DIY Fluffy Bunny

Hey Beauties!

Today I'll show you a tutorial for a fluffy bunny that you can make yourself with the things that you probably already have at home. I've seen these bunnies all over Pinterest and they were just so darn cute that I had to try to make them. By no means is this my idea. I used what I found in my house, so it's not the same materials that were used in most Pinterest tutorials. I also did it a bit fluffier than they made it on Pinterest. Hope I'll inspire you for a last minute Easter DIY or just kill you with cuteness. 

For this DIY you'll need some sort of yarn, foam, pink marker or pen, black beads,cotton, thread and hot glue gun. You can use whatever colors you'd like to use or that you have at home. No need to go buy new ones. 

I started by wrapping yarn around my palm. I then knotted it in the middle. Then you take the scissors and cut it so that you get these fluffy pom poms. The pom poms will be a bit too long, so you have to cut them down in a round shape. It will make the bunny fur seem more dense. This is also the most fun part of doing this, you get to play a hairdresser. 

You repeat this process, but wrap the yarn only around two fingers. This way you'll get a smaller pom pom for the head.

When you have both of these you just glue them together with a glue gun. 

Then you take a thread and scrunch it in your hand until you get the shape that looks a bit like nose. I also cut two threads and tied them in the middle for the whiskers. I applied a bit of hot glue where I wanted my nose to be and glued on the whiskers first and then the nose. Then you can trim the whiskers so that they're not too long and that they stand up.

I also took two of black jewelry beads and glued them on to represent the eyes.

For the ears I used the foam that usually comes in packages. Especially when you get something from China, they always have this soft thin foam to protect the products. I cut out ear shapes and painted the pink part with a paint marker. You can also use permanent markers. Just something that won't go off the foam. Obviously you'll also glue these on with a hot glue gun.

The last step is to take a bit of cotton and form it into a ball and glue it on the back to represent bunny's tail. Voila, you're finished. It's easier than it sounds. 

I was so excited after I made my first one that I just had to make a few more. I'll probably gift them to my friends and relatives. Aren't they cute?


  1. Wow this idea is super cute, you have done a good job with making them! These would make awesome gifts or great to keep the kids busy! Hope you are having a nice Easter weekend! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you. :) Yeah it's fun for kids to make. Just the hot glue gun is a bit kids unfriendly. I wish you a happy Easter weekend too ;) xx

  2. Iii, kera luškana ideja in čisto preprosta! Super objava, naslednje leto delam <3 xx

  3. soooooooooooo cute! love it!

  4. Tile cofki so vedno zabavni za delati, si mi pa dala eno super idejo kako jih narediti še bolj zanimive;) Kul<3

  5. OMG they look a lot like the ones we made with the residents at my internship :D
    so cute!

  6. Kako so luštkani! :D Great job, ej! :D

  7. Joooj, kako luškano. :)
    Meni sicer ne bi tako dobro uspelo, ponavadi sem pri stvareh, ki jih moreš izdelat sam bolj tako-tako.

    1. Hvala :) Eh saj to nima veze. To je itak bolj tako kreativno in ne rabiš biti natančen. Včasih kaj spacano deluje bolj ljubko :D.