Review: theBalm Nude'tude Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Beauties!

When it comes to eye shadow palettes I either go neutral or very colorful. I have very little of good quality or even expensive eye shadow palettes. Today's review is of higher end brand eye shadow palette that's marketed as a neutral, but still has a good variety of colored shades.

theBalm Nude'tude palette comes in cardboard packaging with magnetic closing. I don't actually understand the front design. It's a vintage style room and to me it seems boring. They could have done something more eye catching. In the palette is 11.08 grams of product and the price is around  32€ in Slovenia. I've seen it cost around 38€ online. In Slovenia you can buy it in some Müller stores (Celje, Ljubljana, apparently in Maribor too) and on online stores like

The design that is inside, it's much more interesting. Essentially it presents 6 naked women and each is covered with two shades of eye shadows. It compliments theBalm retro design and looks nice. I also like that you get a big mirror. 

In the palette you'll get 12 shades of eye shadows. The shades are mix of cool and warm tones from lighter neutrals to darker. Some shades are shimmery, some matte and some in between.

It also comes with double sided brush, which is a bit better than the usual sponge applicators, but useless in my opinion. 

Sassy - shimmery cool white. I don't really care for this one, because I very rarely use white for inner corners. I like them to e a bit warmer. It's a good inner corner highlighter for neutral or cool toned looks. 
Stubborn - shimmery warm dirty pink. Not my typical shade and a bit too light for my taste. Good for those who like softer pink looks. 
Selfish - shimmery cool taupe brown. It's too cool for my personal taste, but I know this will be favorite for many of you who like taupe shades. 
Sophisticated - shimmery medium cool brown (has bigger and a bit more sparse gold shimmer). This one is kind of a blah shade for me. I don't find it interesting enough plus it's also cool toned - not my usual choice. 
Sexy - matte purple burgundy. One of those unique and really good quality burgundies. I really like this shade for all over the lid or to warm up the crease. 
Serious - matte black. Must have for any eye shadow palette. I love using matte black shades as an eyeliner. It gives a softer look than liquid eyeliners. 
Snobby - shimmery warm light yellow gold. I really like this one for the inner corners or to put on top of other shades to give a bit of warmth.
Stand-offish - shimmery peachy pink. This is my favorite for the inner corners. It's such a nice mix of pink and warm peach. 
Sultry - matte warm caramel brown (yellow toned). This is one of my favorites from this palette. It's just the right shade of light and dark and amazing for the crease for warm skin tones. 
Seductive - shimmery warm gold brown (yellow toned). This is by far my favorite shade of this whole palette. I adore it. It's also very unique in my collection.  I especially love the yellow tint to it.
Silly - shimmery warm dark chocolate brown (has bigger gold chunks of shimmer). This one is a total miss. It looks very pretty chocolate brown in the pan, but the shimmer doesn't transfer on the lid. It's also really hard to work with. 
Sleek - matte cool very dark brown. This one is also one of those must haves for most. It's a bit too dark for my personal taste, but still nice for deepening crease. 

Stand-offish, Selfish and Seductive have the most creamy wet formula with crazy good pigmentation. They are shimmery and apply very intensely.  

Snobby is on the sheer side. Sophisticated is also a bit sheerer than Stand-offish, Selfish and Seductive and a bit harder in texture, still very good. Sassy and Stubborn are both nicely pigmented and apply fairly opaque for lighter shades. 

All the matte shades Sultry, Sexy, Serious and Sleek are very pigmented. As with most matte formulas, these are a bit more powdery, but easy to blend and have an amazing pigmentation for matte shades. 

Silly is the most disappointing from the whole range. It has hard dry formula and applies sheerer. It also has the biggest chunks of shimmer which don't really do much or add to the actual shade. This shade is a total miss in my opinion. 

In general these eye shadows are of really good quality. Shimmery shades are pigmented, some really creamy and the palette in general has good pigmentation. Mattes are the most powdery and dry, but are also one of the most pigmented matte shades I own. 

