Pink Spring - Collaboration with Uniqa Poly

Hey Beauties!

Pink makeup is probably the last thing you'd expect from me. I've stated multiple times that I am not a fan of pink, but that has changed quite a bit. I am still not a lover of it, but I do appreciate the color and the right shades of pink for my taste. I've also mentioned that I am really getting into pink lipsticks this spring.

Today's collaboration is with the lovely Polona from Uniqa Poly blog. She features various reviews of different priced products. I really like her detailed and informative reviews, because that is something I look for in a blog when I search for certain products. She's also the first to inform me about makeup novelties and she has the best unique jewelry pieces.


Pink is the least interested to me in the form of an eye shadow. For some reason they usually are cooler toned and they're way to girly for my personal taste. Nonetheless, I still have a few pink eye shadows in my collection.

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matts V1 Brights is a nice palette with very bright colorful shades. Among these you'll also find three pink shades. Two are on the bright medium side (and pretty familiar in the shade range - Pout and Pucker) and one - Floss is a very pale flesh toned pink great as a base. Other two pops of pink I like to use on the lid or as an addition to other eye makeup. 

theBalm Nude'tude palette has one very wearable shimmery pink called Stubborn. This can be used all over the lid for a romantic light feel or in the inner corners to bring some light in there. 

Essence All About Roses palette has a selection of mauve and taupe shades, but the second shade in the bottom line is also lightly pink toned. This one is again great for the inner corners or as a base. 

Avon Supershock Vivid Liquid Eye Shadow in Pink Party is a stunning shimmery silver based light pink shade that looks amazing on it's own. It will give you that sleek wet look to the eyes and it lasts well on the eyes.

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner in Flash is one of the best gel liners in a pen form for the inner corners. This is very pigmented and has almost pearly shimmery finish. It's great for adding light to the eyes in the inner corners, for putting it in the center of the lid or around the lower lash line to make your eyes look wide awake. 


I think pink is the most prevalent color in the blush category. Those who like blushes usually like them to be pink. Not me. I much prefer peach toned blushes, because they suit my complexion better and they go better with my warm toned eye makeup. Still, I do have a nice pink collection of blushes, although I don't use them as often as I should. I seem to gravitate towards pink more in the spring. 

E.l.f. Blush palette in Light. This is a really amazing blush palette for a very affordable price. In the palette are also two pink shades. One is light cool toned and matte. The other is darker pink almost a bit coral and shimmery. The quality is amazing.

Artdeco blush in 24 Pink. This is one of my oldest pink blushes and one of the best shades for my personal taste. It's warm toned and almost looks a tiny bit peachy. It has a really nice small shimmer which looks super natural on the skin. 

Essence LE Happy Girls Are Pretty Multi Colour Blush is more of a fall shade in my opinion, because it's mauve pink. I still like it, because it's a bit more dirty looking and less obvious pink. I also like it because it's very light (the pigmentation is at fault here too). 

Maybelline Colorama 101 Blush is for those who love shiny blushes. This has a lot of shimmer in it for a very glowy almost highlighter kind of look. The shade is a unique mix of peachy pink and it's very light. 

Catrice Defining Blush in 070 Pinkerbell is the most pigmented and bright of them all. It is an obvious cool toned fuchsia pink shade. This is crazy pigmented and almost a bit too classic pink for my taste, but goes amazing with fuchsia lipsticks. 

By Nanda Three Colour Blush in S01 is pretty light shimmery blush. I really like this one. It's very light and the shimmer is not as obvious, but looks very naturally glowy on the skin. I also like that you can mix your own shade. Gold shimmer in the middle gives it a warmer tone, which I adore. 


My favorite way of using pink shade is on the lips. I've really stayed away from pink lipsticks for a very long time. I didn't like the usual cool toned pink lipsticks, because they clashed with my warm skin tone. But since lipsticks shades have gone wild, I've been liking a lot of pink shades more and more. I especially adore unique fuchsia toned pinks. 

Essence Longlasting Lipliner in 02 Sweetheart is really pretty medium pink shade. The formulation of it is so creamy that you can easily mistake it for a lipstick. This is a great way of wearing pink lips, but not spending money on a whole lipstick.

Avon Ultra Glimmerstick Lip Liner in Pink Cashmere. This I wouldn't wear all over my lips, because it's a drier formula. It's a great outline for any pale pink lipsticks. 

Avon Ultra Glimmerstick Lip Liner in Pink Bouquet is fairly neutral light pink that can be paired with most pink lipsticks. Because it's quite stiff it means that you can create a nice precise outline for those perfect lips. 

Avon Kiss'n'go lipstick in Amour is for those that don't like pigmented colorful lipsticks. This is very sheer, warm toned neutral pink that will suit most skin tones. It has a nice almost lip balm feel to the lips.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro lipstick in Not in Love is great very red toned pink alternative. This is super bright and amazingly paired with summer skin. It's one of the most unique pinks.

Avon Ultra Colour Indulgence in Petal Pink is very pale cool toned fuchsia pink. This would look amazing with cool fair skin tones. 

Avon 3D Plumping lipstick in Pucker Up is one of those fairly classic bright pinks that will also look amazing on many skin tones. It's a bit barbie like for me personally.

Avon 3D Plumping lipstick in Heat Wave is a bit more red pink and bright enough to look good with many different eye makeups. It's also on the warmer side for all of you who have warm skin tones.

