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Hey Beauties!

Today I'm showing you what I got in a few past months and what reviews you can expect in the future. I only included products that I haven't reviewed yet. 

Balea Cleansing Oil

I've heard good things about this oil and the fact that it has similar ingredients to L'Occitane cleansing oil, so of course I had to try it. So far, I like it. It really does feel very similar to L'Occitane 5% Shea Butter Cleansing Oil. It's very greasy and breaks down the makeup nicely. Once it touches the water, it transforms into a white milky texture. It leaves behind a slight oil residue. All in all, I'm impressed for something that costs under 3€.

Maybelline Color Show The Blushed Nudes in 447 Dusty Rose

I was browsing through Austrian DM and found this jewel from their limited edition called The Blushed Nudes. It's an amazing pastel purple nail polish shade. I also find Color Show range a lot thicker and more opaque in formula compared to Colorama. I still don't get why we don't have Color Show in Slovenia, it's like Maybelline is intentionally keeping us away from all their really nice products. 

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner

Since I ran out of my Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner and I didn't really like the Paula's Choice testers, because they were breaking me out like crazy and some of them even stung my face, I decided to look up Pixi Glow Tonic. It's highly raved by the skin care goddess Caroline Hirons (if you don't know her, shame on you) and she loves this as well as a ton of other people. I finally found it on Beauty Bay and bought it. It's also a lot cheaper than Paula's Choice and you get a huge amount. I like it. It seems to be very gentle and right after I use it my skin feels very smooth to the touch. It's one of those chemical exfoliators and it also feels hydrating, all at the same time. 

Morphe Brushes Single Eyeshadow in Starlight

Along with Pixi I also threw in the basket one of Morphe Brushes single eye shadows. I've been eyeing their 35O palette for so long, but the only sites that I can actually get a hold off this palette are always out of stock. Go figure. Maybe they should just make more of it and faster (God, sometimes it feels like I'm the one that's stupid here). Anyway, I decided to at least try one of their singles, since those are supposed to be even better quality. The shade range was also almost sold out, but I decided to try this warm yellow shade. I've only tried it twice and it's not bad, but also not as impressive. It's really pigmented, but for some reason it vanished through the day. Maybe I just had and extra oily day. I definitely need to try this more. 

Ebelin Konjak Sponge Green Tea

Konjak sponges were very popular like a year ago and I just never understood the hype. But since DM made their own version for a fraction of the price, I decided to try it. What I love the most about it is the fact that it feels like you're giving yourself a massage while you're rubbing it against your face. It's hard, but once you soak it, it's very soft and gentle. It smells weird when you open it and I think it might be because of the green tea. It does exfoliate the skin, so if your skin is dry, I would avoid using it too often.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer in 005 Light Natural

So Catrice came out with another shade of this concealer and it's the lightest version, although also the most yellow toned. It's actually perfect for my warm skin tone and I like that it's lighter. I love using it under my eyes as it almost brightens it up, because the shade is actually lighter than my foundation. Of course, I got it, because I loved other two shades. It's my favorite drugstore concealer ever. 

Diamond Beauty Eyeliner - Black and Loose Whitening Powder

I got a chance to review some of the Diamond Beauty products, which is a Japanese brand. I love their eyeliner. It's in a pen form, but it has more of a brush tip, which is very precise. I love the fact that you can draw the thinnest lines possible. Review is here. I also got one of their loose powders and I went for the whitening one, thinking it's going to be the lightest shade. It is very light, but it has shimmer in it, which I'm not a fan of. Actually I should correct myself, I don't know how to use it properly. It's supposed to go in the center of the face and it looks good on cloudy day and it mattifies nicely, but I hate when it starts to sparkle in the sun. Have to give this more of  a test and see if it really has the brightening purpose. 

L'Occitane Fleur de Cerisier Body Milk

L'Occitane sent me one of their new body milks, which contains shea butter and cherry blossom floral water. It's a light nicely perfumed body milk. It gives you a bit of moisture, but without the greasy or heavy feeling. The smell is interesting. I can't decided if it smells fruity or floral. Kind of a mix of both, but a subtle one. I definitely like it. 

