Review: L'Occitane Folie Florale Petal-Soft Body Milk

Hey Beauties!

I have a treat for you today. Lovely spring smelling body milk that will leave your body scented and moisturized. L'Occitane Cherry Blossom collection is huge and it offers variety of products all spring scented. I was trying out their Folie Florale Petal-Soft Body Milk and this will definitely be in my monthly favorites.

It comes in a transparent plastic bottle. The bottle has a rhombus shape if you look down at it. It's somewhat different to the usual bottle designs.

It also has nice cherry blossom details which are actually 3D printed into the bottle. Speaking of 3D, there is also Braille writing on the back.

Plastic silver top also looks like it's part of a magic bottle and it compliments the design nicely. I do have a problem with it though. The part that actually opens up is so small that I almost always break my nails, when I try to open it. This is a disadvantage to me. It looks pretty, but it's not functional, especially considering it's for women, who a lot of them have long nails and this would be very inconvenient. 

L'Occitane says that this body lotion leaves the skin soft, moisturized and perfumed with a fruity, floral, sparkling scent. A cherry blossom floral water from the Luberon region of Provence reveals green, botanical notes that recall the delicate flowers. It's enriched with shea butter.

It costs 23.40€ and in it is 250 ml of product. You can buy it here. Here you'll also find the ingredients list. 

It's pastel pink a bit more liquid body milk. It's thin in consistency and spreads easily. Shea butter in it makes it stick better and also make it feel slightly buttery. It's a really nice mix of regular light milk or lotion and a bit of butter for that slip and moisture. 

It soaks into the skin quickly, but leaves behind slight bit of that shea butter layer, which moisturizes the skin and makes it feel soft. This is more of a lightweight moisture. My skin feels nourished and soft the next day and the best thing about it is that I can still smell it. I usually use body products in the evening, go to sleep and then recheck it in the morning.

If your skin is very dry, this probably won't be enough for you. But if you're looking for something lightweight with still good moisture effect, you'll like it.

It smells amazing, but you'd expect this from L'Occitane. It's such a unique mix of fruity sweetness and a bit of floral freshness. I would say that it's more on the gentle sweet fruity side. At least that's how I smell it and I adore the scent. It's perfect for spring and I can't wait for t-shirts to be in season, so I can smell it on me. As I said before, this still smells on me in the morning. It's a powerful scent as far as the long lasting power goes, but a gentle sweetness otherwise. 

It's obvious that I really like this body milk. I've already used up more than half of it and I think I need to stop now, if I want to use this on warm spring days. It's a really nice lightweight moisturizing body milk and I love the unique thin consistency mixed with shea butter that leaves that soft layer on the skin. Smell is the star of it and you'll love it if you like fruity gentle sweet scents. The bottle is obviously just as gorgeous and would be a nice gift on itself, but the top is not practical. I encourage you to smell this, if you're near the store. 

*Product was sent to me by L'Occitane.


  1. Začuda mi je prvič všeč verzija Cherry Blossom vonja L'Occitana :). Letošnja je res taka sveža pomladanska. Sem imela včasih češnjev losjon in res krasno dišijo, tudi vonj se lepo obdrži, so mi pa prelahki za kakšno resno negovanje kože. Glede embalaže se pa strinjam.

    1. A imajo večkrat te verzije? Meni je ta res všeč. Zanimiv vonj. Je pa res lahek. Za pomlad in poletje bo. Čez zimo pa jaz tudi rabim kaj bolj negovalnega :).

  2. Waaaaw kako čudovita embalaža! ♡ Me zelo mika, še posebej zaradi sladkega vonja, ki je res perf za pomlad. xx

    1. Ja malo rožic in sladkobe, perfektno za pomlad :).

  3. Tale vonj je super, čisto spomladanski, tudi jaz mu še dolgujem objavo! :)

    Kar se tiče teksture je pa res lahka, tako da za zimo ni... čakam na toplejše temperature! :)

    1. Res je čisto spomladanska mešanica :). Jaz tudi, da bom potem bolj dišala :))