I adore silicon wands that also give you separation with the volume. With this one you need to wait a few days for the formula to become a bit drier and then it's perfect. It gives you lovely volume, but also defines the lashes and doesn't make them look clumpy. It's also one of the rare non waterproof formulas that hold the curls really well. 

I've absolutely loved this mascara for lower lashes. It has silicon wand in a shape of a comb with very short bristles. This truly combs out your lashes and catches them all. It's perfect for lower lashes, because it's the only mascara that actually gives them definition and doesn't clump them up. 

Probably my most used lipstick this year. It's my kind of nude, because I adore peachier nudes and this one looks like a dirty brownish based one. It's just one of those shades that goes with every warm makeup look and I love creamy formula of it.

My most worn shade in the fall. It's my fall nude, because it's not too brown and it has a bit of mauvness to it. It's also not too dark and looks really natural.

Perfect pop of orange coral for summer days or for when I just want a statement lip. It's not nearly as orange as MAC Lady Danger, so it's a bit more wearable. I just love the vibrancy of it. Formula is matte and can be drying, so I usually just wear it in the summer time or when my lips are not dry.

My perfect red matte shade. It's not too cool and not too warm, so is just perfect. I just have a thing with reds and matte formulas. Reds look so much sexier in a matte formula and this one is definitely my favorite matte red.

The formula of these is just gorgeous. It's comfortable, moisturizing and has a lovely sheen. It's also pigmented enough. Scarlet Siren is the perfect darker red. I also love to use it just as a stain for a bit lighter feel on the lips and overall look.

My new perfect fall red shade. This one is quit dark, but it looks so good with fall makeup looks. Formula is again amazing and I just love the brownish base that this shade has to it.

My favorite nude lip pencil. These are cheap and work great. Not too creamy and not too hard to apply and they last well on my lips. This is my most used shade, because I usually go for nude lipsticks. I also love to wear it on its own.

Formula of it is so comfortable. A bit more on the creamier side and it applies with such ease. This is a more pink based equivalent to Essence nude liner. 

One of the most comfortable lip glosses that I've tried. I don't mind slightly sticky feeling, because it has such a comfortable feel on the lips. I also love this nude shade that I wear on its own or applied over my brown nudes. 

If my lips are dry, I usually go for this one. It's sort of like a lip gloss and liquid lipstick hybrid in a stick form. It has good pigmentation and a very shiny and comfortable feel to it. This is also one of the most unique brown type of shades.

This is my second favorite peachier shade next to Avon Cantaloupe. This one goes on a bit sheerer and is a bit more brick orange in tone. Formula is also really lovely, it never dries out my lips.

These are my favorite matte liquid lipstick formulas and shade Stockholm was my first and therefore most worn of this year. I've been loving it with more neutral or even darker makeup looks that are on the rosier side. It's just the perfect mix of pink and brown. 

My favorite brown shade of lipstick. It's so chocolaty and warm, but still light enough that can almost pass as a nude shade. I adore this shade. Sometimes I even love pairing it with peachier lipsticks to give it some more warmth. 

One of the best nail treatments that I have ever tried. It made my nails look smoother, longer and they weren't splitting at all. I own it to this one for finally having descent nails.

The best matte top coat that I've tried. It dries any nail polish to a perfect matte finish in seconds and I love wearing my nails matte.

Holy grail of top coats. I can't belive I've been without it for a while. There's just nothing like it. It dries fast, gives you intense shine and makes your nail color last a really long time. 

The prettiest fall shade of mauve. It's one of those unique colors in my collection.

I am usually not a fan of blue nail polishes, but I do love pastels and this is the perfect blue pastel shade. 

Again one of those most unique shades in my collections. I alsways this on apricot jam, when I wear it. It's perfect brownish peach shade. I couldn't have done it better myself.

As I said, I am not a fan of blue, but this one stole my heart. It's so vibrant and has lovely shimmer in it. This is perfect for a bright pop of color on the nails. It also looks stunning with a matte top coat.

One of the surprising likes of the past year. I am a gold person in all, but this one almost looked like a mirror effect nail powder and that is why it has to be in my favorites. It's just so bright and so metallic.

This wins for the most worn shade of 2016. Whenever I want something pastel and nude, I go for this one. It's my perfect shade of nude, because it's actually more of a pastel lavender shade. This just goes with everything.