Born Pretty Store Panda Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

While ordering something from Born Pretty Store for my friend, I remembered Mateja really liking this Panda eyeliner. I haven't tried it a lot, maybe three times, but I can say I don't like it better than Diamond Beauty. This one is more runny, though it could almost be said that a bit more pigmented in just one swipe. It runs into those little skin cracks more than Diamond Beauty and needs longer time to dry up. It's also a lot less long lasting. In fact, if I rub it, it goes off my eyes while Diamond Beauty stays the same all through the day. I have to use it more to make up my mind about it.

Avon Face Pearls, Angled Brush and Supershock Mascara

Avon also sent me a few of new products. Among these were one of their best selling products in a very pretty gold and pink design. I love this design. Face Pearls are apparently very popular. It's like a highlighting powder, but the shimmer in it is quite big and visible. It's a very light almost white shade. Angled brush is amazing. Perfect for applying highlighter or precise contour. It's unbelievably soft. Supershock mascara is also one of their best selling mascara, but so far I am not impressed. It doesn't seem to do what I want. It gives definition and length, but lacks volume. I do like to use it under my other mascaras or on my lower lashes.

Avon Color Trend Lipstick Amour, Planet Spa Sweet Sensuality Bath Elixir and Friendship Bracelets

Avon also surprised us bloggers on Valentine's Day with a Valentine's Day inspired package. I was actually eyeing this Color Trend lipstick in the catalog, because it looked so pretty with embossed hearts. I wore it on Valentine's Day and really like it. It's definitely on a sheerer side, a very universal pink shade. It feels hydrating and needs to be reapplied for full opacity. I loved the feeling of it on my lips. I also tried Bath Elixir, which was not like their usual bubble baths. It made a lot less foam, but felt very smooth in the bath tube. I got a very greasy feeling and it was left on my skin, once I showered, which means it's a very nourishing product for your bath. It also has a luxurious yasmine scent that fill the whole bathroom, while you're bathing. Friendship bracelets are adorable. Not really my style, but a nice thought. I should definitely give this to one of my friends. Maybe I'll even DIY that butterfly on my other bracelets. 


I got an offer to try Ebrand products, which I think are actually targeted towards skin care salons. I wanted to try their soothing cream for sensitive skin and one other body peeling, but they also sent me some other testers. I got body peeling with almonds (doesn't seem harsh enough), face peeling (has very small granules, I like it), vitamin mask (it's not hydrating enough), cleansing milk for the face (nice one for removing makeup), soothing face cream for sensitive skin (like it, it's very lightly moisturizing, soothing and smells like bubble gum) and face toner (smells amazingly of mandarins or something like that, nicely hydrating). Most of these products are actually fairly sensitive and none of them irritated my skin, but I am surprised at how heavily scented they all are. Some scents are amazing though.

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara and Ciate Paint Pots in Serendipity

I won a giveaway on Maja's Instagram and got these two products. I have to say that I haven't tried the mascara yet, although I hear mixed reviews. I have many others to use before I open another one. I was very looking forward to trying one of Ciate nail polishes, because these look so darn cute. Serendipity is pink shimmery nail polish that looks nice as a glitter top coat over other shades. I only tried it once and I really like how smooth it is in spite of all that shimmer in it.

theBalm Hot Mama Blusher

The Balm also offered to sent me some of their products and I was really excited to get Hot Mama blusher. It's definitely the blush shade that I would choose among their range. It's a nice coral shade with a shimmery gold sheen, which is to die for. You know me, I love shimmer and highlighters and this is a highlighting blush, so of course, I love it. 

theBalm Nude'tude Nude Eyeshadow Palette

I also got this palette. I actually wanted Nude Dude, because it has more of those warm toned eye shadows that I love. In all honesty, I haven't tried this out much, because of some miss communication problems. I did try it once and the pigmentation seems nice. I'll have to use it a bit more to report though.

