2016 Favorites - Part 2

Here is my part two of the favorites. It's a bit long, but I hope you'll find it an easy read. I wanted to include skin care and body care products that have really impressed me in the past year. Usually I only talk about makeup, but I had to point out some other brands that are really good in my opinion.

It was my most used spring perfume. This is like a dreamy romantic scent. It's described as a floral fragrance, but it's very light, almost a bit watery and sleepy. I find it really romantic and subtle. 

I almost always use these two together. Yves Rocher is the most perfect true coconut scent that you can mix with others, because it's so pure. Victoria's Secret is a very sweet vanilla scent and even though it's a mist, it's really strong. Mix them together and you get a summer in the bottle. I also wore Yves Rocher on its own when it was really hot.

On the opposite spectrum of florals and sweets, you have this oriental mix. It also has a very sweet sexy base to it, but it's stronger and somewhat more oriental. I adored it when the weather turned cold. I still love using it now.

Amour Perfume - 162

We have a few brands in Slovenia that do their own versions of famous perfumes. Call it inspired, imitations, I don't even know how to properly name it. But a lot of those smell exactly like original brands and this one smells like Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto. I adore this scent. It's a classic sweet vanilla scent, but also really powdery and classy. I wore this a lot when I traveled, because it has such a convenient small bottle. 

It's always going to be in my forever repurchased category. For me personally this is the best micellar water, because it's the gentlest. I always use ti to clean off my eye makeup, because I have sensitive eyes. It never burns or stings. Sometimes I also use it to take off the first layer of face makeup. It's simply the best.

It's the best cleansing oil, because it's the cheapest and it does the work. Unfortunately, this is discontinued in our country, but I'm not sure if they still sell it in DMs in other countries. I bought myself a good back up and I even got some more from a friend, because she doesn't use it. It's just the best oil for taking off that first layer of face makeup. I don't use it on the eyes, but when I did, it removed makeup just as well. I also like that it doesn't have any scent that would irritate me. 

I've been impressed with this product for a while. I wanted to try natural and fairly gentle chemical exfoliant and this one has AHA and BHAs, which means it does a good job of getting rid of dead skin cells as well as preventing them from becoming clogged up. I adore it. It has a very powerful alcohol scent to it, but it's still gentle and doesn't sting. Whenever I don't use it, I get milia and my skin's surface becomes more rough.

This is the best facial oil if you want something that smells heavenly, makes your skin moisturized, smooth and soft. It's perfect for all seasons and because it's a dry oil it soaks into the skin quickly. I adore the scent of it and would love to own their perfume. This I use at night as the last step in my skin care, when I don't have major issues.

Rose hip oils is notoriously good for all skin types and it has great healing abilities. This is definitely an oil, even though it's marketed as a serum. I use it as my last step in skin care routine, because it's thicker and oilier. This is perfect if you have skin issues like dryness, scars from pimples or rough skin. It gives the skin proper nourishment and it even heals the skin. I find it so good, that I'm afraid to use it up, because it's not the cheapest. 

My absolute favorite face cream. It has been repurchased multiple times and I'm just hoping that Avon doesn't decide to discontinue this, because I would loose it. It's thick white cream that gives you an amazing glow. It soaks into the skin quickly, but it leaves behind a very glowy and moisturized feel and look to the skin. It has very fruity fresh scent to it and it never irritates my skin. I only don't use it when it's really hot, because it can make my makeup look greasier. 

I've used one bottle of it and am off to another one. It's been my savior in hot sweaty days. It definitely helped my makeup to stay on better. I also love it for colder months to add just a light layer of freshness to the skin. It can make your makeup look a bit less powdery. It does tighten your skin a bit, but I don't mind that at all.

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask Green Tea

This year I've just slowly started to discover Korean skin care and sheet masks were a must have to try out. Green tea is one of my favorite Korean scents and I love this sheet mask, because it smells so natural, is really soaked in serum and moisturizes my skin well. It also feels very soothing on the skin. I can't wait to try more sheet masks.

