Review: Uriage Barriederm-CICA Daily Serum, Age Protect Muti-Action Intensive Serum and SVR [Pepti]Biotic Regenerating Smoothing Matt Gel

I've been experimenting so much with skin care lately. It's just one of those things you get more into as you get older. No makeup looks good, if you don't have your skin care in check. With age also comes the need for more active ingredients that can actually help with ageing signs and I've been exploring three different ranges from Uriage and SVR in the past months. I have to say all of the were a hit. 

Uriage Eau Thermale Barriederm-CICA Daily Serum


It's blue glass bottle with glass dropper that lets you control the amount of product you want. In it is 30 ml of product and it costs 26,35€


Barriederm si range dedicated to sensitive damaged skin that need skin barrier protective ingredients. This is serum that strengthens, protects and repairs damaged and fragilized skin on daily basis.

I feel in love with it the minute I read its ingredients list. It's short and to the point. Uriage is known for its thermal water and this contains 10,5% thermal-biotic complex which is Uriage Thermal Water with inulin, prebiotic to rebalance microbial barrier. It also has Centella Asiatica, one of my favorite skin care ingredients, two types of hyaluronic acids and vitamin B5 (panthenol) which makes this ultra soothing and moisturizing serum that also promotes regeneration and evens out complexion. Formula is also enriched with dipeptides which help stimulate skin repair and prevent signs of ageing

It's unscented formula, but the natural scent to it is so lovely. Smells sort of soothing powdery and I love it. 

It's light transparent fluid that has the slightest viscosity to it which glides over the skin and absorbs in the matter of seconds. It leaves behind very light nourishing layer that feels super lightweight, but very soothing. There is the slightest amount of stickiness to it which means it's great for under makeup as well. Finish is natural.


I am a huge lover of anything with Centella Asiatica as it's just one of the best ingredients for soothing and repairing sensitive damaged skin. I've been using this serum day and night, because it's just such a  lightweight texture that also feels hydrating and soothing. It worked great on my skin. I've noticed it helps calm it down, soothes it and definitely helps to repair a lot faster, especially any blemish marks or scratches. 

I'd say this is a no-brainer serum for anyone that needs something that will soothe the skin, hydrate it and help it repair. I've not been holding back on this one that's how much I like it. I have about one quarter left of it and I already know I am going to repurchase it.

Uriage Eau Thermale Age Protect Multi-Action Intensive Serum


It comes in plastic container with a pump on top. I have noticed that the product dries up in the pump which is a bit annoying, but it still works fine. There is just always that small ball of dried up product that comes out in the beginning. In it is 30 ml of product and it costs 25,31€.


Age Protect is range geared towards those that want to prevent signs of ageing and protect the skin against daily aggressors damaging the skin like blue light, UV rays, pollution, stress and fatigue. Serum should reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, combat loss of firmness and lack of plumpness, help prevent darks pots and restore skin vitality and radiance

It contains Uriage Thermal Water, patent of Blue Light Barrier, AHA - lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C and E and dragon's blood.

It's formula that has a bit of everything when it comes to anti-aging - hydrating hyaluronic acid, resurfacing retinol, brightening and protective vitamin C and lactic acid for better texture. I love the fact that I get a bit of everything in one formula.

It's scented and it has gentle creamy scent that isn't too strong. 

On contrary to what I think of serums formulas, this is actually more like a lightweight cream. In fact I have used this instead of moisturizer in the morning and just continued with SPF. It's lightweight almost gel cream hybrid formula that also has amazing glide to it. You feel smooth nourishing texture once you spread it and it gives the skin slight sheen, but quickly absorbs into the skin leaving behind slight stickiness of moisture.


It's like a lightweight gel cream that feels hydrating, moisturizing as well as lightly nourishing. This could be used instead of moisturizer on combination or oily skin. I like that it's so lightweight. My skin always looks plumper when I use it and I have noticed that it made my complexion slightly more even toned. Retinol in it must be at low percentage, because I don't notice any stinging or irritation and I am usually very sensitive to it. Fragrance in it doesn't irritate me either. 

SVR [Pepti]Biotic Regenerating Smoothing Matt Gel


It comes in matt transparent glass pot with plastic top. I find the wide and low pot to be a bit odd, because it takes up a lot of space on the shelf and it's hard to scrape out every last bit of product. In it is 50 ml of product and it costs 29,89€.


Pepti is another anti-aging range from SVR that should strengthen and restore the skin with combination of pasteurised probiotics, stabilized vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. You can choose among four types of moisturizers. [Pepti]Biotic is peptide booster with mattifying effect. It's for sensitive skin that has problems with pores, blemishes and wrinkles. 

Formula contains three ingredients essential for regenerating skin's function and those are probiotics, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. It's also enriched with peptides to make skin firmer, mattified and smoothed. It's water based formula that has high on list glycerin and squalane.

This is another lightweight gel moisturizer that has that amazing slip that all new moisturizer formulas seem to have. It spreads with ease and absorbs into the skin quickly leaving behind velvet matte finish. There is that moisturizing layer, but it feels so lightweight on the skin.

It's scented and I'd say it smells sort of powdery floral, but isn't too heavy.


It's the perfect moisturizer for combination to oily skin, especially great for summer. It feels hydrating and moisturizing, but sits lightweight on the skin and looks naturally matte. This on its own is enough for me through the day on a hot summer day, while in winter I would layer it on top of other serums. It definitely hydrates my skin and keeps it moisturized without feeling sticky or heavy and my skin feels extra soft after using it. It also wears lovely under makeup

I have to say all three of these products were just lovely. I have been using them together as well as separately and have almost used them up already. These have become my daily routine. 

Uriage Barriederm-CICA serum is an absolute hit in my book. I love everything about it, the packaging, formula, feel, performance as well as natural scent. I already know I will be repurchasing it. It's probably my favorite repairing and soothing serum I have tried so far.

Uriage Age Protect serum is another great formula, though I feel this is more like a moisturizer already. Especially for summer on my combination skin that gets very oily. I'm kind of intrigued how moisturizers from this range perform, because this one is just light enough and I love the fact that it packs such good amount of anti-ageing ingredients all in one formula. 

SVR is one of the brands that I have quickly fallen in love with, because of their Cicavit cream and seems like all the products I try from them I like. [Pepti]Biotic gel was no different. I am not fussy when it comes to moisturizers and the fact that this one has peptides in it makes me wanna use it even more, because I hear great things about their anti-ageing effects on the skin. In general the formula is perfect for summer, because it's matte, lightweight, but still moisturizes the skin. 

In Slovenia we got a new online store Beautypharmacy (there's also Croatian site) where you can buy all of these and many more other pharmacy skin care brands at much lower prices. They have some great discounts going on, so definitely check it out, if you are interested in any of the brands like SVR, Uriage, Sebamed, Lazatrigue, Vichy and CeraVe. I will definitely be exploring more of these in the future, so check back on the blog for future reviews. 

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    1. se strinjam. Redne cene so itak uf, ampak ok če je kakšen popust pa je že malo boljše. Saj vse te francoske znamke so kar zasoljene. Čeprav sami izdelki so mi všeč. Bi bila pa še bolj vesela, če ne bi bilo vse parfumirano :).