Review: Golden Rose Nail Polishes (Wow! 55 and 65, Color Expert 102, Matte 16, Rich Color 112)

Hey Beauties!

I'm not sure how long Golden Rose has been available in our country, but I think the brand is pretty new here. I got a few bits from them back in November, I think. It was my first time seeing the stand in person and the fact that it all seemed so affordable made me go a bit crazy, as you can see. I bought 5 nail polishes in total and I also tried to get different ranges to compare. 

I got Wow! Nail Color in 65, Color Expert Nail Lacquer in 102, Matte Nail Lacquer in 16, Rich Colour Nail Lacquer in 112 and Wow! Nail Color in 55.

Golden Rose Wow! Nail Color in 55

I think the Wow! range is the most popular, because it's the cheapest. They cost 1.10€ and in them is 6 ml of nail polish. They are very small, but that's a good thing sometimes. If I think of how many nail polishes I have that I'll probably never finish... I would love to get smaller sizes sometimes. This is also a great way to experiment with bolder colors, which you're not sure if they'll suit you.

The bottle is cute and small, obviously glass. Top is colored the same as the shade of nail polish. It makes it easier to find. 

The formula of both of these is of medium thickness and it spreads nicely. You'll need two coats to get even full opacity. 

I have a problem with the brush though. One is great and the other is frayed and the bristles stick to all sides. I think this might just be a mistake, but I would advise you to check the brushes in the store, before you buy it. This particular brush really gets on my nerve. I can't get perfect finish and precise application. Otherwise the brush is straight cut, classic

Shade 55 is a mix of burgundy and dark purple. It's one of those pearl finishes, which looks like it has a ton of small pigmented shimmer in it and gives you a nice sheen. 

Golden Rose Wow! Nail Color in 65

Shade 65 is oxblood red with small gold and red glitters. The glitter is more of a shimmer, really small and it makes such a nice addition to the actual nail polish color. This is one of my favorites. It's rare that you find nail polish with tiny shimmer and such a nice color combination of both. The shimmer is so small that you won't have any problem with taking it off the nails. The finish is creamy, but also looks a bit like a gel

Golden Rose Matte Nail Lacquer in 16

This is the most expensive out of all five. It costs 2.50€ and in it is 11.5 ml of nail polish. The bottle is elegant and looks more similar to the triangle shape. The glass bottle is matte and it makes the nail polish inside look matte as well. A very nice effect, but harder for you as a buyer, because you don't see the actual shade of the nail polish. Top is black, long and also matte.

It has a very thin and long brush, which I am not a fan of. It's too thin for my personal preference and it means I have to go back to the bottle at least one more time to apply it on my entire nail. Formula is fairly liquid and this is the only nail polish that has a very thin formula. One coat still let's your nail see through, so you definitely need two coats. It's not as opaque as others.

I do love the fact that it doesn't leave stripes and the application is even. It dries very fast into a matte finish, but you get just enough play time with it. With a lot of matte nail polishes the application can look very uneven and they seem to be too thick, so I think the thinner formula actually works perfect with this finish.

The finish itself is completely matte. This is one of my favorites from the bunch. Matte finish is so nice and the red is perfect. Shade 16 is a bright red with almost orange undertone and it has very small shimmery pigment. It always reminds me of Christmas when I see it and of the Christmas tree matte ornaments. 

Golden Rose Rich Color Nail Lacquer in 112

It costs 1.95€ and in it is 10.5 ml of nail polish. This one has a square glass bottle and a shiny silver top

I love this brush, because it's wider, which means less moving around the nail.

Shade 112 is army green, although it looks a bit too grey toned on my photos. It's one of the unique shades in my collection, because I don't own any such shades. 

The formula is thicker, which I really like, because it means it's very pigmented and you can use just one coat to cover the entire nail. The coat needs to be thicker though. I still like to apply two coats, because that's what I always do. It has a very creamy finish. I think this formula impressed me the most, because it's the most my kind of nail polish formula. 

Golden Rose Color Expert Nail Lacquer in 102

It costs 1.80€ and in it is 10.2 ml of nail polish. The bottle is the most standard one with rounded glass bottle. This one also has a top in the shade of nail polish color

The brush is again wider and just slightly rounded at the edges. It's almost that perfect mix of straight and round cut, so that you're edges always look perfect. 

Shade 102 is a dirty brownish pink. I love it, it's again one of those unique shades in my collection. This also might be one of the rare pink shades that I really like to wear. 

Formula is similar to 112, since it's also thicker and very opaque with just one coat. You can definitely make it work with just one coat, but as I said before, I always apply two. It's also a creamy finish.

As far as long lasting power goes, they are all similar, except for the Matte 16. This one actually starts to chip on my nails the second day or it might be OK until the third day. Keep in mind that I have weak nails prone to chipping. Golden Rose also says on their page that Mattes are not as long wearing as the regular nail polishes, because of the unique formula and they recommend to use daily. Kudos for that. Many brands tend to just lie about things like that. 

All other nail polishes seem to have similar wear time. It's hard for me to talk about the exact time, because it depends on what I do with nails and what not. I would say Wow! are a tiny bit less long lasting, maybe a day or half day less, while Color Expert and Rich Color are both fairly long lasting. If you have good nails I would dare to say, you can wear it for up to 5 days with no problem. For me this is more like 3 to 4. 

I was reading the descriptions of these nail polishes on Golden Rose online page and I pretty much agree with all of their statements. This is definitely a good nail polish brand and the nail polishes are so damn cheap for the quality. The color range is insane. If you're standing in front of the counter, you might get lost in all of those shades, that's how many of them there are. I will definitely purchase some more of their nail polishes as soon as I get the opportunity. Btw Golden Rose, if you're reading this, please open another counter near me - Maribor at least (I know wishing for it in Murska Sobota is pretty much impossible). 


  1. Wow, počasi se tudi jaz spreminjam v lakoholičarko. Čudovite odtenke lakov si izbrala, mi je pa najbolj všeč Army Green. P.s. Veš mogoče za kak top mat nadlak, ki nebi bil preveč drag? Thanks xx

    1. Ravno GoldenRose ima super matte nadlak :D

    2. Hvala :). Meni je najboljši mat nadlak Kiko 3 in 1 Mat:

      Kiko ima itak vedno kaj znižano. Če imaš šanso, ti ga vsekakor priporočam ;).

  2. Wow, so many beautiful colors and finishes! That last one is my favorite one out of the bunch! :)

    1. Yeah the last one seemed really interesting to me as I am not a pink lover, but I guess I'm changing :D

  3. Vsi razen zelenega so mi krasni. Sploh zadnji je tak posebnež :)

    1. Zadnji je res zanimiv. No meni se vedno zdi, da je v naših drogerijah veliko podobnih odtenkov in malo unikatnih. So živi, so klasični, ni pa nekih mešanc, takih umazanih odtenkov :). Pa so me pozitivno presenetili. Nisem vedela kaj si naj predstavljam glede na ceno :).