I adore the rich warm brown shade that it has and I also adore cinnamon spicy scent that I smell of it for days. It's a winner in scent as well as a color. Perfect for fall.

Unfortunately, this got discontinued, but it's my favorite gold top coat, because the shimmer is super fine. It can be applied over any nail polish for a really subtle shine. It's also easier to clean off than most glittery nail polishes.

I believe this is also discontinued, but it's still going strong in my collection. It's again one of those really wearable shimmer nail polishes. Shimmer is tiny and it shines in multi colors. This turns any boring nail polish shade in a festive colorful shiny thingy. 

I'll also be posting a part 2 with my favorite skin care and hair care products. You can also read all about my 2015 favorites here.


  1. Super post, izbrala si res dobre izdelke, nekaj od njih sem že preizkusila in se strinjam s tabo. Nekaj od njih jih je pa pristalo na moji WL in upam, da jih čimprej preizkusim

    1. Hvala. :) Upam, da ti bodo všeč, če boš kakšnega kupila ;).

  2. Super objava, Zoeva Caramel Melange paletka me zelo vabi, ampak bom počakala še na tvojo objavo, preden naročim. Pa zgleda, da bom morala tudi kakšno H&M rdečilo dodati v zbirko :)

    1. Hvala :) Bo v kratkem tudi ta ocena na blogu. Še nekaj kombinacij moram pofotkat. Meni so bila res všeč ta rdečila. Praktično vse, majhna embalaža, odtenki in tudi sam finiš mi je všeč :). In vedno se veselim, da imajo precej svetle odtenke.

  3. Praktično vse sem pričakovala v favoritih :) Najbolj me mika Becca highlighter, Coloupop senčila, H&M blusherji, Zoeva palete in seveda Clio eyeliner. V oči mi je padel tudi Rainwashed od Avona :)

    1. To pomeni, da me redno bereš :D. Mislim, da bi ti bil Becca res všeč. Sicer sem jaz tukaj vedno tako tako, ker je cena res velika in lahko dobiš podobne, ampak meni je ta res fantastičen. :) H&M blushi, Zoeva palete in Clio pa vse takoj priporočam. Rain Washed je tak pravi pastelni za pomlad. Tega sem res veliko nosila. Saj ima Avon zadnje čase vedno bolj unikatne odtenke :).

  4. Uf obsežna objava! Si mi dodala še ene 10 izdelkov na WL! :P Drugače pa se strinjam za Rimmel puder ter Catrice korektor, oba sem že kupila večkrat in sem zelo zadovoljna! Sleek solstice me je tudi navdušil ter kapljice Catrice iz Sound of Silence, še vedno jih uporabljam, ampak bolj redko, mi delujejo bolj poletni izdelek. Do H&M še kar nisem prišla in komaj čakam, da kaj preizkusim tudi od njih, blush Apricot imam nagledan že nekaj časa :P Super objava, mi je zelo všeč tvoj izbor. Zoevo vsi tako hvalijo, da se mogoče letos tudi jaz opogumim in si kaj kupim, ker mi delujejo njihove paletke in čopiči super ampak so mi vedno malce predragi. Sploh glede na kolekcijo Sleek senčil, ki pa mene čisto zadovoljijo :P

    1. Take objave so po navadi res samo za pisanje wishlist :D. Catrice kaplice so tudi zame rezervirane za poletje. Apricot je dobra mešanica roza in peach. Je res prav breskvast. Jaz ga zelo rada nosim ko želim kaj nevtralnega med roza in peach :). Hvala :).
      Jaz imam od Sleek samo dve mat paleti in nisem bila tako navdušena. Vsekakor pa so dobro pigmentirane. Zoevine ti definitivno priporočam. Če si izbereš barve, ki jih boš res veliko nosila, ti ne bo žal denarja :). Čopiči so pa res dokaj dragi, ampak precej dobre kvalitete.

  5. Za Catrice korektor in Essence lipliner se popolnoma strinjam.
    Sem si ob prebiranju posta, dodala kar nekaj stvari na wishlisto. :D

    1. Poceni in efektivni izdelki so vedno najslajši :D. Jaz tudi rada berem te objave, ker se mi potem wishlista vedno daljša :).