Review: Born Pretty Store Blush Palette

Hey Beauties!

I've been into blush palettes since I got the one from Elf. Having more shade options for different looks makes me happy. Born Pretty Store also sent me one palette with four different shades.

The packaging is very - almost too basic black plastic palette packaging. It's the kind that you would purchase on ebay for few cents. That being said, it is very light, but other than that nothing special.

Inside you get four blush shades. First circle has two pink shades and the second circle has warmer shades of peach and another pink. 

It costs 11.99$ and you get around 130 grams. You can buy it here.

The shades from left to right: shade 1, shade 2, shade 3 and shade 4. For better reference for when I'll be describing them.

Shade 1: cool (blue) toned fuchsia pink. It almost looks a bit purplish. 
Shade 2: warm baby coral pink. It looks like it has a bit of peach undertone mixed with soft pink.
Shade 3: light warm peach.
Shade 4: warm toned bright pink. This one is more redish toned pink.

The darker shades are more pigmented and give more color payoff (shade 1 and shade 4). The other shades need some building up, but still have good pigmentation. My problem is the texture. It's really dry and it can quickly look chalky or ashy. So you have to work with it, to get it perfect. I don't recommend using this on top of foundation, because it will look really patchy. You definitely need to powder the area before applying those blushes and it might look better with soft blush brushes. Saying that, you can easily overdue the color, especially with darker shades. Always put on less and then build up.

And now I'll show you how the shades look like on me. I love that even cool toned blush shades look warmer on my skin, which means the shades pretty much adapt to different skin tones. Excuse my skin, I've been battling with some irritations and dry skin lately. 

Shade 1

The shade has a true blue undertone and would look amazing on cool skin tones. On me it transformed into warmer lighter pink version. 

Shade 2

It looks like a true baby pink and coral mixture on me. It's one of those soft shades that will look really nice on fair skin tones.

Shade 3

This one is the most my "natural" shade. It's perfect light peach shade that would also look amazing on fair warm skin tones. 

Shade 4

I feel like this one is the brightest and the easiest to go overboard with. It's really pigmented and it can quickly look like Marie Antoinette flushed cheeks on you. This would be amazing on medium skin tones.

I like the fact that you get four blush shades for the price, since you can have more options when playing with your makeup like I often do. I don't like the texture, because it's very pigmented, but turns too ashy and patchy when you apply it. It didn't impress me for the price, but I'll probably still find the use for it. But if you're willing to make some effort with this product, go for it.

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  1. Roza mi ful potegne, fuksia mi je pa že pretemna, mogoče za kakšen večerni MU :D

    1. Zadnja je res že precej temna:) Jaz zgledam kot lutka z njo :D

  2. Mi je všeč, čeprav se mi zdi, da podobne blushe že imam v zbirki. ;)

  3. Very beautiful colors, shade 3 is my favorite one :D