Review: Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow - 02 Dark Brown

I have been on a search for a brow product that would offer me something precise with which I could draw on individual brows. So far, Holika Holika Skinny Eyebrow turned out to be a good choice. It was extremely hard to find super slim brow pencil in our drugstores. Thankfully, Catrice recently came out with Slim'matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil. I also both that one in two colors, so expect a review soon and comparison with Holika Holika.

The packaging is a slim plastic pencil form in the color that it's inside. Mine is 02 Dark Brown. There are two sides, one with a spoolie and one with an actual pen. They both close really securely, but also not too tight. I also like the fact that both sides have different length of caps and only fit on one side, so you can't get confused or ruin the product by putting it on the wrong side.

In it is only 0.05 grams of product and it costs 7.98$ on Jolse. Looking back at it, I must have been crazy to justify this price for such a small amount of product. The pencil is so thin that you can't expect a lot of product, but there could still be more in it.

Spoolie is quite basic and not too hard, but definitely not soft to the touch. I find that it brushes my brows well. It's also not too long.

Pencil side is really small and slim. I would say it's around 1-2 mm wide. It comes with a straight cut tip, but with use usually gets rounded. You can definitely draw on hair like strokes with great precision

Shade 02 Dark Brown is what I would describe as a medium brown, but it has an obvious yellow undertone. It actually suits my hair color well, because I usually color my hair in medium warm brown that has golden sheen to it. So for that, it suits me, but I would still prefer a more natural grey toned brown as it would be more like my natural brow color. I've noticed that most Korean brow products have yellow undertone and this might be a turn off for all of you looking for something natural, more grey based.

I compared it to my favorite brow pencil - Catrice Eye Brow Stylist in 020 Date With Ash-ton. Catrice is a lot more grey based, even though it still has some warmth to it. They are both a medium brown, but Holika Holika is actually really pigmented and can quickly look darker if you apply more.

The texture of pencil is medium hard. It allows you to draw on hair like strokes. Depending on how much pressure you put on, that's how dark it will be. You can also make it lighter by using light hand when drawing. It doesn't feel greasy or waxy in any way. 

It has a matte finish and good pigmentation. It's also really long lasting. On my brows it stays through the whole day without any touch ups. 

I wanted to compare size of its slim pencil to my other pencils. Essence LE Lights of Orient Eyebrow Shaper in 01 Sunkissed Beauty is the largest pencil, but it's in fact a normal eyeliner pencil size. Next to it is Trend It Up Ultra Slim Kajal in 020 which is as small as Holika Holika pencil. 

Here are more photos of how spoolie and pencil look on the brows to give you an idea how big they actually are.

On my left side is my natural brow. As you can see, my natural brows are very grey toned. I also have a few gaps which I want to fill in with a color that would be dark enough, but would allow me to apply it in short strokes instead of filling it all in like a coloring book.

On my right side I lightly applied Holika Holika pencil. My brows looks more defined with it, slightly darker, definitely warmer and fuller. But it still doesn't look like an Instagram brow which I really dislike. 

Compared to my warm hair color, this shade of pencil doesn't look off and it actually works on me.

Holika Holika is my first skinny or slim brow pencil and I am definitely in love. I love how precise you can get with it, the fact that it has good pigmentation and that it stays on my brows through the whole day. The shade is still not what I'm looking for. I want something that is more greyish and closer to my natural brow color. Because this one is so warm toned I have to fill in my entire brow otherwise it looks weird. I want something that I can just fill in the gaps and it looks exactly like my natural brows, but just a tad bit warmer and I think I found that in new Catrice brow product that I'll have a review up soon. Catrice's pencil is also cheaper, because paying that much for 0.05 grams is too much for me. 

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  1. Looks great one eyebrow pencil.