Gift Guide Part 1 (Eyes, Base, Lips)

Hey Beauties!

This year I decided to do gift guide post. Unfortunately, something came up and I'm just posting these now. I know it's a bit at the last minute, but I hope to give you some ideas, if you're like most people and you buy your gifts at the last minute. Of course, all these gifts apply through the year, not just now. It's a few themes for different type of products. I hope to give you some ideas and introduce you to some of my favorite products that I've had the chance to try this year. This is part 1 and I'll also do part 2, because it would be too long in just one post. 


This is for all of those, who love playing up their eyes. Some people just love creating on their eyes and always wear colorful looks paired with neutral lips. I found a few products that will compliment their eye product collection and satisfy with its quality. 

1 Avon Always On Point Eyeliner

Those are the new shades. I had their previous Always On Point eyeliners and I loved their super easy to sharpen system. I like these new shades: Molten Pewter, Molten Sky and Molten Rose, because they are all very metallic and have lots of shimmer. Perfect gift for anyone who loves metallic sparkly products. These are great to sparkle up any makeup look. You can just add a bit on the lower lash line and bam.

One of those palettes that has a mix of cooler and warmer shades. There is a lot of neutral, but also little pops of color. It will probably suit a lot of different eye colors. I think the shades are of good quality. You can choose among some great matte shades for definition and some very sparkly and shimmery shades. 

Those are some extremely powerful statement lashes. It's one of those false slashes for those who like to go all out. They're super soft and very well made. The bend is a bit thicker, but you can make them work. Those will make a statement with any makeup look. 

4 Sleek I-Divine Palettes

Sleek makes one of the most pigmented and affordable eye shadow palettes. They have a huge range of different color combinations, so there's really something for everyone. The brand made shades that would show up on darker skin tones, that's why the pigmentation is amazing. I currently own just two Mattes V1 and V2, but am planning on getting some more, since they always come out with new ones. 

My favorite brow powder so far. I really like this, because the packaging is super cute and already gift ready. The powder in it are matte, but very pigmented. They are also very long lasting and I love that you can mix and match shade according to your need. The brush that comes with it is very useful and I apply it with it every day. 

This palette is for all of those warm eye shadow lovers like me. Quality of it is pretty amazing and you get a nice range of neutrals. The packaging is also pretty cute. You can mix this among your regular chocolates and surprise someone with a bit of different chocolate. The price is good for the amount and quality that you get.

These are older versions of the eyeliners I mentioned before. I think they are still available, but I'm not sure. Anyways, this always sharpen point system is genius and is definitely a perfect gift for all of those on the go people, who love to smoke up their eyes. The quality is also very pigmented and long lasting. 

I like cheap sets of false lashes, because I like to play with them when I'm making artistic makeup looks. If you know someone who loves to do that as well, cheap affordable sets of good average quality false lashes, is a must. I love Born Pretty Store lashes, because you can get a lot of different styles for a really affordable prices. You can see what style of false lashes suits you and how they actually look on the eyes. 

My favorite mascara so far. In my opinion it has everything. The texture of it is a bit wet in the beginning, but as it dries up a little, it becomes perfect. It gives the lashes volume, a bit of length, it separates them and holds the curl. Seriously one of the best drugstore mascaras. If you know someone that doesn't use this yet, go get it for them.

Zoeva has a huge range of makeup brushes. I especially like their eye brushes. They also have a lot of sets and collections with beautiful complimentary brush bags. You really can't go wrong with this gift. You can either buy a set or singular brushes that you thick lack in their collection. Yes, the prices are a bit higher, but the quality is amazing. You can buy more expensive brushes that have worse quality. So invest in a good quality.

In fact any lash curler will do. So many makeup lovers forget about the most important step in eye makeup - curling your lashes. Yes, a few lucky people in the world have naturally curled lashes, but for all other, a little help won't hurt. I know I didn't get friendly with Shu Uemura in the beginning, but I actually came around and like it now. I think you just need to work with it properly and get used to it. But really, you can choose among many different brands that do eyelash curlers. 

Recently, I found this drugstore jewel. It's basically all of their All About eyeshadow palettes. I have Roses, but there are more shades available. I think the quality for such a cheap price is amazing. It's a good product if you're on a budget, but still want to give someone new eye shadow palette. 

One of those products that need very little work and gives an instant glam to your eyes. I will say choose wisely with the shades, because some are less pigmented and can look patchy. In general, these are very quick to apply and need little blending. It's perfect travel or on the go product. Plus you can also use it in multiple ways. 

Another quick and easy to use product. This will probably be best for all of those who love smoky eyes. Beyond the regular black, you can choose among many different colored shades, which are all still very wearable. You can maybe surprise someone with navy blue instead of usual black. They glide on easily and are very good for smudging. 

15 Avon Ideal Flawless Eyeshadow Primer

Everyone need a good base to intensify eye shadows and make the makeup stay longer. I've been using this Avon eye primer, since I first tried it. I always have a backup. It does a nice job of evening your skin tone and it does prolong the wear of eye shadows. It also makes them last longer then without the primer. 


Some don't pay much attention to their base and love going bare or wearing something lightweight. But for all of us who love a good looking flawless base, these are the products that I find to be good quality. 

