June 2021 Favorites

I was trying out some new hair care and body care products this month, as well as loving my old eyeshadow palettes and some of my summer staples. 

I've talked about these two in my last post here. It's the latest skin care I've been testing out and I really enjoy using. Serum is sort of like light gel cream that soaks into the skin well and is nicely hydrating and moisturizing. It contains a bit of retinol, hyaluronic acids, lactic acid as well as vitamin C, so this has a bit of everything when it comes to active ingredients. I like how lightweight it is, so I use it in the morning as well as evening. I can sometimes even skin moisturizer with this. My skin felt plumped up and almost a bit more even toned after using this for a while now. 

This is the perfect summer moisturizer, because it has that lightweight gel formula that dries down to a velvet matte finish that isn't shiny. It has lovely ingredients like probiotics, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peptides, glycerin and squalane. I like that this is nice lightweight hydrating moisturizer that also has anti-aging ingredients that can help the skin in long term. Texture is just lovely and my skin feels exctra soft when I wear it. It also wears great under makeup.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Expert Gesicht UV-Schutz Fluid SPF 50+

So this was compared to the La Roche-Posay Fluide or Shaka Fluide, I'm not sure how it's called right now. I loved La Roche-Posay one to bits, but excessive amount of alcohol made me break out with regular use. Plus this one is like half the price, so I gave it a go and so far I like it. I haven't been using this for long enough to know, if it will break me out as well, but it doesn't have that pure alcohol heavy scent that LRP has, though it contains alcohol as well. It's that very liquid white texture that is so easy to spread, but it starts to dry fast, so you don't have a lot of play time. It dries to a velvet matte finish that doesn't look greasy and wears good under makeup. It has chemical filters. There is only 40 ml in the packaging and you'll go through this fast, if you use proper amount. I like it and I probably will repurchase for day to day use. 

This is one of my favorite foundations, because it's very affordable, it gives me that velvet satin finish, is lightweight on the skin and in general looks fairy natural for such a good medium coverage. I have two shades that I usually mix, 010 is lighter neutral and 036 has the best olive undertone I have found so far in our drugstores, but it's too dark for me on its own. So I like mixing these two to get the perfect tones. 

I chance my concealer choices according to my skin tone and since I have some fake as well as real tan already, I use a bit darker shade. This one from Essence is great concealer for everyday, if you like medium coverage that has slightly thicker formula and blends out lovely. It never sets into lines and gives me that matte finish that I like. There's just something about Essence and Catrice concealers that makes them one of the best at our drugstores and you can't beat the price. 

Viseart Eyeshadow Palette - Warm Edit and Paris Edit

I've gone back to this palette where I have deppoted two of my favorite Viseart smaller palettes. Warm and Paris Edit have everything I may need. It's a bit of warm and mauve tones in matte, satin and shimmery finishes. Their quality of eyeshadows is just amazing. Pigmentation is great and shimmery shades may look foiled, if you apply them with a bit of setting spray. They also blend lovely. Plus I love smaller pan sizes, because it's all you need to make you last for a long time and it's easy to travel with. 

L'Oreal Paris Elvital Dream Length Defeat The Heat Pre-Iron Spray Leave-In, No Haircut Cream Leave-In and Detangling Conditioner

I'm a bit confused why some of the products say Dream Length and some Dream Long, but I think it's all the same range, just named differently. I have tried their 8 Seconds Miracle Water already and since then I have been eying other products from this range, so I finally decided to try them out and I love them all. Conditioner is your usual very sleek, smooth drugstore formula that smells lovely and helps to detangle as well as moisturizer ends. No haircut Cream is leave in product with keratin that should help nourish and moisturize hair and I like that it feels lightweight on my thin hair, but it still makes them look hydrated and better. I also love Leave-In Spray which is actual thermal protection that I always use, because I blow dry and heat style my hair often and this one again feels like that nourishing milky spray that just coats my hair in moisturizing layer that is still lightweight. I have to use these a bit more, but my first impressions are very nice. All of them have that tropical powdery scent that lingers.

b.tan Love At First Tan Darker Violet Base1 Hours Self Tan Mousse

I remember this self tanner being popular among Slovenian bloggers a few years back and I was never really into fake tanning, but last year my skin peeled after severe case of eczema breakout and I had white spots all over my hands, because I had previous natural tan that got peeled off. Warmer weather came around and I didn't wanted to walk around like dalmatian, so I got this one in Müller. Turns out this is really nice. It says darker, but is pretty light color, if you apply it in a thin layer. It's mousse, which is my preffered texture for self tanning, because you can spread it in a light layer and is easy to blend out with a glove. I had a bit of patchiness around my foot, but nothing too bad. I mostly blame this on my unexperienced application. It has just a hint of purple tint to sort of tone down orange tone in it and I can say the color looked pretty natural. nothing orange, just a proper sun kissed tan. It has that burnt selft tanner scent that definitely lingers for a few days, but I didn't get any on my sheets nor clothes. It's a win in my book. I already have some natural tan, so I probably won't use it now anymore, maybe in autumn when I get paler again. I definitely recommend this one, if you want to try one. I figure this would last me pretty long since I apply it in such a thin layer. 

Pur Blanca Eau de Parfum

This is a very old perfume from my stash that I usually bring out only on really hot summers, like this one we're having right now. It's probably my "freshest" scent I own. I usually love sweet oriental heavy fragrances that I use all year around, but in the summer heat, those can quickly be too much. That's when I pull out Pur Blanca. It's such a gentle scent that isn't really floral nor citrusy, but it still manages to smell fresh in noninvasive way. It has base notes of musk, heliotrope and sandalwood. In the middle are water lily, peony and white rose. Top notes are freesia, water mint and ylang-ylang. It starts floral, but in a fabric softener kind of way and develops into such a fresh, yet cozy clean scent with a hint of powdery feel to it. I love it. It's not really long lasting, but it definitely makes me feel clean and fresh, which is hard in this heat when I starts sweating as soon as I peek through the door.

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