As per usual I took photos of some of the eye makeup that I created with the combination of these eye shadows. This way you'll get an idea as to how they look like on my skin tone.


Lid: Stubborn 
Crease : Sultry
Inner corner: Stand-offish

Cool Brown

Lid : Sophisticated
Crease: Sultry
Crease and outer V: Sleek
Inner corner: Sassy

Taupe Brown

Lid: Selfish
Crease: Sultry
Outer V: Sleek
Inner corner: Sassy

Chocolate Brown

Lid: Silly
Crease: Sultry and Sexy


Lid: Sexy
Crease: Sultry
Inner corner and inner lid: Snobby

Golden Brown

Lid: Seductive
Crease: Sultry
Inner corner: Snobby
Eyeliner: Serious

Eye shadows last well on the lids, but for some reason they don't stay on my lids the whole day. I think it might be the fact that I started testing them, when my skin got a bit oilier. It's warmer and therefore my skin produces more oils then in colder months. If your lids are oily, they won't stay on the lid the whole day. Nonetheless, they stay perfect for around 8 hours on me with Avon eye primer underneath. After that they get a bit in the crease and also fade a bit. 

If I compare them with Zoeva Cocoa Blend, I will say that the formula of eye shadows is very similar. Both shimmery shades are very wet. Mattes in Nude'tude are a bit drier to the Zoeva mattes, but both have amazing pigmentation. They also both last about the same time on my skin. I will say that Zoeva eye shadows are about 2 hours more long lasting on me. 

In case of the actual shades, I personally prefer Zoeva, because there are more warmer shades and warmer shades look better with my skin tone. I do miss matte black and matte neutral medium brown shade in this palette though. Nude'tude seems more appropriate for those with neutral skin tone and those that like darker shades. It has a lot of dark shades and a mix of cool and warm shades.

In terms of price, Zoeva is more affordable, but don't get used to it. They've recently changed the price of their palettes, of course they're more expensive now. I have already stated my disgust to the brands that take their prices up for no reason (or maybe because of the popularity of their products?!), so I am not sure when they'll decide to make them even more expensive. Now they cost around 22€ and in the palette you get 15 grams of product. Nude'tude costs around 38€ and in it you get 11.08 grams of product. With Zoeva you get 10 shades and Nude'tude gives you 12 shades. It's up to you to decide which shade selection you like better and how much you wanna spend on your palette. 

Without a doubt Nude'tude palette has amazing quality eye shadows (expect for Silly). Eye shadows are creamy, blend nicely and are fairly long lasting. Shade range includes some cool and some warm tones. It goes from lighter to darker shades. I do miss a bit of medium shades in the palette. I am in general impressed, but would go for a different color selection for my personal taste. 

Mateja also did an amazing review of the Nude'tude palette. 

I already reviewed some other theBalm products. 

On my wish list is still Nude Dude palette (I think it has more of the warmer my kind of shades) and Bahama Mama Bronzer (I'm curious, because it's very hyped up). Ever since Mateja said to me that their Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-lasting Liquid Lipsticks would probably be nice for someone with drier lips, I also have my eye on these (her review of Adoring). All the shades look pretty and it's kind of hard to decided. I think I like best Commited and Sincere. 

* Product was sent to me for review purposes. 


  1. Mene te njihove palete zelo mikajo, vendar se mi zdi, da imam že toliko podobnih odtenkov :D Edino ta sexy odtenek mi je pa res fenomenalen <3

    1. Jaz imam tudi veliko teh nude palet, samo nobene neke dražje, da bi primerjala kvalitete (razen Zoeva, ki pa ni ravno nude). Kvaliteta senčil je vsekakor odlična pri theBalm. Sexy je pa res tak unikaten se mi zdi. Po navadi taki odtenki izgledajo precej slabše pigmentirani kot ta :).

