Review: Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation - 036 Hazelnut Beige

If you have warm olive skin tone and trouble finding olive toned shades in drugstore foundations, I have a product for you. I have already spoken about Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation, because it is out since 2016 and I love the formula. Catrice recently expanded their shade range ,which must be due to the good sells, and I can understand why. This is one of my favorite foundations from the drugstore.


It comes in a matte glass packaging with dropper. I love dropper applicator, because it is hygienic and allows me to control the amount that I want to apply. Around the closing it can get really dirty, because foundation starts to collect and it's a mess. Make sure to clean it off every now and then.

In it is 30 ml of product and it costs 7.29€.


This has more of a liquid formula that feels lightweight on the skin and it applies lovely. Dry down is fairly quick and as it's drying down, it becomes a bit darker. If you have drier skin, you won't need to set it, but I always do, because I have combination skin.

It gives you that semi matte finish that still looks fairly natural and is so light on the skin. It doesn't settle into lines or pores. Pigmentation is good and it gives good medium coverage, but you can definitely build it up to almost full coverage.

It has like a baby powder and some sort of floral scent to it.


There are 7 shade available in Slovenia. I am almost certain I saw more shades in Austria, but I can't say for sure. They finally added some darker shade as well as some lighter. Even though the shade range is still very limited, I am happy that they actually covered different undertones, which is so rare in drugstore brands. There is very light shade for cooler skin tones, neutral as well as darker shades with yellow, olive and more red undertone.

I got shade 036 Hazelnut Beige, because it looked like a perfect warm olive undertone. The shade itself is medium warm olive tone. It has that yellow warm base to it, but there is that slight olive tone to it too.

I think this is one of those rare drugstore foundations with warm olive undertone. If you have medium skin tone this will work for you. If you are more olive than yellow and have light skin tone, then another great option is Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 150 Buff. I am talking about the Combination/Oily formula, because I noticed that the one for dry and normal skin has a bit of a different tone to it.

For my NC15 skin tone this is too dark, so I either mix it with whitening drops or just mix it in with my lighter foundations to add that olive undertone to them. This works especially well with more neutral or grey toned foundations. My skin tone is light in general, but I have a warm skin tone and a lot of very prominent olive undertone, which gets even more apparent as I tan.


Catrice HD Liquid Coverage 010 Light Beige - light neutral. This one has more grey undertone.
Catrice HD Liquid Coverage 036 Hazelnut Beige - medium warm olive. It's quite yellow, but also olive toned.
Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless 100 Warm Ivory - fair neutral. It has slight yellow undertone.
L'Oreal Infaillible Longwear Shaping Stick 100 Ivory - light warm. It has peach undertone.
Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily 150 Buff - light warm. This one has again that olive undertone.


One of its fortes is the lightweight feel on the skin, despite having a really nice coverage. It can start to look a bit cakey, if you apply a lot, but in general, this still looks very natural for something that is on the matte side. If you have very dry skin, this would be too dry for you. On my combinations skin, oils still show through after a few hours as with most foundations. It has descent staying power. I don't notice any weird patchiness as it wears off.

I used Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in 036 Hazelnut Beige mixed with The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops

Eyeshadow: Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow Paper Tige, Lips: Catrice Dewy-ful Lips 040 DEW You Dare?

I am so happy Catrice expended their shade range of this foundation. I guess it was to be expected since this is probably their most selling foundation. There are different undertones to choose from, but the shades themselves are still limited. I'd say buy more shade and mix them together, if you can't find the right match. This is one of those liquid, easy to spread, lightweight foundations with semi matte finish. It wears good and doesn't look too obvious. One of the best drugstore options, if you want something cheap that still looks good. 


  1. Je bil že čas, da razširijo ponudbo odtenkov in še bi jo morali. Glede na to kako priljubljena je ta podlaga, bi morali imeti odtenke kot pri Essence #insta perfect. Ne vem kaj še čakajo. Drugače sem sama ena izmed redkih, ki ji tale puder ni najbolj všeč. Včasih izgleda ok, ampak večinoma izpade čudno na moji kožo po kakšni uri nošenja.

    1. Res je. Mislim, da je to njihov best seller. Imaš prav, še Essence ima kar lep nabor. Saj po mojem bodo še kaj dodali. Upajmo. Je pa vseeno dobro, da so zajeli vsaj različne podtone. Jaz itak skoz kaj mešam različne odtenke in izdelke med sabo :D. Mislim, da je ta boljši na malo bolj mastni koži. Pa vedno v tanjših slojih.