My Face and Eye Makeup Wish List

Hey Beauties!

Makeup is my most sought for purchase and I love browsing through makeup stores. I am one of those people that admires certain products, but I won't purchase a lot of them, because let's face it, I have a lot of makeup as it is. Today I'll be sharing some products that I won't buy myself, but would like to get or are too expensive for my current budget. If you love makeup as much as I do and you have similar taste, I might give you some ideas for your next purchases. Here is my first section of makeup wish list and it's eye and face products. 

Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette - Soul

This is a very basic neutral eye shadow palette. The price makes it unreachable for me at the moment, but it's one of those rare palettes that I think I would love. The quality is supposed to be amazing and the packaging is just stunning with gold metal lid. As much as I love colors on my eyes, I wish to have at least one good quality neutral palette.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow - Light to Medium

Who doesn't want to get Charlotte Tilbury makeup? Any true makeup lover is lusting or buying it. I would say get me her whole range, if you have too much money, but I really really wish for that bronzer and highlighter duo. Charlotte is known for being the creative mind behind all makeup industry leading brands and you can count on her for making good quality products. Bronzer and highlighter is one of my very loved products and I'm sure that her version is mind blowing. The packaging is again high end and stunning.

MAC Pigment - Vanilla

Mateja got me tester of this and I love it so much, that it's sitting in my drawer, because I'm afraid to use it. It's super pretty pink gold duo chrome pigment, which a lot of makeup enthusiasts use as a highlighter. I would do the exact same thing. It's just such a unique shade and it's still very light for all your fair toned ladies. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Limited Edition

If you're a highlighter lover, you already know about Hourglass ambient lighting powders. It's probably one of the most popular and pretty holiday limited editions of this year. In one palette you get everything - powder, highlighter, blush and bronzer, all with illuminating properties. Again one of those high end products with stunning design and also pretty collectible product. I'll probably never get it, but I am allowed to dream, right?! 

E.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip - Golden Peach

I would use this as a cream blush. It has a very pretty golden peach shade to it and it can be used in multiple ways. On darker skins this might even be used as a highlighter. I just think the shades is super pretty and I love the glowy effect to it.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder - 02 Fair Matte

I first say this at Sara's and fell in love with it. I love the packaging and I really like the fair matte shade. It also has honeycomb embossed design. It's hard to find light bronzer with warm undertone. In general, it is pretty hard to find good, but still light matte bronzers, so I need this in my life.

Kiko Radiant Fusion Baked Powder - 01 Ivory

I like everything that Kiko does. Seriously. I think there's nothing that I don't like about this brand. Well there is one thing.. they still don't have a shop in Slovenia, why?! I would go nuts in there. I want this powder, because for some reason it reminds me of Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders. In description it says that it's a mineral baked powder with luminous finish. Sounds familiar right? Either way, it can't be bad. 

Mememe Beat The Blues - Oyster Gold

If I can't have Benefit Sun Beam, I'll do with this one. You know I love highlighters and you knew they'll be in this wish list. I don't really have a liquid one yet and I really like champagne gold shade of this one, although I'm not sure if it would be too dark for my skin tone. The price is also not bad, at all. 

La Roche-Posay Respectissime Volume Mascara

I've had their Lenght and Curl version and it was one of the best mascaras I've ever tried. Naturally, I would love to try their Volumizing version, but the price is out of my budget. It's also really hard to get a hold of their mascara's in our country. We don't even have a lot of them, while on their official site they have around 10 versions. 

Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadow Pan - Ritzy 

Makeup Geek is another one of those affordable and good quality products that are hard to get. By that I mean that the shipping is too high and you we don't have a store nearby to even look at the eye shadows up close. I would probably get a lot of their eye shadows, but there are two shades in particular, that I would like to try out first. Ritzy is warm red brown with a gold and green sheen. It's one of those really interesting mix of shades. 

Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow Pan - Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower couldn't be more typical me kind of shade. It's a true warm copper with foiled finish, which to me looks like a shimmery metallic shade. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair

One of those products that is always talked about being great and that everyone owns except me. I don't have any particular explanation why I want it, I'm just a little curious, if it's really that great. It'a really hard to get a hold of in our country. 