1 Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Affordable and it does what it says. This is one of those rare powders that really keep the shine away from your face. Not for the whole day, but for a  descent time. I also love the fact that they have transparent shade, which will pretty much suit any fair to medium skin tone, so you really can't go wrong. This is definitely for those who like it matte.

2 Catrice Camouflage Cream

A really nice drugstore concealer for covering pimples or redness. It's too heavy to be used under the eyes. The texture is creamy and fairy pigmented. Everyone gets a spot now and then and this baby does a good job of covering it. 

I think the lightest shade available in our country is very yellow toned, so keep that in mind. I like this concealer, because it's moisturizing and it makes for a great under eye concealer. I also like to use it when I want a more dewy finish or am suffering from dry skin spots. It also has a very good coverage.

This is a very silicon face primer. It will go into pores and minimize them. It also prolongs the wear of your makeup and gives you a perfect very smooth base for foundation. A must have for those who's makeup tends to slide all over the face or for special occasion, when you want your base to look perfect. If your skin reacts to silicon or tends to clog the pores, then maybe stay away from this.

5 Catrice Nude Illusion Foundation

Probably one of my favorite cheaper foundations. I think it's a nice mix of medium coverage, matte but not drying or dull look and a good long lasting power. The shades are a bit darker for all of us very fair people, but I like that they are pretty neutral. Not too warm or too cool toned. I really like this foundation and would probably suit many different skin types, except very oily ones. 

6 E.l.f. HD Powder

I said once that I'm not sure I like this, but I actually do now. It's one of those loose white powders (but you can choose colored ones as well) and it's very praised. It's super light and it looks a bit like a white vail over your skin, if you overdo it. I will say it does look really good on photos and probably in videos. If you know someone who loves taking selfies, this will be their new favorite. 

7 Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder

Another translucent powder, but in pressed version. This means, it's great for carrying around and it will suit different skin tones. It does a good job of mattifying without looking cakey and it's also fairy affordable. 

Definitely my favorite concealer right now. It's creamy, pigmented and you can get a fairly light shade of it. It lasts well and it dries quickly. It works great as an under eye concealer or for covering blemishes and redness. Really good product. 

My favorite foundation ever. It has a medium to full coverage and it lasts for days. This is definitely for all of those who like their base to be flawless and stay all day. It also doesn't have any annoying irritating perfume. I does lack a pump, but the product is so good, that I can live without. 


Some swear by the cult beauty product - lipstick. Lipsticks have come so far with the formula and you can get some amazing quality at an affordable prices. Shade range is insane and you'll probably have a hard time choosing.

If you're a lipstick lover you don't need to look any further than MAC. MAC certainly has all possible finishes and shades you can imagine. I have four shades so far and really like them all. If you'd get me a MAC lipstick, I know I would love it. 

Now they made new version, which are a bit harder and the shades look different. I also have some older versions which were softer. In any way. their lip liners are super affordable. You always need a good cheap lip liner or you can just use it instead of lipsticks. Especially to try out some crazy cheap shades.

My favorite line of lipsticks right now. The shade range is amazing and the texture is equality as good. It's a lipstick with a shiny finish at first, but it dries down to a semi-matte finish. All the shades are very pigmented and formula is great for dry lips. Definitely get them for someone who loves a good lipstick color, but tends to get dry lips often. 

4 Golden Rose Lipsticks

I recently got one of their Vision lipsticks and I have to say I really like it. I was mostly surprised by how affordable their lipsticks are. I think 3€ something. Amazing. The packaging is not all that, but the product can easily be compared to some other drugstore lipsticks. I've heard that most popular are Vision and Matte ranges. My Vision lipstick has good pigmentation and doesn't dry out my lips.

I actually use this as a lip balm. I apply it every night and during the day, when I have dry lips or feel them getting drier. This is one of my most trusted products to help me maintain my lips at its best condition. It's also a multi functional cream that can be used on any dry patches.

This is the lipstick that I discovered on Born Pretty Store. It's one of the best formulas that I've tried. It's very pigmented and creamy. It also doesn't dry out my lips. The packaging is metal and it looks very much like the Top Shop lipsticks. They come in various shades and are pretty affordable. 

It's actually one of lip balms that didn't impressed me as such. I firstly thought that it moisturizes my lips or helps to heal them, but I find it better as a base. This is good as a lipstick base and as a prevention from dry lips. Sometimes lipsticks can dry out your lips, but having this underneath can help. So I would almost say this is a good lipstick primer. 

Another cheap and good quality lip liners. Those are very cream and could easily pass as lipsticks, so I would treat them so. If you want to get someone a bunch of shades, just make them a lip liner bouquet and I'm sure they'll love it. You also won't break your budget. 

This is my first part of gift guide. I hope I gave you some last minute ideas. What would you add to these categories?


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  3. Nice choices for gifts. I'd also add eyeshadow base, because some girls even don't know about this awesome thing! Anyways, I like this post and part 2 :D

    1. Thanks :) I have one, Avon's Eyeshadow Primer in this post. I agree with you it's one of those things that can really change your eye makeup and how it lasts :).