Essence LE Wake up, Spring! Eyeliners (01 Happy First Day of Spring, 02 Let's the Spring Begin and 03 Spring a-ling a-ling)

When I saw colored eyeliners in Essence's new Limited Edition, I was so excited but at the same time so stupid that I both all of them. Stupidly, because it turned out to be less than impressive. They seemed really saturated and pigmented in the store, but when I try to apply them on my eye, they just don't perform. The nib doesn't get saturated, in fact the lilac one the tip doesn't saturate at all. I had to literally break the tip by pushing it down to squeeze out the product. I also tried the white one and it's not pigmented enough. It's thicker and you have to go over the line multiple times. I still haven't tried the mint one, but I think it's pretty much going to be the same. It was a waste of my money, to be honest.

Essence Eyeshadow in 15 Hazel Me Not! and 19 The Grammy Goes Glammy

I had a gift card and was waiting for the new Essence products to arrive so I can try some. I swear we were like the last city in our country to get the products. Why am I not surprised?! I browsed through their new revamped eye shadows and actually found some nice shades. I though the pigmentation wasn't bad at all. I got these two shades, because I am looking for another lighter contouring shade for the nose. As you may know I love to use Essence I Heart Nude Eyeshadow in 05 My Favorite Tauping for contouring. I haven't tried if this one is lighter or not, but it seems promising. I got the other shimmery champagne shade for highlighting. Either cheek bones or inner corner of the eye. It seemed fine and not too glittery. It's also really shiny, which I like. 

Ebelin Precision Eye Shadow Brush and Lip Brush

Lip brush is a repurchase. It's my favorite, because it's straight cut, so you can create the perfect edge. My old one has really frayed bristles, so I replaced it. I also got the precision brush, because I always want those smaller tip brushes to smudge the eye shadow around my lower lash line. 

Essence Smokey Eye Brush

Again one of those precise point brushes for eye shadows. This one is a lot fluffier and bigger than Ebelin's.

Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist

I call this a dotting tool and use both sides to create different dots as well as to draw on nail designs. Apparently thinner side could be used to draw lines, but I can't imagine that going well for me. I always use brushes for lines.

Essence Turn It Sunny Top Coat and Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover

I love warm shades and this is a top coat that should give you a warm yellow toned look to your base. Obviously, I wanted this. Maybe I can turn every cool toned shade into a warm one. I can't remember on which blog I saw this, but I remember the person saying that this Fast Cuticle Remover is the quickest way to remove cuticles. As I feel lazy to soak my nails every time I paint them, I wanted to try this. I only tried it once and it did make the cuticles easier to push back, so it should be good. 

Avon True Colour Matte Eyeshadow Quad in Au Naturale

Avon surprised us bloggers with a few of their products for Women's Day today. What a lovely thought from a brand for women. I love their Mocha Latte quad, because it has three very nice matte brown shades and now they've come out with matte quad palettes. I got Au Naturale, which is basically matte brown palette and I am really excited to try it. The first two shades seem really similar to those in Mocha Latte. 

Avon Big and Multiplied Volume Mascara

Their latest volume mascara. It has a bushy multiple small bristles and the brush definitely seems promising. It should give you thicker and multiplied lashes with lots of volume. It also says that it should be clump free and the bristles catch every little lash. Sounds dreamy.

Avon Care Pink Jasmine Hand, Nail and Cuticle Cream

I only tried it a little on my hands. Seems to be very quick absorbing white cream. It smells really subtle and almost reminds me of hard soap smells. 

Avon Naturals Body Care Sultry Red Rose and Peach Shower Gel

This smells exactly like it says on the packaging - of roses and peach. It's a sexy floral fruity smell. I haven't tried it out yet. 


  1. Tudi sama sem zelo navdusena nad Balea čistilnim olje.. Sem že skoraj celega porabila :D ta Balea čistilna gobica me zelo mika da bi jo preizkusila :D in pa seveda Morphe.. čisto vsi izdelki ki bi jih rada kupila so povsod razprodani :(

    1. Ups Ebelin čistilna gobica haha :D

    2. Mene je ta gobica najbolj itak pritegnila zaradi cene. Poceni, pa sem želela preizkusit in ni slaba :). Morphe je skoz razprodan. Pa saj ne razumem tega..če vidiš, da nekaj ful prodajaš, pač naredi več. Katastrofa no..

  2. Maybelline lak je gorgeous <3 Pa zakaj ta trapast Maybelline tako trmasto vztraja pri tem, da nimamo pol izdelkov? Popolnoma nerazumljivo.