E.l.f. Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream - St. Lucia

I have powder version and I really liked the bronzer shade and the fact that it's a little shimmery. Not that I'm a fan of cream products, but I would really like to try the cream version, since I like both shades and could give me an amazing natural look. E.l.f. products are also really affordable for anyone that's experimenting with different finishes and shades.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Opal Glow On The Go

Of course I am finishing this category with yet another highlighter, rather two of them. If there's one highlighter that I wish for the most, it's Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in shade Opal. In this travel size set you get powder and cream version. Opal is a very popular champagne gold shade. It's so pretty and I am seriously contemplating on buying this as a birthday gift from me to me. I just hope that they'll still have it by then. 

I know, I am so humble, right?! A girl can dream. As you can see, I like a lot of different products. Some are really cheap and some are way out of my budget. I think you can find great products for different prices. Did I get your eyes to sparkle? What are some of the products that I mentioned and are also on your wish list?


  1. Odlična wishlista :) Opažam nek highlighterski trend pri tebi :D Se tudi sama ne bi branila stvari s tvoje wishliste, sploh Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow, Ambient Lighting paletke in Honey Bronze bronzerja. Vanilla sample tudi jaz obsedeno šparam, sem prav smešna že.

    1. Hvala :) Haha a se ti zdi? Zdaj morajo samo še naredit body highlighter, ki ga vliješ v kopel, pa sem jaz končala z highlighterji :D. Vanillo sem enkrat preizkusila, zdaj pa čaka na full size product ali pa vsaj mini verzijo, ki jo imajo v ZDA :). Ti pa si še meni to majhno bogastvo oddala, kako si ti fajn ;)

  2. Nekaj Makeup Geek senčk si tudi jaz ogledujem, ampak dvomim da bom naročala, ker se bojim, da bi se polomile dokler bi prispele iz ZDA. Charlotte Tilburry duo toplo priporočam, ko bodo finance dovoljevale, sploh highlighter bi ti bil zagotovo zelo všeč (Hourglass rdečila so tudi super). Mogoče pa dobiš od Božička :)

    1. Imaš prav. Pa te folied in duo chrome niti niso tako poceni. Charlotte Tilbury si res že od začetka želim. Highlighter bi mi itak bil všeč, samo da je shiny :D. Hehe dvomim. No nekaj vem, da dobim iz moje wish liste, ampak imam občutek, da ne iz te :).

  3. joj samo tako ti bom napisala, da upam in si res želim, da se ti nekoč vse kar si dala na seznam izpolni, pa božiček bi tudi lahko zj mal pokukal na tvoj blog, no, ker bo imel potem res enostavno delo:):):)

    1. Ah saj bo.. ko bo služba pa vsak mesec nekaj, pa bo še preveč na koncu :). Saj to so res materialne stvari, ti pa včasih kakšno takšno darilo res polepša dan :). A ne da? Pa še janurja je rojstni dan tako, da zdaj je polno idej za moja darila ;).

  4. Beautiul things :) Stila is also on my wl :) I have becca shimmering skin perfector in Opal, liquid version, and it s stunning and worth every penny.Also got moonstone, beautiful also. I would like to try pressed version also.I love your blog, your way of writting, pictures and products diversity

    Greetings from Belgrade :)

    1. Thanks ;). I want moonstone too. Opal looks so pretty on the swatches and the liquid version sound promising. Thank you so much :)

      Greetings from Slovenia ;)

  5. I ordered the Elf St.Lucia blush last week, and I look forward to receive it soon, I cannot wait to try it! :)

    1. I really like the powder version, but I like bronzer more. Hope you'll like it ;)

  6. Mene je pa minilo do te Hourglass palete ko sem prebrala par ocen. Je baje zelo majhna in je težko s čopičem priti do odtenkov, pa še preplačaš jo. Je pa res, da izgleda krasno :)

    1. Jaz sploh nisem tega zasledila...sem samo zaradi tega, ker je tako opevana dala na listo haha :). Škoda, da je tako majhna. Izgleda res super. Saj tudi en po en tega pudra se ne bi branila :D hehe.