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Posh Petal is a shade of it's own range. This is such a unique mix of classic pale pink and fuchsia undertone. It's more of cooler baby pink and this would look amazing paired with cooler blond hair. It's also a really nice shade for fair skin tones, because it's cooler and still gives a slight bit of pink tint.

Avon true Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Ideal Lilac is one of my favorites. This is unique mix of bright pink and cool fuchsia. I find it one of the most unique bright, but not dark pink shades.

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Pure Pink is one of those very warm toned almost nude pinks. It's somewhere along the lines of MAC's Patisseries. I figure this will look good on many different skin tones. It's more of a neutral shade.

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Adoring Love is again one of those unique bright pink shades that almost looks a bit dirty and muted down. This will look amazing on fair skin tones as well as medium. It's on the cool side. 

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipstick in Spendidly Fuchsia is a brighter and more pinkier version of Adoring Love. This is for those that like to be seen and just adore bright pinks. It's very blue toned. 


Pink is not my usual color for the nails, but I do have some unique shades that I love to wear. I've especially enjoyed muted pale pinks these few months.

Maybelline Color Show LE Blushed Nudes in 447 Dusty Rose is the most unique mix of pale pink and lavender. I adore this shade, it's been on my nails for the whole past month and still going strong. 

Ciate Paint Pots in Serendipity is a nice top coat with redish pink shimmer that you can put over other shades to bring some pink to them. The shimmer in it is very small and applied pretty evenly.

Maybelline Colorama in 317 is one fo those really birght fuchsia toned pinks and it's one of my favorite bright pink shades. I especially love wearing it in the summer. The shade is pretty unique and everyone seems to like it.

Golden Rose Color Expert Nail Lacquer in 102 is dirty brown based warm pink. This is great for those who don't really like pink, but love browns and nudes. It looks really pretty on fair skin tones, because it's a bit darker and won't make your nails disappear. 

Maybelline Colorama in 77 is a very baby pink shade and for some reason I really like it. It's a pastel pink, but seems almost a bit warm toned to me. A really nice understated pink nail polish. 

For someone that doesn't like pink I sure do have a nice selection of pink products, right?! Pink is really starting to grow on me, especially in spring time. My favorite are still pink lipsticks. Let me know what are your favorite pinks to wear.

I would like to thank Polona for collaborating with me on this post. It's always fun to present one theme with two different personal tastes. I encourage you to check out her blog and fall in love with her informative reviews. Don't forget to read her version of pink products for the spring here


  1. Oo hvala ;) Pa hvala tudi tebi za sodelovanje! Sem dobila ideje za kak blush ter seveda za ustnice! Tale Vivid Liquid eye od Avona si bom mogla omislit, sem že brala tvojo oceno in mi delujejo fajn! Haha tale Adoring Love nas je očitno vse zasvojila, jaz sem jo kupila po priporočilih v skupini na FB in ne morem verjet kok sem navdušena nad njo! :P Haha sva ful taprave za objavo o roza izdelkih :P No zgleda, da to pride sčasoma, ker včasih res nisem marala roza barve sploh! Zdaj jo celo nosim v smislu oblačil - pižame al pa perilo, ne glih za v javnost :P Super je bilo tole sodelovanje, upam, da kmalu ponoviva! :P

    1. Glede na to, da ti je všeč Maybellinov tatu bi ti bil Avonov liquid eye verjetno tudi. Še malo bolj svetleča verzija :D. Adoring Love je očitno nek odtenek, ki veliko različnim poltem paše. Hehe to pa res. Ja z leti se očitno naučiš nosit tudi kaj bolj punčakstega :D. Pižame so itak vedno roza ali mi zdi da je slaba izbira za kaj drugega :). Vsekakor! Hvala tebi ;).

  2. Odlična objava! Jaz tudi nisem preveč velika ljubiteljica roza barve, ampak pri ličilih me včasih malo premamijo barve in kupim kakšno roza stvar, definitivno ne senčila - ker ga res uporabljam 3x na leto, čepraj je ta odtenek Avonove Liquid senčke ful lep. xx

    1. Hvala :). Mene so roza šminke letos najbolj navdušila. Potem pa včasih še kaj drugega tudi preizkusim, kot senčila. Čeprav to ni ravno my usual color :D. Avonove senčke so vse zanimive ravno zaradi tega shine-a, ki že malo wet deluje :D.

  3. Res sem presenečena, da maš toliko roza stvari. Kaj šele če bi imela peachy sodelovanje :D Essence Sweetheart svinčnik sem kupila pred kratkim in sem presenečeno ugotovila, da je edini moja tak odtenek. Takih srednje roza odtenkov sploh nimam pa so mi zelo kjut. Imam več blushov, ki so roza. Odlično sodelovanje s Polono :)

    1. Hehe, sem našla presenetljivo veliko izdelkov v roza odtenkih :D. O ja..peachy je pa že bolj moje. Mogoče pa kdaj v prihodnosti ;). Sweetheart je bil prvi tak roza odtenek, ki me je lani res navdušil. Bi ga rada videla na tebi. Sem te vedno navajena v kakšnih vampy odtenkih :D. Hvala :).

  4. Vse, kar sem razmišljala ob prebiranju te objave je kako nujno potrebujem Stolen Kisses od Avona :D Mogoče ni dobro, da najprej pogledam fotografije haha

    1. Haha :D Mislim, da bi ti bil všeč Stolen Kissed glede na to, da vem da imaš rada take umazane roza odtenek :).