Review: Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Milk

Hey Beauties!

A month ago I got a really nice surprise package from Nivea. I have to give it to them, they always put something extra in the package. It's the little things. I got their new Nourishing Body Milk and with it I got some really pretty fluffy socks. I also really like that they've hand written the note for me. I find that one of the best things ever. I really like personalized touches to packages.

Nivea rich nourishing body milk has a unique creamy texture. Water is emulsified in the oil and it contains intensive hydrating substance of almond oil. The oil nourishes skin for 24 hours. This combination should strengthen skin's barrier. After using this milk, the skin is nourished, silky soft and smooth. It also has a nice soothing smell.

The price for 250 ml is around 4.38€ and for 500 ml is around 6.20€

The packaging is reminiscent of their original universal cream in a metal pot. It's dark blue plastic and it has a simplistic white design. I like plastic pop up top, which is very secure.

The top is cut diagonally, because you can put it upside down. Genius! We've all had that problem, when your product is on its last legs and you're trying to get out the last bit. What do you do? You turn it upside down and try to find some support to prevent the bottle from falling down. Well Nivea saved us all. No more wasting of product. I will be surprised if other brands don't copy that (maybe they're just fools).

The milk has liquid looking, yet quit thick white consistency. It doesn't move on the skin on its own. You have to work it in. It feels very slippery. It's like you've mixed oil and heavy cream together. Application is very smooth and it glides on. I love this texture. I like thicker products in general. That being said, it's still easy to move, if you massage it in. 

The more you work it in the skin the more it starts to soak, but it still leaves behind very shiny layer. I find that initial texture soaks into the skin after 20 minutes on my skin. After that the skin is still a bit shiny, but not greasy. 

After I use this my skin feels very hydrated and soft. I think it really does a good job of hydrating dry skin. Mine is dry, not super dry where I would have flakes, so I can't speak for that. 

The scent brings me back to my childhood. I think most of my Slovenian readers would agree that Nivea original cream was one of the first products that they used. I can still remember it from my childhood. It's such a unique soft, almost a bit sleepy soothing scent. I love it. 

Good news for all of your with sensitive skin, which mine is as well, I didn't find the scent or ingredients to irritate my skin in any way. That's rare with my skin. I can apply anything on my legs, but when I go further up a lot of products irritate me. Especially heavily scented. This one was good and caused no irritations, so another point for that.

With the package I also got these super cute fluffy white sleep socks. The size is universal and definitely too big for my child like feet, but I think they're made more for someone with average size of 38. Because they are super soft I can make it work for my petite feet as well. I like to wear fuzzy socks in the evening when I'm in my pajama and my feet get cold.  

They have a nice white lace trim around the top and cute white bow at the top center. They're made out of 99% polyester and 1% elastane and are very fluffy and soft. You can buy them at Drogerie Markt, but I'm not sure what the price is.

I don't get very excited about body milks and lotions, because to be fair, I don't find them super innovative or differing from each other. When colder days come, I like to apply body moisturizers at least 4 times a week. Especially after the shower. I love this Nivea Body Milk, because it's the perfect blend of thick cream and oil. I like the greasy feeling on the skin and the smell, which I find soothing. It definitely nourishes and hydrates my dry skin and I also really like the fact that it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Highly recommend this one, especially to anyone who has problems with dry skin and who loves original Nivea cream smell.


  1. Kok kjut nogavičke :) <3
    Je pa tole moje najljubše mleko za telo, je vedno pri roki v kopalnici. Odgovarja mi tako vonj, kot tudi super učinek vlaženja na koži. Je pa res da sem včasih tako lena, da se mi po tuširanju sploh ne da mazat :D

    1. Pa še takooo mehke so :). To je zdaj tudi moje najljubše. Res mi je vse všeč glede tega mleka, sem pa kot ti...včasih malo lena za take izdelke :D.

  2. Great review, I love Nivea products! :)

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  3. Nivea res zmaga s paketki. Zokncki zgledajo res kjut.

    1. In ta osebna nota je zame več kot kar koli drugega :). Ja taki zlo luškani :).