    Baleino olje si mi že prodala, čeprav imam zdaj L'Occitanovega. Ko ga pa zmanjka, bom pa tudi temu dala priložnost. Eyeliner sem pa že rekla, da je tudi šel na wishlisto :).

    Upam, da boš za Avon kroglice naredila objavo, ker jih tako promovirajo v vsakem katalogu, pa nekako dvomim, da so res tako special.

    Aja, pa niste zadnji, ki dobite novosti. V NM smo dobili nove stvari od Essence več dni za vami. Wake up Spring sploh še videla nisem v živo.

    1. Ne razumem Maybellina. Po pravici povedano me na naših stojalih ne pritegne niti ena sama stvar. Včasih sem kupila Colorama lake, ki pa so zdaj isti odtenki že 3 leta?! Mislim..brez veze. Jaz sploh ne vem, če imajo kaj prodaje v Sloveniji, lahko bi se malo zamislili.

      Olje je res dobro, ni da ni. Eyeliner pa tudi, čeprav je not malo izdelka in glede na to, da ti želiš enega rabit vsaj 3 vem kako ti bo zdržal :D. Drugače je pa meni zakon ;).

      Bom naredila. Po pravici nisem nekaj impresionirana. Še preveč vidne bleščice ima in precej bele so. Meni se zdi, da so mogoče bronzing verzija boljše.

      Celo! Sem bila prepričana, da spet sabotirajo Prekmurje :D.

  3. OOo kakšnen lušten eyeliner s pandico <3

  4. joj samehude stvari. Veš da semjst tudi podlegla olju od Baleje in že cel mesec delam celo študijo v primerjaviz Loccitanom,pa najdem dosti razlik , ampak meni se zdi neumno primerjat tako različni cenovni rang, se mi sploh ne zdi fer. Kljub temu, da mi je od Loccitane boljši, je Balein za svoj denar TOP zadeva, na koncu ravno tako vse odstrani in šebistveno manj mi zamegli oči:).Wake up Spring pri nas sploh še ni na obzorju.:)Pixi bi tudi jaz, sicer imam nagledan en drug izdelek, pa bom mogla še mal počakat nanj:)

    1. delo vzela resno :D. Jaz ga zaenkrat še nisem imela možnosti veliko testirat, ker trenutno nekaj drugega preizkušam. Na prvi pogled res ni neke ogromne razlike. Pa saj veš, da včasih plačaš samo znamko...:) Očitno nismo najpoznejši v Prekmurju :). Katerega imaš nagledanega?

    2. eh čist preveč sem se dala v primerjavo, za brezveze, ker ni fer ocenjevat tako velike razlike v ceni in strinjam se kolkrat je cena odvisna tut od tega, da preplačaš znamko.Npr.toniko od Loccitane, ki ga imava, ne bi več kupila, je kul, ne pa spet tak kul, da ga ne bi mogu nadomestit npr.Afroditin, Himalayin ali pa kaka druga znamka, tut Balein.Drgače so mi pa vse tri barve tako nore, sploh vijola inzelena, sej vem, da nimam pojma kdaj bi nosila to, ampak belega bi še znala uporabit in vijola, zelenega pa ne vem če:). Mogoče počakam na kak tvoj look,ker pr nas še zih 14 dni ne bo tega:).

    3. To je res včasih je preplačano, drugič je pa očitna razlika. Jaz pa tega še nisem imela šanse stestirat - tonika. Trenutno enega drugega testiram :). Meni je te barvne eyelinerje najlažje kombinirati z črnim spodaj in barvnim prek. Ali pa okrog spodnje veke...tam je še najlažje dodati malo barve. Po pravici povedano, niso vredni denarja. Ti jih je bi priporočala. Raje kakšnega iz njihove redne linije. Se mi zdi bolj obetajoč ;).

  5. Wow so many new goodies :) I wanna try the Balea cleansing oil so much, but we don't have it here in Bulgaria :(

    1. Oh that's a shame. It's a nice drugstore oil, but I'm sure you'll get some from other brands. They seem to be really popular now, more and more ;).

