Review: L'Oreal Color Infallible Ultra Concentrated Colour Eyeshadow 24h Hold (024 Bronze Goddess)

Hey Beauties!

I know these L'Oreal eyeshadows have been popular a really long time ago. I never really bought any, until I saw these half price off a few weeks ago. Color Bronze Goddess appealed to me, because it seemed such a unique summer shade. 

Eyeshadow comes in a plastic small packaging. On one side is a square and you can see the shade through it. The top is round.

When you open it up there's a black top, which protects the eye shadow from moving or spilling all over the packaging.

The eyeshadow seems to be pressed. It's very tightly packed in the packaging and it does not crumble at all, but it's also not a cream. It does have that wet texture to it and it's extremely pigmented

The shade 024 Bronze Goddess is such an interesting mix of shades. I would describe it as a golden olive shade. It seems to be a mix of gold and olive green, but than it also looks a bit brown on my swatches. I love green based eyeshadows, but I want them to be warm and golden and that one is just that. Really unique. It seems shimmery, but it actually gives off more of a metallic sheen

It is very long lasting and the shade doesn't fade thorough the day at all.

It costs 8.46€ for 3.5 grams, but like I said I bought it on sale for 4.23€. I'll say I don't usually buy single eyeshadows that are that expensive, but the quality really is amazing.

Compact packaging, great for travelling, amazing pigmentation and very long lasting color. I think I said it all. The only thing I don't like is the price. But if you have a chance to get it on sale, go for it. They have more shades available for every taste. 


  1. Ena izmed mojih najljubših senčk :) Jaz jih nanašam kar s prsti za najboljši efekt. Zelo sta mi ljuba še odtenka Sahara Treasure in Tender Caramel.

    1. Jaz bi kar vse imela. Ampak so mi še vedno predrage za samo en odtenek:) Tega sem pa želela, ker prej nisem imela nič podobnega v moji zbirki :).

  2. Se strinjam, tudi pri meni je tale med najljubšimi, vedno dobivam komplimente ko jo nosim! :)

  3. Wauw! That is a stunning color! :o
    It reminds me of Sahara Treasure, just more olive green and more vibrant! :)