Review: Catrice LE Pret-a-lumiere Strobing Gel Highlighter C01 Luminious Lights

Catrice's Limited Edition Pret-a-lumiere was one of the most buzzed about collections. It included all types of strobing products in different formulations. I guess strobing trend got so popular that everyone wanted cheaper alternatives from Catrice. I too was charmed by promo photos and in the store I decided to pick up only gel highlighter, because I already own too much highlighters. Btw I'm also preparing my highlighter collection post.

Gel highlighter comes in a glass heavy duty pot. It's really secure and expensive looking. Not the best for travel though. It has black plastic top with rose gold metallic writing. In it is 23 ml of product and it costs 5.29€.  I bought it in Müller and now you can also get it in DMs.

The shade is called C01 Luminious Lights and there's in fact only one shade to choose from. It looks dark in the pot, but goes on a lot sheerer.

It has gel texture that reminds me of gelatin. You can scoop out the product and it transforms back into a smooth surface. 

It's pink based, but has gold shimmer. If you apply it really sheer it's more golden with variations of small shimmer and bigger gold shimmer. If you apply it heavily you can create almost metallic look, but with a sheerer base and a very heavy gold glow

You have few seconds of playtime with it. Once the gel turns into a powder finish, it doesn't move. It has good lasting power, but it doesn't last the whole day on my skin. By the evening it fades.

You can probably mix it with foundations and body lotions. It's light enough for warm light skin tones, but keep in mind that it's very golden. It mostly looks very natural on the skin. I don't find that you can overdue it. Skin has lovely natural looking glow with nice gold shine. Pigmentation is on the sheerer side, but you can always build it up.

It looks best applied with fingers or fluffy brush. I find that sponge soaks up to much product and it doesn't give enough payoff. 

Compared to Kiko Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter in 100 Gold it has that same warm beige leaning towards pink base, but it has cool silver sheen to it. It's also less metallic looking. theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer has that warm gold sheen to it, but it lacks pink base to look like Catrice version. 

On the left photo I only have BB cream and concealer and on the right photo I added gel highlighter.

I applied it on top of cheeks, above the brow, down the center of nose and on above the lip. 

I like gel texture which is something different. The shade is right up my alley, because it has intense gold sheen, though it looks pink in the pot. It looks natural, but can be build up for more intense almost metallic look. It lasts well, but not nearly as good as some other powder highlighters. I think this would be perfect for spring and summer, because it looks lightweight and more natural. It could also be a lovely collectors piece for all of you highlighter lovers, because the gel texture seems unique enough to own it.


  1. Mene je textura v trgovini čisto presenetila :D
    Super izgleda, se mi zdi da ti zelo paše, ampak sama se moram kar malo brzdat pri vsej te ponudbi osvetljevalcev, ker jih redko kdaj nosim in se potem samo prah nabira na njih :)

    1. Mene tudi. Nisem pričakovala "želatine" :D. Hvala :). Jaz pa skoraj preveč nosim osvetljevalce, pa vseeno še vedno ne dovolj glede na to kakšno zbirko sem si uspela nabrat :).

  2. I love your eyeshadow color! What are you wearing?

    1. I think it's Nabla single eyeshadow in shade Clementine. Gorgeous shade :)