4 Festive Glittery Manicures with Avon Magic Effect Liquid Sequin Nail Polishes

Hey Beauties!

I hope your home is already sparkly by now. We have a Christmas tree up and all the pretty lights. Today I wanted to share four sparkly manicures for either Christmas or New Year's Eve or just the next week in general. I got these super pretty Liquid Sequin nail polishes by Avon and they seemed perfect editions to the holidays. 

First manicure is one of those that I see a lot around the internet, but I was recently admiring it on Mateja's nails. It's pretty simple to do, if you do it right.

I started by painting my nails with a red wine nail polish shade (Revlon Vixen). When it completely dries (I was a bit too impatient), apply small pieces of tape to create the triangle shape on my nails. This part is always tricky on my nails, because I can never make it look perfectly even. Once you have this just paint your sparkly nail polish (Avon Magic Effect Liquid Sequin Dazzle) over it and quickly remove the tape, before the nail polish dries. Voila. Now you can apply top coat and make it even more shiny.

For the second manicure I applied lavender nail polish (Kiko Nail Lacquer 330) on my thumb and ring finger. On my index and pinky I applied dark violet shimmery nail polish (Models Own Roxy) and on the middle one I applied sparkly silver nail polish (Avon Magic Effect Liquid Sequin Sequin).

Then I used the same sparkly silver nail polish and applied it on all purple nails as different sized dots to make it appear as a Christmas tree ornaments. The I used the opposite purple shade and drew strings coming from the upper part of the nail down and I created a little bow to make it look like they hang down. I also drew some really simple wavy lines and dots on the ornaments. 

On my ring finger I wanted to create Christmas tree. So I used the same tape as in the first manicure and then I used some smaller decorative nail tape and put some lines across it. I applied sparkly silver nail polish over it and quickly removed the tapes. I also drew a little star at the top with dark violet nail polish. To make it look more perfect, I finished with lots of shiny top coat.

For this one I went a bit more candy or cookie like. I applied brown nail polish (Kiko Nail Lacquer 322) on my thumb and middle finger. On my index and pinky I applied light pink nail polish (Maybelline Colorama 77) and on the ring finger I applied white nail polish (Revlon Nail Enamel White on White). 

On the thumb I drew snowflake design with white nail polish. I also added different sized dots to represent falling snow. On my middle finger I drew a wavy line to make it look like a Christmas tree. In between the lines I drew small dots for the ornaments. 

For the ring finger I used sparkly pink nail polish (Avon Magic Effect Liquid Sequin Glitterati) and I drew diagonal lines to represent the candy cane pattern. On my other pink painted nails I also applied glittery pink nail polish on the tips of nails to make it look like a frosting on top of cupcakes or something like that. Finish with top coat. It should look yummy and inviting. 

The last manicure is the most minimalist and still looks like you put some effort in it. I used black nail polish (Maybelline Colorshow 677 Blackout) on my thumb, index and pinky. On middle and ring finger I applied sparkly gold nail polish (Avon Magic Effects Liquid Sequin Glimmer). 

Then I applied matte top coat (Kiko 3 in 1 Mat Fortifying Fast Dry Base and Top Coat) over the black nails. Over gold nails I drew two black lines to represent wrapping paper and then I drew small bows to make it look like wrapped presents. I also applied top coat over these gold nails.

The beautiful sparkly nail polishes are the newest Magic Effects range added to Avon. They are called Liquid Sequin. The range currently has four different shades

Sequins usually look like hexagon shapes and those are in these nail polishes. It looks like sequins in the nail polish with a colored base. Some even have added small shimmer

The formula is in between being liquid and thick and it applies nicely, although sequin parts can sometimes slide over with your brush, so you need to assemble them on the nails and pull them in all directions to make it look even. You do get a nice amount of hexagons with just one coat.

One coat looks more sheer with some, while others are already opaque enough.

Two coats cover the nail, but can also look a bit thick with some of these. The finish is shiny, but also a bit 3D, because of the bigger hexagons. 


Glitterati has a pink sheer base. In the base are bigger blue hexagons and smaller silver hexagons, which actually have a multi chrome sheen to them, so they look different colors at different angles.


This one is very interesting. It has a transparent base with lots of small silver shimmer. Hexagons in it have different colors: silver, gold, blue, green, pink and copper. This one is actually a bit more opaque because of the small shimmer, so one coat can be enough.


This was the first one that caught my eye. It's the pretties one in the bottle. The base is dark blue purple. In it are bigger pink hexagons and small copper shimmer. The combination looks so pretty, especially over darker nail polishes. This one is also very opaque in just one coat, because of the dark base. 


Glimmer is the most subtle of these. It has a shimmery gold base. In it are middle sized silver hexagons with multi chrome sheen. One coat is pretty sheer and two look best, although you can apply just one coat over other colored nail polishes. 

They look great on its own or as a statement nail among your other colored nails. They also look really pretty over other colored nail polishes. All of these have pretty sheer bases so one coat is still gonna let the base polish be seen through. Especially Glitterati and Dazzle are great for layering over darker nail polishes. Sequin and Glimmer look better on its own although you can still use it on top. Those have more shimmer in it and are therefore are a bit less seen through. I also like if you apply top coat over them, because it makes them extra shiny and it looks more smooth.

A very pretty glittery effect nail polishes. I hope you liked my manicure ideas. Maybe I gave you some inspiration for today and tomorrow, if you're still deciding what to wear on your nails. Which one of these is your favorite?


  1. Tudi jaz sem dobila te 4 lakce, se strinjam, Dazzle najlepše izgleda.
    Ravno pripravljam objavo, ampak mi slike niso najbolje uspele :/
    Super objava in slike, kot vedno :D

    1. O super, se veselim tvoje objave :). Ah sem prepričana, da je boljše kot misliš. Hvala :)

  2. No, saj so ti uspeli trikotniki :D Zadnja manikura z mašnicami mi je prelepa <3 Od glitteratov mi je pa samo zadnji všeč :)

    1. Recimo.. :). Ampak daleč od popolnosti. Hvala, ta je tudi moja najljubša :). Najbolj classy torej, hehe. Drugi so bolj chunky grobi :).

  3. Vse 4 manikure so super, prave za e praznične dni :)

  4. Jaz sem tudi dobila 4 lakce iz te kolekcije, ampak če sem iskrena, mi še ni ratalo pogledati katere... :( Luškane kombinacije si ustvarila... <3

    1. Hvala :) Jaz sem jih pa takoj morala sprobat, ker so bili res primerni zdaj za te praznične dni :).

  5. Kako lepe manikure! <3

    Ravno zame, vse bleščeče <3

  6. Hvala :) Res je, črna je najbolj classy :).

  7. The purple and black/gold look are my favorite! :D
    So gorgeous!