  2. Waw, čudovita paletka. Odlična kombinacija barv, čisto po mojem okusu. xx

  3. Seductive is everything! Tega največ nosim v kombinaciji s Stand-Offish v notranjem kotičku (tudi meni najboljši za to delo) in Sleek ob trepalnicah. Meni se pa zdi, da ti taupe look zelo paše, čeprav vem, da imaš raje bolj tople mejkape :) Glede Silly se kompletno strinjam, čisto zgrešen je v tej paletki, pa Snobby mi je tudi random. Drugače mi je perfektna za moj okus :) Hvala za oba linka :)

    Tole me je pa šokiralo glede Zoeve. Kakšna blesava poteza in zelo nesramna do strank. Sem že par dni spravljam naročat tiste čopiče, ki si jih tako želim, pa spet samo odlašam (če bi kaj rada od tam mi povej), ampak nisem opazila, da so zvišali cene paletk. Zakaj se mi zdi, da so bili leta nazaj tudi čopiči precej cenejši? Če kaj ne prenesem je požrešnosti podjetij.

    1. Agreed. Seductive je res najlepši odtenek v tej paleti. :D Hehe, hvala. Saj meni so tudi včasih zanimivi ti sivkasti odtenki, samo nekako se ne vidim v njih oziroma ne izgledajo kot del mene. Vem pa da so zelo popularni taki odtenki :). Snobby tukaj skoraj malo izstopa. Bi verjetno bolj pasal v Nude Dude. Ni za kaj ;).

      Sploh mi ne govori o tem. Mene to tako jezi. Jaz imam dokaz, da so bili prej čopiči cenejši. Jaz sem kupila luxury eye brush set - 7 čopičev za oči za 33€ (mislim, da tega seta več nimajo) in zdaj imajo starter kit set - 6 čopičev za 44€. Halo?? Poštnina je bila ista takrat kot je zdaj 7.50€. Najprej so zvišali cene vsem čopičem, ker so kar "naenkrat" postali popularni na spletu. Nato so končno naredili kvalitetne in cenovno ugodne palete prej za 17.50€ zdaj so jih že zvišali na 21.80€. In zakaj? Niso spremenili količine niti niso uporabili nekih novih sestavin, da bi lahko upravičili dvig cen. Spet so zvišali cene zato, ker so postale palete "popularne". Meni gre na bruhanje takšna poslovna strategija.. Najprej si nabereš kup kupcev, nato pa ko dobiš neko prepoznavnost in ime, pa lepo nabiješ cene svojih izdelkov. Meni se to tako zameri, da moram enostavno to vedno pudarit, ko pišem o tem. Lahko imajo odlično kvaliteto izdelkov, ampak če so prav očitno nelojalni do svojih kupcev, meni to ne pomeni veliko. Sem ravno pri Kvini naročila še eno paleto. Tako da hvala, zaenkrat ne rabim nič :).

  4. Zelo lepe make-up videze si ustvarila :) drugi in tretji sta mi še posebej všeč! Katero šminko uporabljaš pri zadnjem make-up?

    1. Hvala :) Šminko Avon 3D Plumping odtenek Stolen Kisses.

  5. Jaz se kar ne morem odločiti katera paletka mi je bolj všeč - tale ali Nude'Dude, tudi po tem ko sem obe videla v Mullerju. Vse looke, ki si jih ustvarila s to paletko, ti zelo lepo pristojijo :)

    1. Ja verjetno je res najbolje obe kombinirati. Mislim, da je Mateja tudi omenila, da se dopolnjujeta :D. Meni se zdi, da ima Nude Dude več toplih zame odtenkov kot ta. Ta ima več hladnih, čeprav so nekateri kot Seductive in Sexy pa res unikatni :). Hvala :).

  6. Zelo zanimive paletke, nisem od The Balm preizkusila še ničesar. Je pa na moji wishlisti že nekaj časa paletka Nude Dude :D

    1. Nude Dude je zdaj tudi na moji :D. Drugače pa priporočam, da kdaj pogledaš Mary-Lou Manizer, če boš kje videla theBalm v živo ;).

  7. This is simply one of the sexiest palettes out there! I like the colors a lot! :)

    1. It's a good mix of cool and warm tones and I like that they're pretty neutral. :) Haha sexy :D