  6. Oh, The Balm paletka. Bi jo imela že samo zaradi dizajna *__* Jaz imam tudi Catrice Concealer, tudi 005, pa mi je mogoče malo žal, da nisem vzela 010, ker mi je ta malo prerumen. Pa v gubice se mi usede. Ampak to težavo rešujem :D Drugače mi je super. No ni mi všeč, da je vodoodporen, ker ne maram vodoodpornih ličil + to, da je parfumiran. Ampak kar se pa tiče prekrivnosti je odličen. Sploh za takšno ceno.
    Moram sprobati Baleino čistilno olje, nisem imela še nikoli takšnega olja. Se ga kar malo bojim :D Takole na prvo žogo mi princip čistilnih olj ni všeč, predvsem kar se tehnike nanosa tiče itd. :D Ampak bom sprobala!

    1. Ni še prepozno, lahko še vedno vzameš 010 :). Jaz imam kar vse tri. 005 je zdaj za pozimi, 010 bo tam vmesen, 020 pa za na morje :D. V gubice? Jaz pa sem bila prepričana, da se nikomur ne lovi not. Meni se ravno malo že, ker se mi vse, ampak mi jih ne poudarja kot kakšni drugi korektorji. Pa vedno je lepo navlažen predel okrog oči. Je pa res, da jaz na debelo namažem kremo za oči :D. Za ceno je res super. Je težko najti kaj tako poceni in solidnega.
      Predvidevam, da ne maraš mastnega občutka na koži? :D Jaz sem obratna..obožujem vse kar je super hranljivo in mastno :). Meni ta olja niso za vsakodnevno čiščenje, bolj za takrat, ko imam res ogromno makeupa, ali ga imam na sebi zelo dolgo. Odličen je tudi za vse mat trdovratne šminke, ker gre z oljem vse dol, pa še ne izsuši ustnic :). Poročaj kako ti bo všeč, ko sprobaš! ;).

    2. :) Prav imaš. Bom verjetno res šla po 010. Samo moram zdaj sprobati par varijant nanašanja, da vidim ali se bom lahko izognila temu, da zaide v gubice in ih poudari. Danes sem poskusila z arganovim oljem v spreju. Nanesla najprej korektor potem pa z beautyblenderjem potapkala malo po olju in nato zapeljala okoli predela oči (oh god, you get what i'm saying right?) :D Pa mi izgleda kar solidno. Ampak sem se odločila, da ga bom kar se tiče predela oči nanašala samo tam kjer se vidijo podočnjaki, torej ob nosu /notranji strani očesa. Torej tam, kjer je to potrebno. Ker se mi zdi, da je vseeno "heavy" in po mojem mnenju za na debelo nanašati vsak dan, ravno ni. :D
      Ja, oh. Nekaj časa sem sovražila kreme za roke in vse mastne losjone, ker sem vedno naletela na tiste, ki se ne vpijejo docela in pustija ta grozen "film" na koži. Ampak bom sprobala to olje, ker me res zanima kako mi bo všeč in kako očisti ličila :) No to za mat šminke je super! Jaz se vedno mučim, da spravim vse dol. In potem špricam olja, ki so skoraj predraga za tak "špas" :D Bom poročala!

    3. z oljem pa še nisem sprobala. Bolj, ker me olje okrog oči moti, se mi vedno trepalnice nekaj gor lepijo :). Ampak si ti čisto malo nanesla samo za hidratacijo predvidevam :D. Prav imaš..jaz sem zdaj na sploh spremenila nanašanje vseh korektorjev okrog oči. Nanašam samo v tisto krivuljo pod očmi, kjer je najbolj temno in se izogibam, da bi šla čisto zraven trepalnic, kjer imam že mini gubice :). Pa je res bolje. Ker vsak malo gre v gubice, ni da ni. Je pa res precej "thick" :D.
      Mislim, da ti bo olje všeč. Vsaj za mat šminke in kakšne trdovratna kremna senčila. Vse kar je dolgo obstojno :). Z šminkami vem kako je...včasih ko swatcham za blog, pa mi že "gorijo" od čiščenja in nanašanja :D. Z tem oljem pa res lepo nežno odstraniš, pa še nimaš občutka ful suhih ustnic ;). Super, poročaj! :)