Avon Planet Spa Herbal Steam Batch Deep Cleansing Clay Face Mask

I really like most of Avon Planet Spa face masks and this one is my favorite. It has a light creamy formula that dries down to a classic clay finish, but it's not super drying. The scent of it is very herbal and almost a bit like a men perfume. I find that it does a god job of cleaning pores. I would describe it as one of those classic clay masks, but not as drying as most.

The best foot cream that I tried so far. It's milky white, thicker cream that makes my feet extremely moisturized. It is greasy though, so be aware. I use this before going to sleep and putting fluffy socks over it. In the morning my feet are nourished, moisturized and still a bit greasy. It's probably best for colder season or if you have extremely dry skin. It also has very peppermint scent. 

Shower gels are one of those products that I rarely talk about, because there's not much to say. But because I have sensitive skin that gets irritated a lot, especially in winter, I wanted to talk about this one. It is my favorite for all of you that have really sensitive skin. It's like a transparent green tinted gel that foams great for a natural brand. It has sleepy scent to it and it's in general really gentle. 

Another one of those products for really dry, irritated and sensitive skin. This is thicker white cream that soaks into the skin well, but leaves behind a very greasy layer on the skin. Which is perfect to sooth the skin and keep it moisturized for longer period. It's also really gentle and won't irritate the skin. The scent of it is very gentle.

I also don't talk a lot about hand creams, because I have eczema on them and I don't like to use regular hand cream. They can often times irritate my skin. This is one of the rare ones that doesn't do that. It's really thick and almost like butter. I love the fact that it soaks in, but leaves shea butter layer on top. It makes me feel like it moisturizes the skin better because of that. It also has gentle sleepy kind of scent.

One of the best lip balms in a stick form, because it's greasy enough, but still very light on the lips. I also adore natural fresh green tea scent that it has.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick

The most giant looking lip balm in a stick. This is one of those really light lip balms that still have a good buttery formula. I usually use this in the warmer months through the day as a prevention. It has lovely cocoa butter scent to it.

The winner in lip care category. It's the only product that can save my lips from being chapped and dry as Sahara. I use this every morning and evening. I also use it through the day in colder months. It's the only product that works when nothing else does. But it's not a miracle worker, because I still have extremely dry lips more often that I would like.

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

Joico is my favorite hair care brand when it comes to having silky soft hair. I adore their K-Pak line and I've had their regular K-Pak shampoo and conditioner already. In my last purchase I went for a Color Therapy set, because I have colored hair and it worked pretty much the same. I feel like this doesn't fade hair color as quickly as some other aggressive shampoos do. It has lovely hair salon scent and it makes the hair very soft and silky. It also makes them look better and seals in any split ends.

Garnier Olia Conditioner

This one comes with Garnier Olia hair colors and it's one of the best conditioners from drugstore brand. I still don't understand why they don't sell this in their regular conditioner line. It's thick white cream that feels extremely nourishing on the hair. It really makes your hair look healthy, nourished and silky. Especially if you use it after using a hair color. Seriously good.

I go for this set when I want to add texture and thickness to my fine and flat hair. It has again kind of hair salon scent. It definitely adds some texture to my hair by making them appear thicker and not as flat as other smoothing products do. It's the best base for when you want to add texturising sprays on top or for when you want more volume in general.

This has been in my hair care regime for as long as I have been writing this blog. It's my favorite leave in treatment for damaged hair. This nourishes and moisturizes the hair as well as makes them look healthier in general. It's a milky white liquid.

I've also been using this one for a long time. It's the best luxury leave in treatment for dry hair. Because it's so expensive I tend to use it only now and then. It's a thicker milky white cream that is not only great leave in treatment for dry hair, but it also works as a heat protectant which is perfect for when you'll be blow drying your hair or styling them using heat. It has such a summery scent to it and it lingers on the hair. I love how soft and nourished my hair are after I use this. It's also so practical because it's two in one.

Still my favorite hair oil. It's also really cheap if you buy it on sale. It's thicker yellow oil, but it doesn't make my hair heavy looking and I feel like it seals in the ends. It makes my hair slightly more nourished. I usually use it before I blow dry my hair, because it seals in the oil and makes the hair look silkier.

