Review: Diamond Beauty Puff 03 Aurora Face Whitening Loose Powder

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Powders are one of those products that I can't do my makeup without and that I'm not really fussy about. I know glowy strobbed skin is in, but I have oily T-zone, so I always powder that area. Today's review is of a loose powder that should have whitening effect on your skin. It's by brand Diamond Beauty and it's called Puff 03 Aurora Face Whitening Loose Powder.

It comes in a white simple paper box. The product itself is in a transparent plastic pot with plastic black shiny lid. The lid has Diamond Beauty written on it and on the i it's a little rhinestone to represent the diamond. I find that super pretty. 

The packaging is huge, it contains 30 grams of powder and costs around 18€. You can buy it here

The packaging comes sealed with sticker. It has powder puff with which you can pat the product on your face. It also has small holes on the top lid through which you can shake the product out. Powder goes through the holes with ease.

Powder is very finely milled and has pale yellow toned shade. If you look up close, you'll see small shimmer particles in it. This is because I chose the shade 03 Aurora Face, which is supposed to be whitening powder.

Let me just firstly say, that I didn't know the product will contain shimmer. I went for this one, because I thought it must be the lightest shade, because it says whitening. You can also choose among two others which are 01 Princess Face (semi-matte) and 02 Dolly Face (matte)

It has a bit of wet consistency, which blends well into the skin. It definitely mattifies any shine and on me the shade turns into nothing. It's lighter than my skin tone, but because I put light layer on the face, it doesn't seem too light. I find the finish matte. The shimmery particles in powder should brighter and whiten your face. 

It has no smell

I can't say how efficient it is in actually brightening the face, but since it is so light, it does create a bit of a lighter base where I use it as opposed to where I don't. 

Now onto the shimmer, which is my biggest problem with this powder. You almost can't detect it in natural lighting unless you come very close to the skin. I also tried to apply it all over my face and took a photo with flash. You'll see all these comparisons on a photo down below. I don't see much difference. Obviously with flash my skin looks a bit more radiant and less flat, which could be because of the shimmery particles in the powder. 

Shimmer is a problem for me in the sun. It pops out and it's definitely seen under harsh sunlight, which means I wouldn't wear this on a sunny day or at least not all over the face. If you look at my skin on the sun, you still won't see it as shimmery, because again from a safe distance it doesn't really show up. 

You can click on the photo to see it in full size. From left to right: skin with foundation and concealer, but no powder; powder all over my face in natural lighting (shade); skin with powder under a flash and skin with powder in the harsh sunlight. 

The shimmer just seems to bother me too much to actually wear it all over my face. I like to use it under my eyes, because I have a feeling that it reflects a bit of light and it lifts the shadows

On the left side is my skin without the powder and on the right one is with the powder. 

Here you can also see how it looks like up close. Shimmer in natural light and on sunlight. 

The powder definitely leaves a powdery finish on the skin, especially if you apply it with the puff. I did that as it was just so enjoyable to pat that puff all over my face - you know like in old school movies. With puff you get a much stronger payoff and it looks powdery, while with fluffy brush you can apply it lightly and make it less obvious. It doesn't look cakey, because it is finely milled. It lasts well on my skin, I would say for about half a day. Later the oil will show through. Keep in mind that I have combination skin and I only get oily on my T-zone. 

This is a good powder. It's finely milled, it mattifies, looks a bit powdery, but doesn't get cakey. Shimmer particles do reflect a bit of light on the face therefore lifting the shades, but the effect is very slight. It's more because the shade of powder is light that makes it looks whitening on the skin. My only problem with it is the shimmer in it, which stops me from using it all over my face. This is obviously my fault, because I didn't research the product well enough before I selected it. I would say, if you're like me and you hate shimmery powders, go for the other two. You get a huge amount for the price and a very nicely milled powder. 

I already reviewed Diamond Beauty Eyeliner in 01 Forever Black, which is one of my favorite eyeliners now. I was really impressed with it. Both products are from online store Japan Skin, which has a lot of famous Japanese makeup brands at an affordable prices. Check them out, if you've always wanted to try some Asian makeup products. Also leave me some suggestions of other online shops that sell Asian makeup, I am in this stage of obsessing over Asian skin care and makeup. 

*Product was sent to me for review purposes. 


  1. Bere se odlično in tudi na koži izgleda tako. Sem pa jaz tudi ena tistih, ki ne more brez tega izdelka, predvsem, ker se mi koža zelo sveti in imam raje matt izgled pa še obstojnost je boljša. xx

    1. Jaz isto. Sicer ne povsod amapak T cona je pa zelo hitro mastna in me sijaj na npr. čelu relo moti. Tako da vedno obvezno popudram :).

  2. Ful se vidi razlika res :O

    Jaz si ne predstavljam svojega dnevnega makeupa brez dobrega matirnega pudra oz. fiksatorja..

    The best :) <3

  3. O wow, ne morem verjeti, da en simple powder naredi takšno razliko!

    1. Ja in še dobro se fotografira. Samo mene res motijo te bleščice. Bi morala sprobat druga dva za moj okus :).