Review: Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - Ritz and Mycelium

If there's one product from Colourpop that is legendary, it's their Super Shock Shadows. Creamy mousse like formula that becomes powdery on the skin and great choices of colors is something that anyone can use in their collection. I tend to buy new shades whenever Colourpop has free shipping and recently I added two to my collection.


These come in small white plastic pots with lid that needs to be tightly screwed on or your product will dry out. Transparent lid let's you see the shade inside and on the back is name of the shade. 

Mycelium is part of collaboration between Colourpop and Raw Beauty Kristi, so it has sort of limited edition packaging which is lovely green shade with mushroom design on the lid. This shade is unfortunately no longer available as I was trying to find it, but there are other shades from this collaboration. 

In each pot is 2.1 grams of product and it costs 6$. You can buy them on Colourpop.


Super Shock Shadow is unique formula that feels like mousse when you touch it, but is creamy and once it goes on the skin it turns powdery. There is multitude of finishes available from matte to satin and ultra-glitter, which are the ones that I tend to prefer. 

Ultra-glitters have more of a transparent base with lots of small shimmer particles that reflect light and almost give you that wet look effect. The more you apply, the stronger the base color is and the more it looks opaque.


Ritz is one of their most popular shades. It's nude beige brown base with silver glitter. The base is light and transparent so you almost can't notice it, if you apply it lightly and it has very reflective silver glitter which almost leans a bit blue toned, because it's so stark. 

This is the perfect shade to apply in light layer over any eyeshadow or on bare lid and it will give you wet look that is so chic and looks very dimensional.


I think this must have been limited edition as most of their collaborations are not available for a long time. I was in search for that perfect light gold, because most of the ultra-glitter shades I have from Colourpop all have silver or more neutral glitter.

Mycelium is pale peach gold base with gold, silver and pink glitter. It gives off almost light peachy gold tone, but it's definitely the warmest shade of Super Shock Shadows I have so far. It's also less reflective than most. This is perfect for day to day wear, if you love shiny lids. 


Here are all those nude ultra-glitter shades I own, though some aren't available anymore. I think I love Mycelium so much, because I was in love with shade Birthday Girl which was limited edition and I've been looking for a similar shade for a while. Mycelium is pretty close, but a more peachy version with more intense glitter. 

Mycelium - peach gold with gold, silver and pink glitters.
Ritz - nude beige brown with silver glitter.
Ladybird - nude with intense silver glitter.
Birthday Wish - nude beige with pink and purple glitter that gives pink sheen.
Birthday Girl - beige brown with gold and silver glitter. 


If you apply these over eyeshadow primers, they don't crease and they stay on the lid for the whole day. Obviously, there is no fallout because of the creamy formula. They apply best with fingers, but you can apply them with dense synthetic brush as well, though you won't get that opaque look with it. 

My favorite way is to apply matte powder eyeshadow in the crease and then apply Super Shock Shadow all over the lid. You can also apply it over any eye makeup to add a bit of shimmer and shine. If you lightly tap them, you get just small shimmery particles, but if you apply it more dense, you get opaque look with stronger base color and almost foiled effect

I love that even thought they say ultra-glitter formula, the glitter in it is actually more like small shimmer and it looks so classy, not chunky or cheap at all. 

I always recommend ultra-glitter finishes from Colourpop as these are prefect to apply over any matte eyeshadow to instantly elevate the look and give you a bit of shimmery shine or even wet look effect. It's perfect to be applied with finger and you can play with intensity depending on how much you apply. However, if you prefer intricate, detailed eye looks with opaque powder formulas, this probably won't be your style. I still think this is foolproof formula that you can work with in so many ways and and the color choices are great as well. 

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