Batiste has my favorite dry shampoos, because they're the only ones that actually make my hair look less greasy and almost as if I have cleaned them, when I didn't. I don't like that it leaves a white dust on the hair (especially when I have darker hair color), but I forgive it that. It's seriously the best de-greasing product for hair. I have very greasy scalp, so this is always in my hair routine. I've tried many of their scents, but Tropical is one of my favorite, because it has a coconut scent.

Got2Be 2 Sexy Big Volume Push Up Spray Powder

I've only recently tried this, but I already liked it, so I included it in this post. To be honest, I'm not even sure what this should be. To me it's like a hair spray, texturizer and dry shampoo in one. It's like a transparent hair spray mixed with tiny bit of dry shampoo. Sometimes it comes out whiter, sometimes it's more clearer. I just love how effortless it is. You spray it on and get a bit fresher as well as slightly more texturized hair. It doesn't create any major volume, but it does add a bit of texture without making the hair look too matte or crunchy. 

I forgot to include this one on the photo, but it's my favorite heat protectant. It's milky white and almost feels nourishing on the hair. It makes my hair smooth - but they're always smooth after blow drying them -  and it makes them softer. I feel like this is oddly nourishing for a heat protectant and I love that it doesn't feel like much on the hair or make them crunchy. 

I'll also have a separate post of my favorite blog posts and bloggers. I already posted my Part 1 with all makeup and nail polish favorites.

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  1. Oh, ta Mesmerize Black z vsako sekundo bolj obožujem <3. Prav nekaj posebnega je, ker ne najdeš dosti orientalskih parfumov brez dolgočasne vanilije. Prav obsedel me je :)

    Nuxe olje mi je itak top že od vedno, ampak ga bolj redko omenjam, pa čeprav ga uporabljam vsak dan :) Isto velja za Palmer's Swivel Stick, čeprav zdaj uporabljam še Flipbalm verzijo.

    Avonova krema za noge mi je kul, ampak za moja stopala skoraj ni zadosti. Sem pač specialen primer :D

    Olia balzam je res odličen :) Me je zelo pozitivno presenetil, je pa učinek praktično identičen L'Orealovi Profesionnel Absolut Repair maski, vsaj na mojih laseh.

    1. Jaz se itak vedno zdim pristranska, ker imam skoraj vse že samo Avonove parfume :D. Ampak ta je res odličen. Še vsi, ki ga povohajo, jim je všeč :).

      Swivel Stick je meni všeč že zaradi vonja. Me ta kakav vedno na čokolado spomni :).

      Res? jaz sem pa ravno mislila, da moram nujno napisat kako mastna je, ker sigurno enim to ne bo všeč. Meni je precej mastna in naslednji dan sem se v sandalih kar "vozila" naprej in nazaj, ker sem imela še vedno kremo gor :D.

      Zanimivo. S tem, da je ta balzam :D. Mi je pa hecno, ker očitno te znamke znajo nardit res dobre balzame, pa kot da se zadržujejo. Jih ne dajo v redno prodajo. Za k barvam pa morajo, ker morajo lasje after zgledat lepi in ne skurjeni :D.

  2. O ja, herbio in Plantae <3

    So pa tudi ostali čudoviti <3

    1. Ja, dve naravni znamki, ki sta me navdušili :)

  3. COSRX si tolikokrat omenjala, da si me prepričala v nakup. :D
    Batiste je tudi moj holy grail, najrajši imam xxl volume verzijo.
    L'oreal Elnett zaščita pred toploto je tudi meni top. Mislim, da sem šla že čez kakšnih 10 pakung in ga ne zamenjam. Je poceni in zelo unčinkovit.

    1. Meni je res super. Pri negovalni kozmetiki je itak težko posploševat. Ampak upam, da ti bo všeč, če se odločiš za nakup :).
      Te pa še nisem imela. Bi pa vsekakor rabila tudi kaj takega, za večje volumen. Lord knows I need it :D.
      Jaz sem jih tudi že nekaj nakupila in je res odličen. En redkih heat protect zadev, da dejansko deluje negovalno na laseh. Cena je tudi dobra, glede na to kako hitro se porabi :).